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nv6o ss cw m/s

Subject: nv6o ss cw m/s
Date: Mon Nov 8 08:25:03 1993
NV6O (not N4BO) and KM6AS multi op cw ss.

666 X Sweep = 102k

OK, why so low?  All the antennas worked perfectly and so did the

OH, I mean radio.  The Titan was in drydock and the 76PA was unavailable
since the owner got called out to fix various nuclear tragedies on
several mountaintops this weekend.  What to do?  Go with 100 watts!

If a kw is qro and 5 watts is qrp and <1 watt is qrpp, what is 100
watts, QRPOO or QROOPS?  Anyway, we used the precedent "B" because:

        1)      We were waiting for the amp to arrive

        2)      We wanted everyone to think we had a big signal

        3)      We didn't know what else to do (see below)

        4)      B is the first letter of because

I guess we pioneered a new category in sweepstakes, multi-op low power.

I'll never do that again!  Time to peruse the ALPHA catalog.

Now I know why my sprint rates are so low.  I was not meant to turn the
tuning dial in a contest.

Again, what a bunch of great operators out there.  Most of you got my
call right.  Those that didn't, check for N4BO and don't feel bad.  One
of my local River City Contesters buddies got it wrong too!

73, Eric (ex WB6SRA and K6GV)

>From Rus Healy <0006147675@mcimail.com>  Mon Nov  8 15:14:00 1993
From: Rus Healy <0006147675@mcimail.com> (Rus Healy)
Subject: Dididit Dididit
Message-ID: <20931108151402/0006147675NA1EM@mcimail.com>

NJ2L: 901/76, 24 hours, low power

First contest from Western New York (The Aurora Zone). It was fun, even
though I couldn't get VY1JA's attention on 15 yesterday when I heard
him going up the band calling people. I'm interested in signal reports,
especially on 80 meters, from y'all out west in Zone 3, if anyone
remembers how I sounded.

Thanks for the Qs!

--73, Rus

>From dcurtis@mipos2.intel.com (Dave Curtis)  Mon Nov  8 17:21:42 1993
From: dcurtis@mipos2.intel.com (Dave Curtis) (Dave Curtis)
Subject: ss
Message-ID: <9311081721.AA16118@climax.intel.com>

Given limited time, and a very limited antenna, not to mention pretty
rusty CW, I decided to spend my operating time search/pouncing in
the Novice bands:

  260 x 31 = 8060

wa1u said:
> It is sad to note that even after 27 years as a ham, I'm nothing near an
> oldtimer.  Look at the dates in your log.  Almost nothing from the last
> 10 years.  I'll analyze later, but wouldn't be surprised to find more 
> pre-WW2 hams than post Vietnam.  Are we really a dying breed?  

My logs had a number of 80's & 90's calls.  Few hams first licensed in
92 are ready for the blitz-code sent by rabid contesters.  The young
crowd was up in the novice bands.  I vividly remember my first SS, 1972.
I had been licensed a month, and could copy code at about 8 wpm.
I had 10W, XTAL controlled -- VFO's were just legalized for novices,
but I didn't have one yet.  I had three crystals, an end-fed wire, and
the worlds least selective receiver.  I made 5 QSO's before giving
up.  After being depressed for a couple of days, I did what all
contesters do, I said to myself:  "Next time will be different --
next time, I'll have a VFO if I have to steal one!"

The way to create tomorrow's contest ops is to make their first contest
as fun as possible.  For me, the best part was getting three digit
serial numbers from novice/tech stations.

73, Dave ng0x/6

>From n2ic@longs.att.com (Steven M London +1 303 538 4763)  Mon Nov  8 17:22:38 
From: n2ic@longs.att.com (Steven M London +1 303 538 4763) (Steven M London +1 
303 538 4763)
Subject: SS Post-mortem
Message-ID: <9311081722.AA13733@bighorn.dr.att.com>

With the demise of the sunspots, I felt it was time to try SS again (I have
sat out the last 5 years).

The ARRL is to be commended for increasing the level of activity.  Just a
few years ago, 1200 QSO's would be a winning score.  This year, 1200 QSO's
might make the top 20 or 30.  The Sunday afternoon doldrums just don't
exist anymore - it's great !  Every time a took a time-off, there was a new
wave of activity.

Most of the mults were easy.  I found VY1CM on 21090 around 23Z on Saturday
going 10 WPM.  VY1JA called me on 80, but just couldn't pull thru a QSO.
Wyoming was the last section - really had to struggle to copy NA7R on 15
meter backscatter.

Condx were wierd from Colorado.
On Saturday night, there was strong Sporadic-E on 20 and 40, with
S-meter pinning openings to CA and TX, but the east coast was nonexistent on
20, and weak on 40.  80 meters was absorptive, and had that slow
QSB that you often hear on 160.  20 opened early on Sunday AM, but 15
stayed very long all day Sunday - nothing closer than WNY and WPA.  Zero
QSO's on 10 meters.

Thanks to those who struggled to copy my hunt-and-pounce 2nd radio.  Barefoot
to a vertical barely cuts it.  Despite what Cush-Craft may tell you, I found
their R7 vertical with its electrical 1/2 wavelength no better than my
old 14AVQ with its electrical 1/4 wavelength. 

I'm still looking for a fix to the TS-940, +-2kHz spur problem.  If you heard
me loud on 15 meters, you know what I'm talking about.  Kenwood denies the
problem exists, but those of us with early 940's know better !

In summary, a great contest !

Steve, N2IC/0

>From tree@cmicro.com (Larry Tyree)  Mon Nov  8 16:52:17 1993
From: tree@cmicro.com (Larry Tyree) (Larry Tyree)
Subject: PJ1B
Message-ID: <9311081652.AA25280@cmicro.com>

That technique of asking a station to move using a different call is 
pure bullshit!!  The log easily should be multi-multi.  This is my
personal opinion and does not reflect the opinion of the CQ contest
group (not yet anyhow).

Tree N6TR
(member of CQ contest committe)

>From Dick Dievendorff" <dieven@almaden.ibm.com  Mon Nov  8 17:57:43 1993
From: Dick Dievendorff" <dieven@almaden.ibm.com (Dick Dievendorff)
Subject: Sweepstakes CW - AA6MC
Message-ID: <9311081757.AA13745@penguin.almaden.ibm.com>

AA6MC: Category A, 682/76, 24 hours.

My first Sweepstakes, and I'm hooked!

The VY1 found me, but I somehow missed Quebec.

Maybe I'd do better if I visited my sister next year (she lives in Wyoming).

--73, Dick

>From Michael Mraz <mikemr@microsoft.com>  Mon Nov  8 17:55:12 1993
From: Michael Mraz <mikemr@microsoft.com> (Michael Mraz)
Subject: SS score
Message-ID: <9311081816.AA15359@netmail.microsoft.com>

823 x 77   126,742    WWA low power
73    Mike    N6MZ    mikemr@microsoft.com

>From tree@cmicro.com (Larry Tyree)  Mon Nov  8 17:48:48 1993
From: tree@cmicro.com (Larry Tyree) (Larry Tyree)
Subject: W7RM SS
Message-ID: <9311081748.AA25716@cmicro.com>

1444 x 77    80 - 150   40 - 327   20 - 626   15 - 341   241 band changes

Last mult, Wyoming around noon on Sunday.  Many people in the northwest
were happy to have VY1JA call us on 80 meters.  15 seemed much better for
the people down south (ie: K6LL), particularity on the first day.  Switched
to 20 after the first hour.  The TS-850S handled all the strong signals 
even better than my Sherwoodized R4-C.  Very nice radio.

Congrats to the normal gang at the top (N4RJ, W5WMU and WM5G) and to K5GN.

Tree N6TR

>From Dick Dievendorff" <dieven@almaden.ibm.com  Mon Nov  8 18:29:13 1993
From: Dick Dievendorff" <dieven@almaden.ibm.com (Dick Dievendorff)
Subject: Belated CQWW SSB claim AA6MC
Message-ID: <9311081829.AA22260@penguin.almaden.ibm.com>

AA6MC: Single Unlimited - 931Q / 134Z / 310C ==> 1,132,200

Operated at N6TV (thanks, Bob!)

--73, Dick

>From clay rudolf <rtclay@uxa.cso.uiuc.edu>  Mon Nov  8 18:14:34 1993
From: clay rudolf <rtclay@uxa.cso.uiuc.edu> (clay rudolf)
Subject: nv6o ss cw m/s, W9YH ss cw
Message-ID: <Pine.3.05.9311081232.A15084-b100000@uxa.cso.uiuc.edu>

On Mon, 8 Nov 1993 EDWOODS@pactime1.sdcrc.pacbell.com wrote:

> I guess we pioneered a new category in sweepstakes, multi-op low power.
We tried that last year from W1YU...was especially hard having no 80m
antenna. Anyway, the results from W9YH:

W9YH (op N4OGW)
Single op, High Power (~700 W), 24 hours 

      160        0    
       80      214    
       40      403    
       20      199 
       15       32    
       10        0    
                848 X 76 = 128,896

Was very tough using just a Butternut vertical and Butternut mini-beam,
both up about 20 feet.  Sorry about all the requests for repeats on
80m...it's hard to copy much of anything with a 26' antenna on that band.  On
40 I was able to hold a frequency fairly well, but even with 700 W I was
stomped on on the other bands. Got everything except VY1. I did try using 2
radios at once, which was a great help...I highly recommend this to anyone who
hasn't tried it.
        A further comment about using stub filters...after measuring the
stubs I had cut on a network analyzer, I found out that they were too
short.  I then added small trimmer caps on the end of each stub, which made
adjusting them very easy. If you don't have access to good test
equipment, this might be the easiest thing to do--cut the stubs a little
short, and tune them with small trimmers.
        I agree with Geoff's comment about the check numbers...it might be
interesting to do a survey and find the average check number for CQ-CONTEST

Torsten, N4OGW

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