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AA6TT VHF Contest Score

Subject: AA6TT VHF Contest Score
From: wmhein@aol.com (wmhein@aol.com)
Date: Tue Jun 22 19:57:36 1993
I entered this year's June VHF QSO Party as a single op.  Location was my
home in DM67, south west Colorado.

Conditions were average at best in this year's test (no JA or Alaska opening
on 6m like last year!).

Only exotic 6m propagation noted was a hour-long opening to Hawaii on Sunday
afternoon to grid locator BK29.  KH6/NI6E, KH6IAA, and KH6HME were worked.

I had terrible noise towards the east on 6m.  This made 50 MHz signals below
S5 or S6 coming from this direction very difficult to copy.  Oddly enough, I
had no significant noise problems on 2m from any direction.

My 2m score is awful, as always, as I live at least 200 miles from any other
VHF DXer in the thinly populated western slope of the Rocky Mountains.  It
didnt't help that several stations I heard on 2m -- W5AL in Amarillo, W7CI in
southern Arizona -- could not hear me.

On 6m I ran a KW to a 10-element DX Engineering Yagi at 40'.  On 2m, I used
100 watts to an M2 OSCAR antenna at 30'.

6m ... 460 QSOs ... 177 grids
2m ... 11 QSOs ... 11 grids
23cm ... 1 QSO ... 1 grid
claimed score = 89,112 points

William Hein, AA6TT

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