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Plan B - VP2V for WW SSB

Subject: Plan B - VP2V for WW SSB
From: ttotten@attmail.com (Timothy Bradley Totten )
Date: Fri Sep 17 02:06:01 1993
In a last-minute change of plans, the group I mentioned as planning 9Y4 for the
CQWW SSB is now headed toward VP2V.  They have their non-refundable tickets in
hand, so VP2V is it.  The group consists of AB4JI, N4WBS, K4ADK, WA4DPU, and
KU4J.  They are hoping to get KU4J's old VP2VFP call re-issued, but that is not
a definite.  They will be QRV 26OCT-02NOV.  QSL route TBA.  This will be a M/S
effort in WW SSB.  As luck would have it, one of the gang is in VP2V on a
business trip at the moment, and is making arrangements, however, if anyone has
any advice/suggestions re customs, QTH, etc., I'd be glad to relay.
THANKS to all who had 9Y4 info/advice!!
73 es GL!

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