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CT Networking

Subject: CT Networking
From: Ken_Silverman_at_Wiget_Lane@atlas.ccmail.PacTel.COM (Ken_Silverman_at_Wiget_Lane@atlas.ccmail.PacTel.COM)
Date: Fri Nov 19 17:36:33 1993
Regarding the KE7X thought on CT single Comm port networking:

I think a lot of credit should be given to N6TR.  Fred and I came up with this 
question after we were running into Comm-port/computer problems for the 4M5I 
station.  I had just received N6TR's program and it dawned upon me that Tree 
was using a loop with one Comm port per computer.  Logical thought:  Why can't 
we do it with CT?

I'm glad that this solution is a universal one.

Just thought I'de mention this to give credit where credit is due.  

Ken, WM2C

>From Jack Fleming <oolon@eskimo.com>  Sat Nov 20 02:26:01 1993
From: Jack Fleming <oolon@eskimo.com> (Jack Fleming)
Subject: FW: CN2JF CQWW SSB Score
Message-ID: <Pine.3.87.9311191801.A11584-0100000@eskimo.com>

On Fri, 19 Nov 1993, Skelton, Tom wrote:

> <<deleted>>
> Anyone who worked CN2JF or CN2JR on 40 or 80 meters was probably
> working a slim.  I've received some QSLs for both CN2JF and CN2JR on
> those bands, but it wasn't me...
> ***************************************************************
> Jack Fleming, WA0RJY, CN2JF, CT1/WA0RJY       oolon@eskimo.com
> 20148 6th Avenue NE
> Seattle, WA  98155                            DON'T PANIC!
> ***************************************************************
> Jack:  did you not make any 40 meter QSO's before the contest on
> SSB or  CW?  Bunches of guys here in the Southeast worked a very
> active CN2JR/CN2JF before the test, and I worked CN2JR right
> at the end of the test on 40 SSB...tnx...73, Tom WB4IUX

Nope.  None.  There is a 40 meter yagi, but I didn't use it (and as for 
cw - there was only a straight key).  I made a few Q's on 15 or 20 during 
Friday afternoon before the contest but that was it.  I also think I was 
the only Morocco station on during the contest - maybe not, but I would 
think someone over there would have mentioned another CN2 contesting...


73  Jack

Jack Fleming, WA0RJY                          oolon@eskimo.com
20148 6th Avenue NE
Seattle, WA  98155                            DON'T PANIC!

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