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DVP Usage

Subject: DVP Usage
From: KWIDELITZ@delphi.com (KWIDELITZ@delphi.com)
Date: Fri Nov 19 12:27:03 1993
I've been using the DVP since it came out. The only problem I have with the 
callsign enunciation is that it is slower than using your own voice. Also, 
when you are in the REPEAT mode, there is a very annoying and seemingly 
interminable delay between hitting INSERT and having the call announced. As
to the enunciation/intonation, I see little problem, as everyone can pick out
their own call. 73. Ken, AB6FO

>From Ward Silver <hwardsil@seattleu.edu>  Fri Nov 19 17:41:56 1993
From: Ward Silver <hwardsil@seattleu.edu> (Ward Silver)
Subject: N0AX/KH6 in WW CW
Message-ID: <Pine.3.03.9311190956.A13539-9100000@sumax.seattleu.edu>

I'll be doing a single-op, all-band, low-power effort from KH6.  Hope to
be using the rarely-heard-anymore Maui ARC call, KH6RS, but otherwise the
more familiar these-days NH6T.  At any rate, listen hard on 80 and 160!!
My 160 frequency will be between 1820 and 1830 on the hour, starting
around 0800 or so, with emphasis on the JA's Friday night, NA/SA Saturday.
(all this fuss for KH6...hihi)
73 & GL
Ward, N0AX

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