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Phased Delta Loops

Subject: Phased Delta Loops
From: IgorS.Sokolov (IgorS.Sokolov)
Date: Wed Jun 23 12:21:20 1993
>   Based on my experience, a pair of phased quarter-wave verticals would work
>   better than a pair of Delta Loops on 80m, assuming the Delta Loops aren't
>   hundreds of feet above the ground.
>   73,
>   William Hein, AA6TT
That is right, besides pair of verticals would have
much lower Q and this is important on 80 meters.  With every rain or snow
let ice storms alone pair of delta loops will be useless and even the change
of humidity detunes the antenna 100 khz off the design freq.
Best regards from
Sokolov Igor <igor@polyrex.quorus.e-burg.su>
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