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portable designators

Subject: portable designators
Date: Tue Nov 16 20:04:18 1993
OK... it was a stupid idea.  Hold your fire, I withdraw the idea.

Geoff WA1U

>From Rus Healy <0006147675@mcimail.com>  Tue Nov 16 22:17:00 1993
From: Rus Healy <0006147675@mcimail.com> (Rus Healy)
Subject: Signing portable
Message-ID: <40931116221704/0006147675NA3EM@mcimail.com>

I solved the "portable problem" another way: I moved back to 2-land!
Seriously, I was surprised at how many people asked me for fills during
SS. Typically it went something like this:

"NJ2L/1? SEC CT?"

I did SS from CT for the last six or seven years--but before that
it was from ENY, which probably confused some people even more!

I must say that I agree with Dave, WX3N, and the others who feel
that signing portable is a nuisance for everyone. If you want to
draw attention to the fact that you're somewhere other than normal,
fine. But it doesn't do much for me, since so many people live
in call areas other than the one their call reflects that you
can't assume anything about locations from call signs. In fact,
it may be a strategic advantage (except in VHF contests) to have
a call from another area. After all, most of the regulars know
that KI3V, WN4KKN, K6LL, AA2Z, N6TR, WX3N, K4VX, K5NA, etc,
are somewhere other than their calls would lead you to believe.

I guess that learning these is a rite of passage in contesting! :-)

--73, Rus

>From bhorn@netcom.com (Bruce Horn)  Wed Nov 17 02:55:42 1993
From: bhorn@netcom.com (Bruce Horn) (Bruce Horn)
Subject: Portable Designator
Message-ID: <199311170255.SAA01235@mail.netcom.com>

As a 7 who is permanently in 6-land, I gave up signing portable 6
a long time a go.  WA7BNM/6 is entirely too long in competitive
situations.  Seems like a majority of those who want to have all
of us sign with the call area indicating our location have nice
1x2 or 2x1 callsigns.  We should all be used to the fact by now
that there is no correlation between the number in the call sign
and the actual location.  For a contest like SS it should make
little difference, since the advice of the experts is that it is
all about making the most QSOs.

See you in the SS.

73 de Bruce, WA7BNM

>From Joel Magid <76450.2313@CompuServe.COM>  Tue Nov 16 23:35:57 1993
From: Joel Magid <76450.2313@CompuServe.COM> (Joel Magid)
Subject: 9K2WA has anyone worked him during a contest
Message-ID: <931116233556_76450.2313_CHL54-2@CompuServe.COM>

        Has anyone ever worked this station during a contest
        and received a QSL card ..... any have a real route for
        this one.

        DId anyone work at all in this past weekend's WAE RTTY
        contest ..... I'd be interested in results ....

        Joel WU1F

>From Richard Hallman <0006135537@mcimail.com>  Wed Nov 17 05:22:00 1993
From: Richard Hallman <0006135537@mcimail.com> (Richard Hallman)
Subject: Portable Seven!!
Message-ID: <50931117052205/0006135537NA1EM@mcimail.com>

     What is this Portable stuff????

  Long live  KI3V Portable Seven....Always!!  

  That is till I move back east where I can run europe again in the
DX Contests!!     Where did the JA's go???

         See Ya!!   KI3V Portable Seven!   KI3V@mcimail.com

>From Keskinen Petri <oh3mep@cc.tut.fi>  Wed Nov 17 09:43:11 1993
From: Keskinen Petri <oh3mep@cc.tut.fi> (Keskinen Petri)
Subject: CQWW -93 SSB & CW
Message-ID: <9311170943.AA09854@cc.tut.fi>

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