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Rating System

Subject: Rating System
From: smithb@GF-WAN.af.mil (smithb@GF-WAN.af.mil)
Date: Fri Jun 11 13:39:00 1993
Equalization will not be discussed.  (poor idea anyway)

I like the rating concept base upon minimum entries from 
specified grid squares.  As a station currently operating
from North Dakoty, it would be best to expand this grid 
square northward before heading south.  (Head towards
lower popluation densities while expanding the competitor 

Rating levels:  Limit to two.  CURRENT AND LIFETIME.
The Current one would be based on published results from 
the previous 12 months.  Lifetime would be cumulative.

Highest score in each determined division gets 100 points.
All other participants receive their score percentile.

I am going to try out this concept based upon last fall's
SS results.  Will post my analysis sometime next week.

73 bob nd1h - grand forks north dakoty

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