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Fast SS Check

Subject: Fast SS Check
From: ka9fox@aol.com (ka9fox@aol.com)
Date: Thu Nov 11 14:04:44 1993
Edward parish said: 

> Gee, and I thought that some ops sent a ck of 55 
> because it was faster.  ;^)

Am I the only person that DID sign 55 just cause it was fast??  I forgot the
station owner's (W9UP) year of license, so I just made one up!  ..... .....

- Scott KA9FOX @ aol.com

>From draperbl <draperbl@smtplink.mdl.sandia.gov>  Thu Nov 11 23:15:00 1993
From: draperbl <draperbl@smtplink.mdl.sandia.gov> (draperbl)
Subject: AA5B  CW SS, multi-op
Message-ID: <9311111715.A05808@smtplink.mdl.sandia.gov.>

OK, I think I finally have a reliable connection to the reflector (it's been 
read-only for over a month), so here are our CW SS notes.  Family commitments, 
soccer matches, volleyball tournaments, and stations in disrepair forced Scott, 
Ray, and me into yet another multi-op this year from Ray's station.  I'm 
certainly not complaining about the company -- the three of us have always been 
a good team -- but we're all getting a little antsy for single-opping again.

AA5B multi-op  (+ K5TA and K9RS), New Mexico
                  Scott     Ray

    1501/77   231k

Station: TS850/930, DTR2000
         KT34XA @ 65', KT34A @ 50', CC 2-el 40 @ 75'
         (multi-band dipole used on second radio)

Last sections worked: Maine (!) and Yukon,  both Sunday morning on 20 meters.

Zero QSOs on 10m, <100 on 80m, <200 on 15m.  I'm not sure what kind of antenna 
we'd need in order to be more successful on 15m, but whatever it is we didn't 
have it.  Very disappointing, very bizarre condx.  W8s were 30-over-9 all day 
Sunday on that band, but everyone else was weak and fluttery.


               Bruce  AA5B

>From Fred Hopengarten" <k1vr%k1vr@uunet.uu.net  Thu Nov 11 13:25:54 1993
From: Fred Hopengarten" <k1vr%k1vr@uunet.uu.net (Fred Hopengarten)
Subject: Coaxial Stub Filtering
Message-ID: <2ce23d6b.k1vr@k1vr.UUCP>

On Wed, 10 Nov 1993 17:47:27 -0400 (EDT), delphi.com!KWIDELITZ wrote:
If Radio A is on 40 and Radio B is on
> 15, will the 40 meter stub absorb some of the 15 meter transmitted
> signal?

K1VR:  If you mean:  Will the 40 meter stub on the 40 meter radio lower the
output of the 15 meter radio on 15, the answer is NO.

Can the stub be coiled up?

K1VR:  Yes. No harm.

Can I use RG-58 for the stub?

K1VR:  Yes, but it has higher losses than hardline or RG-213, which will
cost you in terms of power output.  It may also melt when you give it 1500
watts at 21 MHz.

Does it matter how far from Radio B the stubs get Tee'd in?

K1VR:  As close to the amplifier as you can get it is best.  Next best:
Somewhere close to the amplifier.  If you put a second stub on for
additional attenuation, best is 1/4 wave later, but it will help even if
just one barrel later.

Good luck.
                      Fred Hopengarten K1VR
           Six Willarch Road * Lincoln, MA 01773-5105
     home + office telephone:  617/259-0088 (FAX on demand)
"Big antennas, high in the sky, are better than small ones, low."

>From Steve Merchant <merchant@crl.com>  Fri Nov 12 01:01:46 1993
From: Steve Merchant <merchant@crl.com> (Steve Merchant)
Subject: Looking for Seat -- CQWW CW
Message-ID: <Pine.3.87.9311111746.A8116-0100000@crl.crl.com>

My previous plans have come undone.  Looking for a seat at a MS or MM 
operation for CQWW CW.  I have competitive radios and computer(s) if 
needed.  Would like to stay in N. Calif., but will travel under the 
right circumstances.  Call me at (415) 496-7349 day, (415) 346-2424 eve, 
or leave note here: merchant@crl.com.  Thanks -- Steve N4TQO.

>From Takao Kumagai <je1cka@asuka.aerospace-lab.go.jp>  Fri Nov 12 12:27:51 1993
From: Takao Kumagai <je1cka@asuka.aerospace-lab.go.jp> (Takao Kumagai)
Subject: JIDX mult list
Message-ID: <9311120327.AA12533@asuka.aerospace-lab.go.jp>

If you need the JIDX multiplier reference list
Number-call area-prefecture, I'll send it to you.

N6TR LOG V4.02 supports the JIDX. CT does not support the contest
but you can log the data in DX'pedition mode or AA DX contest.


>From Steve Merchant <merchant@crl.com>  Fri Nov 12 05:47:14 1993
From: Steve Merchant <merchant@crl.com> (Steve Merchant)
Subject: SS CW Score
Message-ID: <Pine.3.87.9311112114.A26291-0100000@crl.crl.com>

My first SS in almost 30 years -- last time was '67 as W6EMS.  3.8 
hours, 20 and 15 only.  Lots of activity, incredible scores from the tall 
dogs, as usual.  N4TQO B 56 SF = 213 x 57 = 24,282.  

Equipment:  IC-781, IC-4KL, small tribander @ 40' (QTH W6OTC).  Apologies 
for the rotten fist -- used a 203 year old Vibroplex paddle and a very 
backleveled version of CT -- 6.something -- couldn't get computer to key 
xmtr properly.  (I must get Glenn's station up to date.)

Thanks for the Q's everyone.

>From Randy A Thompson <K5ZD@world.std.com>  Fri Nov 12 06:06:33 1993
From: Randy A Thompson <K5ZD@world.std.com> (Randy A Thompson)
Subject: Multi-Single Contest Ethics
Message-ID: <Pine.3.87.9311120133.A10970-0100000@world.std.com>

Really disappointing to hear a WW Committee member engage in such an 
ethically questionable activity.

The VHF contests have stomped out these artificial contacts by permitting 
only one call sign per radio!  I'm all for the same rule in HF contesting.

Randy, K5ZD

On Fri, 5 Nov 1993, Steven M London +1 303 538 4763 wrote:

> Heard during CQWW Phone :
> Rare DX:  QRZ from QR0QRM ...
> ...Roar of Pileup ....
> Rare DX:  PJ4/N3ED you're 5936
> PJ4/N3ED:  Roger, you're 5909.  Can you QSY to XXXXX.X and work PJ1B ?
> Rare DX: Roger, will QSY now to XXXXX.X
> I see nothing in the rules prohibiting this.  Perhaps there ought to be
> a rule about operators at a multi-single making QSO's with other callsigns
> as a way of skirting the 10 minute rule ?
> Steve, N2IC/0

>From Randy A Thompson <K5ZD@world.std.com>  Fri Nov 12 06:42:26 1993
From: Randy A Thompson <K5ZD@world.std.com> (Randy A Thompson)
Subject: Two-radio operation in SS -- legal?
Message-ID: <Pine.3.87.9311120126.A10970-0100000@world.std.com>

The CAC's "intent" in writing the rule
>   "The use of two or more transmitters simultaneously is not allowed."
was to prevent a station transmitting two signals at the same time (e.g. 
calling CQ on two bands at same time).  Nothing more exotic or 
complicated was intended.

Randy, K5ZD

>From Randy A Thompson <K5ZD@world.std.com>  Fri Nov 12 07:02:25 1993
From: Randy A Thompson <K5ZD@world.std.com> (Randy A Thompson)
Subject: CQ WW Phone Score K5ZD
Message-ID: <Pine.3.87.9311120225.A15087-0101000@world.std.com>

Content-Type: TEXT/PLAIN; charset=US-ASCII

The best Phone contest there is - the big WW!

Content-Type: APPLICATION/octet-stream; name="wwph93.sum"
Content-Transfer-Encoding: BASE64
Content-ID: <Pine.3.87.9311120223.A15087@world.std.com>


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