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Low Band Monitor

Subject: Low Band Monitor
From: wmhein@aol.com (wmhein@aol.com)
Date: Mon Nov 22 11:04:16 1993
I have received several inquiries regarding the "The Low Band Monitor."  TLBM
is a magazine devoted exclusively to 160m, 80m & 40m DXing published by K0CS.
 It is my favorite ham radio publication and essential if you DX the low
bands!  Subscriptions are $24 per year ($36 for outside the USA) from:

     Lance Johnson Digital Graphics
     PO Box 1047
     Elizabeth CO 80107
     telephone 303/646-4630 (for MasterCard/Visa orders)

See y'all in the CQ WW this weekend (will be M/M with a great team)

Bill AA6TT

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