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Contest Voice Blaster

Subject: Contest Voice Blaster
From: K6LL@delphi.com (K6LL@delphi.com)
Date: Mon Nov 22 00:27:46 1993
Is anyone using LTA's "Contest Voice Blaster" voice keyer software? How does
it work and sound?

>From Richard Hallman <0006135537@mcimail.com>  Mon Nov 22 05:28:00 1993
From: Richard Hallman <0006135537@mcimail.com> (Richard Hallman)
Subject: KI3V/7 SS Phone Results!!
Message-ID: <81931122052818/0006135537NA2EM@mcimail.com>

                       ARRL SWEEPSTAKES 1993

      Call: KI3V/7                   Country:  
      Mode: SSB                      Category: Single Operator/High Power


      160        0        0        -
       80       98      196        -
       40      658     1316        -
       20      387      774        -
       15      764     1528        -
       10      374      748        -

     Totals   2281     4562       77

               Score:  351,274

    Best part of contest was being called by VY1CM 2 hours into contest
on 15 meters.  15 minutes after that, Was then called by VE8GO!!

             Rig  Icom IC-765
             Amp  Alpha
             Ant  TH-7 @ 102 ft,  TH6 @ 60 ft,  Side mounted Mono's for
                  10-20 Meters @ 50-65 ft,  Cushcraft 2 Ele 40 @ 112 ft,
                  80 Meter Inverted Vee @ 102 ft.
         Logging  Computer 386SX-25, CT Version 8.45 (Not one problem!!)

  Thanks to Bill, KM9P @ W6QHS's, for the extra push!!    Was GREAT fun!!

                        Off to VP9.....       KI3V Portable Seven!

>From bhorn@netcom.com (Bruce Horn)  Mon Nov 22 06:30:18 1993
From: bhorn@netcom.com (Bruce Horn) (Bruce Horn)
Subject: SS SSB Results
Message-ID: <199311220630.WAA07024@mail.netcom.com>

Operated QRP during SS SSB for:

578Q x 75S = 86,700

No PQ or PR.  Never even heard a KP4 and all the VE2s seemed to only answer CQs.
PQ has also been my nemesis in the past.  Recommend that someone be assigned
to call CQ from VE2 land in the next SS :-)

73 de Bruce, WA7BNM

>From martin.zurn@cen.jrc.it (Martin Zurn)  Mon Nov 22 08:36:42 1993
From: martin.zurn@cen.jrc.it (Martin Zurn) (Martin Zurn)
Subject: SUMMARY: QSL habits
Message-ID: <9311220836.AA26857@dac.ise.jrc.it>

Hi again,

Thanks to all that sent a reply on my question about QSL habits.
I got more than a dozen answers.

An OVERWHELMING majority sends out QSL cards as replies to incoming
QSL cards, no matter whether or not a station asks for a qsl card
on the air. 
As expected, discussions about QSLs during a contest are
not appreciated (and even useless if the answers I got represent
the contest community).

All other behavior schemes do exist but are rather exceptional...

PSE QSL CRD is always interpreted as a request for a QSL card.
PSE QSL is interpreted as a request for QSL in 50% of the cases.

A proposed alternative is PSE UR QSL

BTW, I would have been in category (4) just like 2 others
that do send out cards when requested during the contest qso.
And I would not have interpreted PSE QSL as a request for a
card. (I am far from being a top contester... but I (ab)used
contests for DXCC, WAS, and Province hunting)

73 de ik2rmz


>From Keskinen Petri <oh3mep@cc.tut.fi>  Mon Nov 22 12:53:17 1993
From: Keskinen Petri <oh3mep@cc.tut.fi> (Keskinen Petri)
Subject: CQWW 1993 info -part X
Message-ID: <9311221253.AA08566@cc.tut.fi>

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