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CQWW SSB Score: GM0ECO 80 meters

Subject: CQWW SSB Score: GM0ECO 80 meters
Date: Wed Nov 3 08:22:43 1993
Andy, GM0ECO writes:

>By the way, for Walt's benefit, I was called by around 10 shetland
>stations and all were picked up by Jim's latest .cty file. Very impressed

Andy, I'm not sure if you're refering to me. But, don't get me wrong,
Jim's file was superb! It only missed CH9 & since I had several IS0 
stations, IB9S didn't come into play as a new (possibly missed) mult.
I have to admit he is EXTEREMELY THOROUGH. This was the "cleanest" 
test ever in terms of the .CTY file.  Great job, Jim! 73 de Walt - K2WK

>From Steve Fraasch" <steve_fraasch@ATK.COM  Wed Nov  3 14:08:49 1993
From: Steve Fraasch" <steve_fraasch@ATK.COM (Steve Fraasch)
Message-ID: <9311031407.AA19931@ATK.COM>

                       Subject:                               Time:7:24 AM
                  CQ WORLD WIDE DX CONTEST  1993

      Call: K0KX                     Country:  United States
      Mode: SSB                      Category: Single-Op, All-Band,
      22 hours


      160     5          2         4
       80      61      13        36
       40      69      21        42
       20     246     25        93
       15     366     31       112
       10     186     23        73
     Totals  933    115     360 -> 1,228,350

>From Jim Reisert AD1C  03-Nov-1993 0949 <reisert@wrksys.enet.dec.com>  Wed Nov 
> 3 14:44:20 1993
From: Jim Reisert AD1C  03-Nov-1993 0949 <reisert@wrksys.enet.dec.com> (Jim 
Reisert AD1C 03-Nov-1993 0949)
Subject: IK9B also in Sicily (IT9)
Message-ID: <9311031444.AA11186@us1rmc.bb.dec.com>

------------------Forwarded item dated 3-NOV-1993 08:18:03.71------------------

From:   US1RMC::"76450.2313@CompuServe.COM" "JOel Magid"
To:     <wrksys::reisert>
Subj:   RE: RE: Looking for CTY file cugs

        Jim, I also worked the IK9B station ..... it was
        Sicily .....no route from th op.


>From rklein@lobo.rmh.pr1.k12.co.us (Ronald D. Klein)  Wed Nov  3 14:56:34 1993
From: rklein@lobo.rmh.pr1.k12.co.us (Ronald D. Klein) (Ronald D. Klein)
Subject: CQWW SSB Score:  GM0ECO 80 meters
Message-ID: <9311031456.AA71852@lobo.rmh.pr1.k12.co.us>

Forwarded message:
> Forwarded message:
> Subject: GM0ECO CQWW Score
> de GM0ECO
> 80M Single Band (I must be mad) No Packet
> Q's        Zones  Countries
> 1420        19      79       Score 184K
I can't resist a comment relative to the "I must be mad" statement. I think 
working single band on 80 from GM0 where there are at least some real 
countries to work around Europe is perfectly sane when compared to working 
single band 75 in the ARRL SSB weekend this year from W0 land. 
That is insanity when done from the black hole of Colorado. I now have a nice 
certificate confirming my insanity for doing just that. The certificate 
resulted from a grand total of 61 QSO's from my station.... most boring 
contest I've ever worked...but, you can win a category by being more insane 
than everybody else ;)

Ron - W0OSK 

>From Dave Hawes <34703@vlf03v31.ueci.com>  Wed Nov  3 15:32:02 1993
From: Dave Hawes <34703@vlf03v31.ueci.com> (Dave Hawes)
Subject: (Forwarded) CQWW SSB KI3V/7!
Message-ID: <23F72B4629B@vlf03v31.ueci.com>

Forwarded message:
From: Richard Hallman <0006135537@mcimail.com>
To: N3RD <34703@vlf03v31.ueci.com>
Subject: CQWW SSB KI3V/7!

                   CQ WORLD WIDE DX CONTEST  1993

      Call: KI3V/7                   Country:  United States (076)
      Mode: SSB                      Category: Single Unlimited


      160       18      8       9
       80       52     18      31
       40      157     30      63
       20      310     36     105
       15      639     31     118
       10      112     25      64

     Totals   1288    148     390  =>  1,813,598

        20 hours off-time.......Even cleaned the house this weekend!!

            Great time!!!          Rich KI3V/7

Dave Hawes                  Internet:  (now) 34703@vlf03v31.ueci.com
Raytheon Engineers, Valley Forge, PA  (soon) dhawes@ccgate.ueci.com
Voice: 215-254-5167              Fax: 215-254-5134

>From rklein@lobo.rmh.pr1.k12.co.us (Ronald D. Klein)  Wed Nov  3 15:45:38 1993
From: rklein@lobo.rmh.pr1.k12.co.us (Ronald D. Klein) (Ronald D. Klein)
Subject: W0OSK CQWW SSB results(de Colorado's Black Hole)
Message-ID: <9311031545.AA56064@lobo.rmh.pr1.k12.co.us>

Here's the score for W0OSK from the Black Hole of Colorado, where not
everybody is a big gun - but we have more than our fair share!

                   CQ WORLD WIDE DX CONTEST  1993

      Call: W0OSK                    Country:  United States
      Mode: SSB                      Category: Single Unlimited


      160        0        0     0.00      0       0
       80       33       69     2.09     12      19
       40       66      174     2.64     21      34
       20      102      275     2.70     24      50
       15      252      701     2.78     27      68
       10       94      255     2.71     24      51

     Totals    547     1474     2.69    108     222  =>  486,420


TS830S/VFO230S, SB221(w/10 meters), Mosley PRO-67B at 50 feet for 10
through 40. 2 elements Hytower vertical phased array on 75(also used
intermittently on 40 - and, on certain paths outperformed the PRO67B's
2 elements on 40!).

Murphy got to me this time, but fun was had in spite of him. I started
2.5 hours late due to a failed 2 meter rig on the packet station which
delayed the start while I repaired the failure (including a parts run
to the local Radio Shack). Then, about halfway through the contest,
some TBD problem developed with the packet setup which kept me from
having a reliable connect to one of the local clusters :(

Total score this year was 11,000 pts below '92. Total operating time
was about 5 hours less than previous year. 10 meters was the
pits here in Colorado when compared to last year's 300 Q's there. But,
more zones/countries overall were worked. And, as one would expect, 80
and 40 meter results were better than '92.

Next year I hope to have a useable vertical on 160.  Based on 10 this
year, the low bands will be where the improvements should be made for
the next few years.

See you all in SS Phone later this month.

73, Ron - W0OSK (Berthoud, CO)

>From Earl Morse <morsee@mi04q.zds.com>  Wed Nov  3 16:50:26 1993
From: Earl Morse <morsee@mi04q.zds.com> (Earl Morse)
Subject: CT CONTROL OF FT1000D
Message-ID: <9311031150.A16753@mi04q.zds.com>


I have been unsuccessful in getting CT to talk to the FT-1000D (or vice versa).

COMTSR2 is being loaded with -b4800 -n82
The communications setup in CT is being setup properly.

I am using the Yaesu FIF-232-C TTL to RS232 converter.  Yaesu mentions a switch
to invert the signals.  How should this be set?

BTW, I have CT ver 8.42.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Earl KZ8E

>From ericm@rmece02.upr.clu.edu (Eric M. Guzman )  Wed Nov  3 18:19:04 1993
From: ericm@rmece02.upr.clu.edu (Eric M. Guzman ) (Eric M. Guzman )
Subject: No subject
Message-ID: <9311031819.AA58390@rmece02.upr.clu.edu>


Hello guys:

        Just to inform that I will be at the key in KP4TQ's place in the SS-CW.
So, look for PR section abt 40khz above the edge of the bands.  CU in SS...

                                                Eric M. Guzman

>From Bob Carpenter <carpente@cartoon.bt.co.uk>  Wed Nov  3 19:00:25 1993
From: Bob Carpenter <carpente@cartoon.bt.co.uk> (Bob Carpenter)
Subject: CQWWSSB93
Message-ID: <3830.9311031900@brains.cartoon.bt.co.uk>

Here is the provisional score of G0KPW Multi-Multi:

160M    600    62C  12Z 
 80    1200   102    22
 40    1700   149    39  
 20    2750   160    39
 15    2750   173    40
 10     900   153    28

Total 9900QSOs 799C 180Z   =  20.2M pts.

Comments..lucky with propagation compared to just before the contest.
          still haven't sussed CT networking, no comms on Sunday!
          meant we didn't break 1000 mult barrier. Nice 5BD DXCC.

Preparing now for next year.

73 Bob

>From Jim Reisert AD1C  03-Nov-1993 1445 <reisert@wrksys.enet.dec.com>  Wed Nov 
> 3 19:40:31 1993
From: Jim Reisert AD1C  03-Nov-1993 1445 <reisert@wrksys.enet.dec.com> (Jim 
Reisert AD1C 03-Nov-1993 1445)
Subject: post-CQWW CTY file mods
Message-ID: <9311031940.AA01622@us1rmc.bb.dec.com>

Here are the modifications you need to do to your CTY files to make them
reflect the contest just passed:

1.  Add IB9S and IK9B as prefixes for Sicily, IT9.

2.  Modify default prefix for KC4AAA to be 39.  Even though they are at the
    South Pole, thus having a choice of zones, they usually give out Zone 39
    in the contests.

3.  Add these prefixes (callsigns really) for USA:


4.  Add these prefixes for Canada:


Now read your log into CT again and exit.  Look at the .ZON file and make
sure you understand every line.

We lost Zone 3 on 160 because of mis-logging AA6TT's zone.

All of the above changes will be incorporated into the November CW release.

- Jim AD1C

>From blunt@arrl.org (Billy Lunt KR1R)  Wed Nov  3 20:43:05 1993
From: blunt@arrl.org (Billy Lunt KR1R) (Billy Lunt KR1R)
Subject: Sweepstakes
Message-ID: <2600@bl>

Just a reminder that this weekend is the ARRL CW November Sweepstakes.
Starts 2100 UTC Nov 6 and ends at 0300 UTC Nov 8. Operate no more
than 24 of the 30 hours. Off periods may not be less than 30 minutes
in length. Times off and on must be clearly noted in your log, and
listening time counts as operating time.

SS Participation Pins available to those making 100 or more QSOs.

Clean Sweep Cups (*Red* this year!) are available to those who work
all 77 Sections.

For complete rules see October QST page 122.

Within 30 days after the contest, send your entries via:

INTERNET - ASCII summary sheet and ASCII log file 
          (following the ARRL Suggested File Format)
           to  contest@arrl.org

ARRL BBS - ASCII summary sheet and ASCII log file 
          (following the ARRL Suggested File Format)
           BBS up to 14.4-k baud  
           telephone: (203) 665-0090

DISK -     Paper summary sheet and ASCII log file 
          (following the ARRL Suggested File Format)
           3.5 or 5.25 inch diskettes (high or low density)

PAPER ENTRY - Official forms or reasonable facsimiles
              Summary sheet, logs, dupe sheets

Mailing Address: ARRL Contest Branch
                 225 Main Street
                 Newington, CT 06111


Contest Guru....."we check 'em all"

| Billy Lunt, KR1R               | Voice:       203-666-1541       |
| Contest Manager                | FAX:         203-665-7531       |
| American Radio Relay League    | ARRL BBS:    203-666-0578       |
| 225 Main Street                | BBS Uploads: 203-665-0090       |
| Newington, CT 06111            | Internet:    blunt@arrl.org     |

>From Dave Hawes <34703@vlf03v31.ueci.com>  Wed Nov  3 21:08:42 1993
From: Dave Hawes <34703@vlf03v31.ueci.com> (Dave Hawes)
Subject: 402BA SSB-to-CW mod needed
Message-ID: <2450F05174C@vlf03v31.ueci.com>

A group of Frankford Radio Club folks will be going to Bermuda for CQ
CW.  A multi-single operation from the VP9AD station is planned.  We
intend to use all the normal antennas, including the HyGain 402BA 2
element forty meter beam.

Does anybody have access to the manual on the 402BA who can tell me
how much I have to add to each element tip to bring the resonance
down into the CW band?  I want to take with me the necessary lengths
of tubing in the right sizes, with hose clamps, etc.

Any help is appreciated.  73 - Dave

Dave Hawes                  Internet:  (now) 34703@vlf03v31.ueci.com
Raytheon Engineers, Valley Forge, PA  (soon) dhawes@ccgate.ueci.com
Voice: 215-254-5167              Fax: 215-254-5134

>From Peter Hardie <hardie@herald.usask.ca>  Wed Nov  3 21:16:56 1993
From: Peter Hardie <hardie@herald.usask.ca> (Peter Hardie)
Subject: Relay CQWW Score for VY9QR
Message-ID: <Pine.3.87.9311031556.A28324-0100000@herald.usask.ca>

Just received this (edited) message via packet.
>From what Todd says about how they got the call, I think you can safely 
tweak your .CTY files so that VY9QR is Saskatchewan, CQ zone 4, ITU zone 3.

73 de Pete

Who was VY9QR you ask? That was a multi-op single transmitter from VE5DX.
VE5TP. The call was issued to the DOC office in Regina and transferred to
VE5DX's QTH for the weekend. We had a ball and really made pigs of ourselves
in the QSO dept. Here's our score:

                 CQ WORLD WIDE DX CONTEST  1993

      Call: VY9QR                    Country:  Canada
      Mode: SSB                      Category: Multi Single

      160       96      181     1.89     10      11
       80      433      844     1.95     17      33
       40      975     1960     2.01     28      66
       20     1041     2134     2.05     29      91
       15     1616     3712     2.30     28      85
       10       52      132     2.54     21      50

     Totals   4213     8963     2.13    133     336  =>  4,203,647

The special call proved to be really popular. We were very pleased with our
effort. This was the first time we had all come together as a team.
73 Todd VE5MX

>From Charlie Ocker <Ocker@KD5PJ.dseg.ti.com>  Wed Nov  3 21:44:20 1993
From: Charlie Ocker <Ocker@KD5PJ.dseg.ti.com> (Charlie Ocker)
Subject: SprINT Results Notes
Message-ID: <2961351860-913290@KD5PJ>

K2MM writes:

> The name Alan survived OK for six QSOs.  It was correctly received by
> KD5PJ on the sixth hop.  On the seventh hop, KD5PJ worked K6XO who
> recorded Max in ...

I need to come clean here.  I fouled this up.  I was suffering from
computer and/or software familiarity problems and somehow, in a flurry
of keystrokes (and extremely colorfull language... my wife was wondering
just what in the hell was I doing... ), could not get my exchange to
send.  The visible dupesheet was displayed (covering up the last 5 q's
window) so I could not see what I logged for the previous qso.  I
panicked.  I sent MAX to K6XO.

Note to Tree:  I am not blaming the software... once I figured out what
to do, it worked great.  This was strictly an operator induced error.
Call it brain lock.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'll go back to licking my wounds and try to
get ready for ss this weekend.  Hope to work you all ( and copy your
exchange correctly !! ) from K5OJI m/s.

73 es cul,
Charlie  KD5PJ                  ocker@kd5pj.dseg.ti.com

>From Skelton, Tom" <TSkelton@engineer.clemsonsc.NCR.COM  Thu Nov  4 01:29:00 
From: Skelton, Tom" <TSkelton@engineer.clemsonsc.NCR.COM (Skelton, Tom)
Subject: FW: VS6WO CQWW SSB M/M Score
Message-ID: <2CD85AFC@admin.ClemsonSC.NCR.COM>

Look at the pts/qso for these guys!  It makes you hurt for
them, doesn't it? Their QSO totals are super....Anyone
heard the P40L/P49T/P40W/PJ1B/etc pts/qso
averages??  73,Tom WB4IUX
From: Dubberstein Steve
Subject: VS6WO CQWW SSB M/M Score

                CQ WORLD WIDE DX CONTEST 1993

      Call: VS6WO                    Country:  Hong Kong
      Mode: SSB                      Category: Multi Multi


      160        5        8     1.60      2       5
       80      581     1096     1.89     25      65
       40     1554     2862     1.84     32      96
       20     1984     4049     2.04     35     114
       15     2939     5990     2.04     35     120
       10     1763     2677     1.52     28      90

     Totals   8826    16682     1.89    157     490  =>  10,793,254

Operators:  VS6WO, 9V1YC, KJ4VH, OH0XX, VR2GO, VS6YHT
Notes:  All antennas on 1/2 of an apartment rooftop.  No cluster.

regards, steve VS6WO/NA9D

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