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2m Field Day, 1993

Subject: 2m Field Day, 1993
From: sawyer@twg.com (Bruce Sawyer)
Date: Tue Jun 22 19:21:58 1993
Just like WPX this year, I'm going to be stuck over field day in a hotel room 
while away on a 
business trip.  At least for field day I can take along an HT and see what a 2m 
FM run is like (!?!).  
I'll be in a fairly high room in McClean, VA (near Washington, D.C.).  Anybody 
know what 
frequencies I should be poking at?  It's embarrasing to have to ask such a 
question, but my 2m 
experience has been limited almost completely to PacketCluster--I was the last 
ham left in 
Sillycon Valley without a HT until this last winter.
                  Bruce, AA6KX

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