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20m & 15m stacks

Subject: 20m & 15m stacks
From: je1cka@asuka.aerospace-lab.go.jp (Takao Kumagai)
Date: Mon Jun 21 17:19:55 1993

Hi George

  I newly became the contest reflecter subscriber and found your e-mail address
I got the information that you have been maintaining the contesters e-mail
address from K3EST and FQA in contest reflecter. But the given address was not
worked correctly, mail-deamon sent back the last letter as "address unknown".
Fortunately today I have your article in the reflecter so had a correct addr.

  I would like to have the contesters' e-mail address.

  I believe we have worked many times in the previous contests either JE1CKA
or KH0AM.

Thanks for your effort. Hope to see you in the contest someday soon.

73 tack je1cka/kh0am

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