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SS Score

Subject: SS Score
From: KWIDELITZ@delphi.com (KWIDELITZ@delphi.com)
Date: Tue Nov 9 10:32:14 1993
AB6FO - Low Power - LAX

80     78
40    362
20    370
15    262
10      3

by 76 sections for 163,400.

Missed VE2 - Heard one and chased hime but no go. 
I made my band plan, stuck to it, exceeded my goals, but didn't even win my
section. Seems like low power scores were WAY up this year. 73. Ken, AB6FO

>From R.SCHREIBMAIER" <bob@mtdcr.att.com  Tue Nov  9 16:08:43 1993
From: R.SCHREIBMAIER" <bob@mtdcr.att.com (R.SCHREIBMAIER)
Subject: Maritime Mobile Scoring

According to the CQWW Rules file obtained from K3EST,
point V.2 says:

"Maritime mobile stations count only for zone multiplier."

Of course, that was in section V, Multipliers.  Section VI,
Points, says nothing at all.  CT scores maritime mobile as
zero points, but a zone multiplier.

Your mileage may vary.


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>From Joel Magid <76450.2313@CompuServe.COM>  Tue Nov  9 15:47:04 1993
From: Joel Magid <76450.2313@CompuServe.COM> (Joel Magid)
Subject: WAE RTTY CONTEST  15 Meter Single Op
Message-ID: <931109154703_76450.2313_CHL72-1@CompuServe.COM>

        Ok, this is the first one for me in any mode ...... this
        PW station will attempt single op on 15 meters RTTY.

        100 watts from a TS850 to an R5 .....look for me and 
        be kind ...... 

        Joel WU1F

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