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FW: Corn-Tasters' Sour Mash

Subject: FW: Corn-Tasters' Sour Mash
From: TSkelton@engineer.clemsonsc.NCR.COM (Skelton, Tom)
Date: Thu Jun 17 10:13:00 1993
This is all QRP-wimp-level beverage stuff.

When I really have to dig in and work the DX on 80/40,
I pull out the Wild Turkey 101 proof Kentucky Bourbon.

Now THAT is DX juice!

73, Tom WB4IUX

ps:  I nominate K1DG's comment about Don Miller
Beer for the quote of the week.
From: hq.tgv.com!tgv.com!cq-contest-relay
To: cq-contest
Subject: Corn-Tasters' Sour Mash

Stayed out too late again last night. . . .

Ward/N0AX       > DF4RD has let the secret out...Contester Beer!

Len/KB2R        > I homebrew, and . . . I already have a stout called
                > 80-Meter Stout, . . .

That's one for the record book!

Alan/K6XO       > Well, Hamms beer always worked for me .... ..

Doug/K1DG       > "Don Miller Lite" - The beer that doesn't fill you up,
                > because it's not really in the bottle!

My friend Garry/NI6T swears he never could have gotten his 75/80-meter
DXCC without a Beverage!

On the other hand, my experience resonates with numerous second-hand
reports that excessive doses of Fermented Muscle Relaxant can incite one
to rape, kill, pillage, plunder, and run illegal power!  --John/K2MM

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