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N6XI Goofing Off in SSB SS

Subject: N6XI Goofing Off in SSB SS
From: tavan@tss.com (tavan@tss.com)
Date: Mon Nov 22 10:28:27 1993
Single op, high power some of the time, SCV

505 Q's x 76 secs = 76,760, 8 hrs.

Missed WVA 
Hadn't intended to operate more than 2 or 3 hours, but the
mults came so I tried to squeeze in a sweep in the few hours
I had available.  Didn't quite make it.  Lots of fruitless
low power S&Ping looking for last mults, minimizing xmit 
time due to new RFI problems.


Rick Tavan N6XI

>From Joel Magid <76450.2313@CompuServe.COM>  Mon Nov 22 17:21:57 1993
From: Joel Magid <76450.2313@CompuServe.COM> (Joel Magid)
Subject: WU1F ..... SS / SSB  1993
Message-ID: <931122172157_76450.2313_CHL50-1@CompuServe.COM>

        4 hours of operation

        100 Q's
         58 Sections

        11,600 points

        No antennas for 40/80 so the local
        1,2,3 were not worked.....but I had
        fun as this was my 1st SSB ss

        Thaks to K6XO/7 for Utah and KP4BZ
        for PR. Where was Idaho .....

        Joel WU1F

>From Jim Reisert AD1C  22-Nov-1993 1325 <reisert@wrksys.enet.dec.com>  Mon Nov 
>22 18:20:37 1993
From: Jim Reisert AD1C  22-Nov-1993 1325 <reisert@wrksys.enet.dec.com> (Jim 
Reisert AD1C 22-Nov-1993 1325)
Subject: Continuing saga of CQWW.CTY file
Message-ID: <9311221820.AA21858@us1rmc.bb.dec.com>

Here's the really last one.  I broke down and added VI9X and some other

73 - Jim AD1C


22 Nov 1993:    * Added zone overrides for WN4KKN and KI3V.
                * Added SM1TDE/4U to prefix list for OD, Lebanon (DF4RD).
                * Removed OH0MC from prefix list for OJ0, Market Reef (OH3MEP).
                * Added ST0K to prefix list for ST, Sudan (DF4RD).
                * Added zone override for VE9, New Brunswick.
                * Added VI9X to prefix list for VK9X, Christmas I. (W5KNE).

---  cut here  ---
Sov Mil Order of Malta:   15:  1A:    1A;
Spratly Is.:              26:  1S:    1S,9M0S;
Monaco:                   14:  3A:    3A;
Agalega & St. Brandon:    39:  3B6:   3B6,3B7;
Mauritius:                39:  3B8:   3B8;
Rodriguez I.:             39:  3B9:   3B9;
Equatorial Guinea:        36:  3C:    3C;
Pagalu I.:                36:  3C0:   3C0;
Fiji:                     32:  3D2:   3D2;
Conway Reef:              32:  3D2/c: 3D2AM,3D2CR,3D2HL,3D2VT,3D2WV;
Rotuma:                   32:  3D2/r: 3D2AG,3D2AP,3D2DD,3D2RJ,3D2RW,3D2XR,3D2XV
&                                     3D2XX;
Swaziland:                38:  3DA:   3DA;
Tunisia:                  33:  3V:    3V,TS;
Vietnam:                  26:  3W:    3W,XV;
Republic of Guinea:       35:  3X:    3X;
Bouvet:                   38:  3Y:    3Y;
Peter I I.:               12:  3Y/p:  3Y1EE;
Malyj Vysotskij I.:       16:  4J1:   4J1FM,4J1FS,4J1FW;
Franz Josef Land:         40:  4K2:   4K2;
Sri Lanka:                22:  4S:    4P,4Q,4R,4S;
ITU HQ Geneva:            14:  4U1I:  4U0ITU,4U1ITU,4U2ITU,4U3ITU,4U4ITU,4U5ITU
&                                     4U6ITU,4U7ITU,4U8ITU,4U9ITU;
United Nations HQ NY:     05:  4U1U:  4U0U,4U1U,4U43,4U44,4U45,4U46,4U47,4U48;
United Nations OE:        15:  4U1V:  4U1VIC;
Yemen:                    21:  4W:    4W;
Israel:                   20:  4X:    4X,4Z;                                  AS
Libya:                    34:  5A:    5A;
Cyprus:                   20:  5B:    5B,C4,H2,P3;                            AS
Tanzania:                 37:  5H:    5H,5I;
Nigeria:                  35:  5N:    5N,5O;
Madagascar:               39:  5R:    5R,5S,6X;
Mauritania:               35:  5T:    5T;
Niger:                    35:  5U:    5U;
Togo:                     35:  5V:    5V;
Western Samoa:            32:  5W:    5W;
Uganda:                   37:  5X:    5X;
Kenya:                    37:  5Z:    5Y,5Z;
Senegal:                  35:  6W:    6V,6W;
Jamaica:                  08:  6Y:    6Y;
Lesotho:                  38:  7P:    7P;
Malawi:                   37:  7Q:    7Q;
Algeria:                  33:  7X:    7R,7T,7U,7V,7W,7X,7Y;
Barbados:                 08:  8P:    8P;
Maldive Is.:              22:  8Q:    8Q;
Guyana:                   09:  8R:    8R;
Croatia:                  15:  9A:    9A;
Ghana:                    35:  9G:    9G;
Malta:                    15:  9H:    9H;
Zambia:                   36:  9J:    9I,9J;
Kuwait:                   21:  9K:    9K;
Sierra Leone:             35:  9L:    9L;
West Malaysia:            28:  9M2:   9M2,9M4,9W2,9W4;                        AS
East Malaysia:            28:  9M6:   9M6,9M8,9W6,9W8;
Nepal:                    22:  9N:    9N;
Zaire:                    36:  9Q:    9O,9P,9Q,9R,9S,9T;
Burundi:                  36:  9U:    9U;
Singapore:                28:  9V:    9V,S6;                                  AS
Rwanda:                   36:  9X:    9X;
Trinidad & Tobago:        09:  9Y:    9Y,9Z;
Botswana:                 38:  A2:    8O,A2;
Tonga:                    32:  A3:    A3;
Oman:                     21:  A4:    A4;
Bhutan:                   22:  A5:    A5;
United Arab Emirates:     21:  A6:    A6;
Qatar:                    21:  A7:    A7;
Bahrain:                  21:  A9:    A9;
Pakistan:                 21:  AP:    6P,6Q,6R,6S,AP,AQ,AR,AS;
Taiwan:                   24:  BV:    BV;
China:                    24:  BY:    3H,3I,3J,3K,3L,3M,3N,3O,3P,3Q,3R,3S,3T,3U
&                                     B,BY3G(23),BY3H(23),BY3I(23),BY3J(23)
&                                     BY3K(23),BY3L(23),BY9M(24),BY9N(24)
&                                     BY9O(24),BY9P(24),BY9Q(24),BY9R(24)
&                                     BY9S(24),XS;
Nauru:                    31:  C2:    C2;
Andorra:                  14:  C3:    C3;
The Gambia:               35:  C5:    C5;
Bahamas:                  08:  C6:    C6;
Mozambique:               37:  C9:    C8,C9;
Chile:                    12:  CE:    3G,CA,CB,CC,CD,CE,XQ,XR;
Easter I.:                12:  CE0A:  3G0,CE0,XQ0,XR0;
San Felix I.:             12:  CE0X:  CE0X,XQ0X,XR0X;
Juan Fernandez Is.:       12:  CE0Z:  CE0CEW,CE0I,CE0MTY,CE0OGZ,CE0Z,XQ0I,XQ0Z
&                                     XR0I,XR0Z;
Antarctica:               13:  CE9:   3G9A,3Y9WT(30),4K1,4K1A(39),4K1B(29)
&                                     4K1C(29),4K1D(38),4K1E(29),4K1G(30)
&                                     4K1H(32),4K1K(29),4K1L(29),4K1YAR(39)
&                                     7S8AAA(38),7S8BBB(38),8J1RL(39),8J1RM(39)
&                                     AT0A(38),CE9AP,CE9OH,CE9SAC,CE9SDJ
&                                     DP0GVN(38),FB8Y(30),FT0Y(30),FT2Y(30)
&                                     FT4Y(30),FT5Y(30),FT8Y(30),IA/I3JPA(30)
&                                     IA0PS(30),KC4AAA(39),KC4AAB,KC4AAC,KC4AAD
&                                     KC4AAE(29),KC4USA,KC4USB(12),KC4USC
&                                     KC4USD,KC4USE,KC4USF,KC4USG,KC4USK(29)
&                                     KC4USL(29),KC4USM(30),KC4USV(30)
&                                     KC4USX(30),KC4USY(30),LU4ZS,OR4(38),VK0CH
&                                     VK0DS(39),VK0JV,VK0KC(29),VK0LL(29)
&                                     VK0MN(29),VK0MP,VK0NE(39),VP8FAR,VP8HAL
&                                     VP8ROT,VP8SSW,ZL0AIC(30),ZL5(30)
&                                     ZS7ANT(38);
Cuba:                     08:  CM:    CL,CM,CO,T4;
Morocco:                  33:  CN:    5C,5D,5E,5F,5G,CN;
Bolivia:                  10:  CP:    CP;
Portugal:                 14:  CT:    CQ,CR,CS,CT,XX;
Madeira Is.:              33:  CT3:   CQ3,CQ9,CR3,CR9,CS3,CS9,CT3,CT9,XX3;
Azores:                   14:  CU:    CU;
Uruguay:                  13:  CX:    CV,CW,CX;
Sable I.:                 05:  CY0:   CY0;
St. Paul I.:              05:  CY9:   CY0SPI,CY9;
Angola:                   36:  D2:    D2,D3;
Cape Verde:               35:  D4:    D4;
Comoros:                  39:  D6:    D6;
Fed. Rep. of Germany:     14:  DL:    D,Y;
Philippines:              27:  DU:    4D,4E,4F,4G,4H,4I,DU,DV,DW,DX,DY,DZ;
Eritrea:                  37:  E3:    E3;
Spain:                    14:  EA:    AM,AN,AO,EA,EB,EC,ED,EE,EF,EG,EH;
Balearic Is.:             14:  EA6:   AM6,AN6,AO6,EA6,EB6,EC6,ED6,EE6,EF6,EG6
&                                     EH6;
Canary Is.:               33:  EA8:   AM8,AN8,AO8,EA8,EB8,EC8,ED8,EE8,EF8,EG8
&                                     EH8;
Ceuta and Melilla:        33:  EA9:   AM9,AN9,AO9,EA9,EB9,EC9,ED9,EE9,EF9,EG9
&                                     EH9;
Ireland:                  14:  EI:    EI,EJ;
Liberia:                  35:  EL:    5L,5M,6Z,A8,D5,EL;
Iran:                     21:  EP:    9B,9C,9D,EP,EQ;
Estonia:                  15:  ES:    ES;
Ethiopia:                 37:  ET:    9E,9F,ET;
France:                   14:  F:     F,HW,HX,HY,TH,TM,TP,TQ,TV,TW,TX;
Guadeloupe:               08:  FG:    FG;
Mayotte:                  39:  FH:    FH;
French St. Martin:        08:  FJ:    FJ,FS;
New Caledonia:            32:  FK:    50USA,FK;
Martinique:               08:  FM:    FM,TO5M;
French Polynesia:         32:  FO:    FO,TO8K;
Clipperton I.:            07:  FO/c:  FO0CI;
St. Pierre & Miquelon:    05:  FP:    FP;
Reunion:                  39:  FR:    FR;
Glorioso:                 39:  FR/g:  FR/G,FR5AI,FR7GL;
Juan de Nova & Europa:    39:  FR/j:  FR/E,FR/J,FR4FA,FR5ZQ/J;
Tromelin:                 39:  FR/t:  FR/T,FR5ZU/T,FR7CG;
Crozet:                   39:  FT8W:  FB8WZ,FT0W,FT2W,FT4W,FT5W,FT8W;
Kerguelen:                39:  FT8X:  FT0X,FT2X,FT4X,FT5X,FT8X;
Amsterdam & St. Paul:     39:  FT8Z:  FT0Z,FT2Z,FT4Z,FT5Z,FT8Z;
Wallis & Futuna Is.:      32:  FW:    FW;
French Guiana:            09:  FY:    FY;
England:                  14:  G:     2,G,M;
Isle of Man:              14:  GD:    2D,2T,GD,GT,MD,MT;
Northern Ireland:         14:  GI:    2I,2N,GI,GN,MI,MN;
Jersey:                   14:  GJ:    2H,2J,GH,GJ,MH,MJ;
Scotland:                 14:  GM:    2M,2S,GM,GS,MM,MS;
Shetlands:                14:  GM/s:  GM0AVR,GM0CYJ,GM0DJI,GM0EKM,GM0ILB,GM0JDB
&                                     GM3KCE,GM3KLA,GM3KZR,GM3RFR,GM3SJA,GM3STU
&                                     GM3TSG,GM3TST,GM3WCH,GM3XFK,GM3XOQ,GM3XPQ
&                                     GM3ZET,GM3ZNM,GM4AGX,GM4CAQ,GM4DQD,GM4ETG
&                                     GM4FNA,GM4FNE,GM4GPN,GM4GPP,GM4GQD,GM4GQM
&                                     GM4IPK,GM4JAB,GM4LBE,GM4LER,GM4PXG,GM4SRU
&                                     GM4SSA,GM4SWU,GM4WXQ,GM4YEL,GM4ZET,GM4ZHL;
Guernsey:                 14:  GU:    2P,2U,GP,GU,MP,MU;
Wales:                    14:  GW:    2C,2W,GC,GW,MC,MW;
Solomon Is.:              28:  H4:    H4;
Hungary:                  15:  HA:    HA,HG;
Switzerland:              14:  HB:    HB,HE;
Liechtenstein:            14:  HB0:   HB0,HE0;
Ecuador:                  10:  HC:    HC,HD;
Galapagos Is.:            10:  HC8:   HC8,HD8;
Haiti:                    08:  HH:    4V,HH;
Dominican Republic:       08:  HI:    HI;
Colombia:                 09:  HK:    5J,5K,HJ,HK;
San Andres & Providencia: 07:  HK0/a: 5J0,5K0,HJ0,HK0;
Malpelo I.:               09:  HK0/m: 5J0M,5K0M,HJ0M,HK0M,HK0TU;
South Korea:              25:  HL:    6K,6L,6M,6N,D7,D8,D9,DS,DT,HL;
North Korea:              25:  HM:    HM,P5,P6,P7,P8,P9;
Panama:                   07:  HP:    3E,3F,H3,H8,H9,HO,HP;
Honduras:                 07:  HR:    HQ,HR;
Thailand:                 26:  HS:    E2,HS;
Vatican:                  15:  HV:    HV;
Saudi Arabia:             21:  HZ:    7Z,8Z,HZ;
Italy:                    15:  I:     I;
Sardinia:                 15:  IS:    IM0,IS,IW0,IY0;
Sicily:                   15:  IT9:   IB9,ID9,IE9,IF9,IG9(33),IH9(33),IK9,IL9
&                                     IO9,IR9,IT9,IU9;
Djibouti:                 37:  J2:    J2;
Grenada:                  08:  J3:    J3;
Guinea-Bissau:            35:  J5:    J5;
St. Lucia:                08:  J6:    J6;
Dominica:                 08:  J7:    J7;
St. Vincent:              08:  J8:    J8;
Japan:                    25:  JA:    7J,7K,7L,7M,7N,8J,8K,8L,8M,8N,J,KA2CC
&                                     KA2DX,KA2EX;
Minami Torishima:         27:  JD/m:  7J1ACH,JD1YAA;
Ogasawara:                27:  JD/o:  JD1,KA2IJ;                              AS
Mongolia:                 23:  JT:    JT,JU,JV;
Svalbard:                 40:  JW:    JW;
Bear I.:                  40:  JW7:   JW7;
Jan Mayen:                40:  JX:    JX;
Jordan:                   20:  JY:    JY;                                     AS
United States:            05:  K:     4U1WB,A,AA6TT(04),K,K3EST(03),K5MA(05)
&                                     K5NA(05),K5ZD(05),K7SV(05),KI3V(03)
&                                     KS9Z(05),N,N3BB(04),N6AR(05),N6BV(05)
&                                     W,N6CQ(05),NJ1V(04),W1XE(04),WN4KKN(03);
Belau:                    27:  KC6:   KC6;
Guantanamo Bay:           08:  KG4:   KG4;
Mariana Is.:              27:  KH0:   AH0,KG6RI,KG6SB,KG6SL,KH0,NH0,WH0;
Baker & Howland Is.:      31:  KH1:   AH1,KH1,NH1,WH1;
Guam:                     27:  KH2:   AH2,KG6ARL,KG6DV,KG6DX,KG6JEI,KG6JHC
&                                     KG6JJH,KG6JJP,KG6JKG,KG6JKT,KG6JKV,KH2
&                                     NH2,WH2;
Johnston I.:              31:  KH3:   AH3,KH3,KJ6BZ,NH3,WH3;
Midway I.:                31:  KH4:   AH4,KH4,NH4,WH4;
Palmyra & Jarvis Is.:     31:  KH5:   AH5,KH5,NH5,WH5;
Kingman Reef:             31:  KH5K:  AH5K,KH5K,NH5K,WH5K;
Hawaii:                   31:  KH6:   AH6,KH6,NH6,WH6;
Kure I.:                  31:  KH7:   AH7,KH7,NH7,WH7;
American Samoa:           32:  KH8:   AH8,KH8,KS6BK,KS6CQ,KS6DV,KS6EL,KS6FL
&                                     KS6FO,KS6FS,NH8,WH8;
Wake I.:                  31:  KH9:   AH9,KH9,NH9,WH9;
Alaska:                   01:  KL7:   AL7,KL7,NL7,WL7;
Navassa I.:               08:  KP1:   KP1,NP1,WP1;
US Virgin Is.:            08:  KP2:   KP2,KV4AD,KV4AQ,KV4BA,KV4BS,KV4BT,KV4BV
&                                     KV4CF,KV4CQ,KV4CR,KV4CS,KV4EW,KV4EY,KV4FW
&                                     KV4FZ,KV4GJ,KV4HC,KV4HH,KV4HR,KV4IE,KV4IH
&                                     KV4II,KV4IJ,KV4JC,KV4KD,KV4KW,NP2,WP2;
Puerto Rico:              08:  KP4:   KP4,NP4,WP4;
Desecheo I.:              08:  KP5:   KP5,NP5,WP5;
Norway:                   14:  LA:    LA,LB,LC,LD,LE,LF,LG,LH,LI,LJ,LK,LL,LM,LN;
Argentina:                13:  LU:    AY,AZ,L;
Luxembourg:               14:  LX:    LX;
Lithuania:                15:  LY:    LY;
Bulgaria:                 20:  LZ:    LZ;
Peru:                     10:  OA:    4T,OA,OB,OC;
Lebanon:                  20:  OD:    OD,SM1TDE/4U;                           AS
Austria:                  15:  OE:    OE;
Finland:                  15:  OH:    OF,OG,OH,OI;
Aland Is.:                15:  OH0:   OF0,OG0,OH0,OI0;
Market Reef:              15:  OJ0:   OH0MA,OH0MB,OH0MD,OJ0;
Czech Republic:           15:  OK:    OK,OL;
Slovakia:                 15:  OM:    OM;
Belgium:                  14:  ON:    ON,OO,OP,OQ,OR,OS,OT;
Greenland:                40:  OX:    OX;                                     NA
Faroe Is.:                14:  OY:    OY;
Denmark:                  14:  OZ:    5P,5Q,OU,OV,OW,OZ,XP;
Papua New Guinea:         28:  P2:    P2;
Aruba:                    09:  P4:    P4;
Netherlands:              14:  PA:    PA,PB,PC,PD,PE,PF,PG,PH,PI;
Netherlands Antilles:     09:  PJ2:   PJ0,PJ1,PJ2,PJ3,PJ4,PJ9;
Sint Maarten:             08:  PJ7:   PJ5,PJ6,PJ7,PJ8;
Brazil:                   11:  PY:    PP,PQ,PR,PS,PT,PU,PV,PW,PX,PY,ZV,ZW,ZX,ZY
&                                     ZZ;
Fernando de Noronha:      11:  PY0F:  PP0F,PQ0F,PR0F,PS0F,PT0F,PU0F,PV0F,PW0F
&                                     PX0F,PY0F,ZV0F,ZW0F,ZX0F,ZY0F,ZZ0F;
St. Peter & St. Paul:     11:  PY0S:  PP0S,PQ0S,PR0S,PS0S,PT0S,PU0S,PV0S,PW0S
&                                     PX0S,PY0S,ZV0S,ZW0S,ZX0S,ZY0S,ZZ0S;
Trindade & Martim Vaz:    11:  PY0T:  PP0T,PQ0T,PR0T,PS0T,PT0T,PU0T,PV0T,PW0T
&                                     PX0T,PY0T,ZV0T,ZW0T,ZX0T,ZY0T,ZZ0T;
Suriname:                 09:  PZ:    PZ;
Western Sahara:           33:  S0:    S0;
Bangladesh:               22:  S2:    S2,S3;
Slovenia:                 15:  S5:    S5;
Seychelles:               39:  S7:    S7;
Sao Tome & Principe:      36:  S9:    S9;
Sweden:                   14:  SM:    7S,8S,SA,SB,SC,SD,SE,SF,SG,SH,SI,SJ,SK,SL
&                                     SM;
Poland:                   15:  SP:    3Z,HF,SN,SO,SP,SQ,SR;
Sudan:                    34:  ST:    6T,6U,ST;
Southern Sudan:           34:  ST0:   6T0,6U0,ST0;
Egypt:                    34:  SU:    6A,6B,SS,SU;
Greece:                   20:  SV:    J4,SV,SW,SX,SZ;
Dodecanese:               20:  SV5:   J45,SV5,SW5,SX5,SZ5;
Crete:                    20:  SV9:   J49,SV9,SW9,SX9,SZ9;
Mount Athos:              20:  SY:    SY;
Tuvalu:                   31:  T2:    T2;
Western Kiribati:         31:  T30:   T30;
Central Kiribati:         31:  T31:   T31;
Eastern Kiribati:         31:  T32:   T32;
Banaba:                   31:  T33:   T33;
Somalia:                  37:  T5:    6O,T5;
San Marino:               15:  T7:    T7;
Bosnia-Herzegovina:       15:  T9:    T9;
Turkey:                   20:  TA:    TA,TB,TC,YM;                            AS
Turkey (Europe):          20:  TA1:   TA0,TA1,TB0,TB1,TC0,TC1,YM0,YM1;
Iceland:                  40:  TF:    TF;
Guatemala:                07:  TG:    TD,TG;
Costa Rica:               07:  TI:    TE,TI;
Cocos I.:                 07:  TI9:   TE9,TI9;
Cameroon:                 36:  TJ:    TJ;
Corsica:                  15:  TK:    TK;
Central African Rep:      36:  TL:    TL;
Congo:                    36:  TN:    TN;
Gabon:                    36:  TR:    TR;
Chad:                     36:  TT:    TT;
Ivory Coast:              35:  TU:    TU;
Benin:                    35:  TY:    TY;
Mali:                     35:  TZ:    TZ;
European Russia:          16:  UA:    4K0,4K3,R,U;
Kaliningrad:              15:  UA2:   R2,RA2,RK2,RV2,RW2,RX2,RZ2,U2,UA2,UK2,UV2
&                                     UW2,UZ2;
Asiatic Russia:           17:  UA9:   4K4(18),4K5(19),4K6(19),4K7(19),R0,R10F
&                                     R8,R9,RA0,RA8,RA9,RK0,RK8,RK9,RV0,RV8,RV9
&                                     RW0,RW8,RW9,RX0,RX8,RX9,RZ0,RZ8,RZ9,U0,U8
&                                     U9,UA0,UA8,UA8T(18),UA8V(18),UA9,UK0,UK8
&                                     UK9,UV0,UV8,UV9,UW0,UW8,UW9,UZ0,UZ8,UZ9;
Ukraine:                  16:  UB:    4K5ZI,EM,EN,EO,R5,RB,RT,RY,U5,UB,UR,US,UT
&                                     UU,UX,UY;
Belarus:                  16:  UC:    EU,EV,EW,R2C,RC,U2C,UC;
Azerbaijan:               21:  UD:    4K,R6D,RD,U6D,UD;
Georgia:                  21:  UF:    4L,R6F,RF,U6F,UF;
Armenia:                  21:  UG:    4J,EK,R6G,RG,U6G,UG;
Turkmenistan:             17:  UH:    EZ,R8H,RH,U8H,UH;
Uzbekistan:               17:  UI:    R8I,RI,U8I,UI,UK;
Tajikistan:               17:  UJ:    EY,R8J,RJ,U8J,UJ;
Kazakhstan:               17:  UL:    R7,RL,U7,UL,UN,UP,UQ;
Kyrgyzstan:               17:  UM:    EX,R8M,RM,U8M,UM;
Karelo-Finnish Rep:       16:  UN1:   R1N,RA1N,RK1N,RN1,RN5WW,RV1N,RW1N,RX1N
&                                     RZ1N,U1N,UA1N,UK1N,UN1,UV1N,UW1N,UZ1N;
Moldova:                  16:  UO:    ER,R5O,RO,U5O,UO;
Antigua & Barbuda:        08:  V2:    V2;
Belize:                   07:  V3:    V3;
St. Kitts & Nevis:        08:  V4:    V4;
Namibia:                  38:  V5:    V5;
Micronesia:               27:  V6:    V6;
Marshall Is.:             31:  V7:    KX6BU,V7;
Brunei:                   28:  V8:    V8;
Canada:                   05:  VE:    CF,CG,CH,CH9(05),CI,CJ,CK,CY,CZ,VA,VB,VC
&                                     VD,VE,VE2ACP(02),VE2AG(02),VE2AOF(02)
&                                     VE2AQS(02),VE2AS(02),VE2CSI(02),VE2DS(02)
&                                     VE2DUN(02),VE2DWU(02),VE2DYL(02)
&                                     VE2DYW(02),VE2DYX(02),VE2EAK(02)
&                                     VE2EDK(02),VE2EDL(02),VE2EDX(02)
&                                     VE2ELL(02),VE2ENB(02),VE2END(02)
&                                     VE2ENK(02),VE2ENP(02),VE2ENR(02)
&                                     VE2ERU(02),VE2FCV(02),VE2GSA(02)
&                                     VE2GSO(02),VE2III(02),VE2KK(02)
&                                     VE2MTA(02),VE2MTB(02),VE2NN(02)
&                                     VE2TVU(02),VE2VH(02),VE2WT(02),VE2XY(02)
&                                     VE2YM(02),VE2ZP(02),VE8AJ(02),VE8CWI(02)
&                                     VE8MTD(02),VE8PW(02),VE8RCS(02),VE9(05)
&                                     VF,VG,VO,VO2(02),VO7AA(02),VO7TM(02),VX
&                                     VY,VY9(04),XJ,XK,XL,XM,XM2ZP(02),XN,XO;
Australia:                30:  VK:    AX,VH,VI,VJ,VK,VL,VM,VN,VZ;
Heard I.:                 39:  VK0H:  VK0HI;
Macquarie I.:             30:  VK0M:  AX0,VH0,VI0,VJ0,VK0,VL0,VM0,VN0,VZ0;
Cocos-Keeling:            29:  VK9C:  AX9C,AX9Y,VH9C,VH9Y,VI9C,VI9Y,VJ9C,VJ9Y
&                                     VK9C,VK9EW,VK9WB,VK9Y,VL9C,VL9Y,VM9C,VM9Y
&                                     VN9C,VN9Y,VZ9C,VZ9Y;
Lord Howe I.:             30:  VK9L:  AX9L,VH9L,VI9L,VJ9L,VK9AE,VK9L,VK9YQS
&                                     VL9L,VM9L,VN9L,VZ9L;
Mellish Reef:             30:  VK9M:  AX9M,VH9M,VI9M,VJ9M,VK9M,VL9M,VM9M,VN9M
&                                     VZ9M;
Norfolk I.:               32:  VK9N:  AX9,VH9,VI9,VJ9,VK9,VL9,VM9,VN9,VZ9;
Willis I.:                30:  VK9W:  AX9W,VH9W,VI9W,VJ9W,VK9GS,VK9TR,VK9W
&                                     VK9ZG,VL9W,VM9W,VN9W,VZ9W;
Christmas I.:             29:  VK9X:  AX9X,VH9X,VI9X,VJ9X,VK9X,VL9X,VM9X,VN9X
&                                     VZ9X;
Anguilla:                 08:  VP2E:  VP2E;
Montserrat:               08:  VP2M:  VP2M;
British Virgin Is.:       08:  VP2V:  VP2V;
Turks & Caicos:           08:  VP5:   VP5;
Falkland Is.:             13:  VP8:   92HY,VP8;
South Georgia:            13:  VP8/g: VP8BUB,VP8CBA,VP8CDJ,VP8CGK,VP8CIZ,VP8CKB
&                                     VP8CLR,VP8GAV,VP8SGB;
South Shetland:           13:  VP8/h: 4K1ADQ,4K1F,CE3MMV/9,CE9AT,CE9GEW,CX0XY
&                                     EA0BOD,ED0BOE,HF0POL,HL5BDS,LU2Z,LU3ZI
&                                     LU5ZI,VP8CLZ,ZX0ECF;
South Orkney:             13:  VP8/o: EC0BOD,LU1Z,LU5ZA,VP8BXK,VP8CFM,VP8CKC;
South Sandwich:           13:  VP8/s: 4K1ZI,VP8SSI;
Bermuda:                  05:  VP9:   VP9;
Chagos Is.:               39:  VQ9:   VQ9;
Pitcairn I.:              32:  VR6:   VR6,VR8B;
Hong Kong:                24:  VS6:   VR2,VS6;
India:                    22:  VU:    8T,8U,8V,8W,8X,8Y,AT,AU,AV,AW,VT,VU,VV,VW;
Andaman & Nicobar:        26:  VU4:   8T4,8U4,8V4,8W4,8X4,8Y4,AT4,AU4,AV4,AW4
&                                     VT4,VU4,VV4,VW4;
Laccadive Is.:            22:  VU7:   8T7,8U7,8V7,8W7,8X7,8Y7,AT7,AU7,AV7,AW7
&                                     VT7,VU7,VV7,VW7;
Mexico:                   06:  XE:    4A,4B,4C,6D,6E,6F,6G,6H,6I,6J,XA,XB,XC,XD
&                                     XE,XF,XG,XH,XI;
Revilla Gigedo:           06:  XF4:   4A4,4B4,4C4,6D4,6E4,6F4,6G4,6H4,6I4,6J4
&                                     XA4,XB4,XC4,XD4,XE4,XF0C,XF4,XG4,XH4,XI4;
Burkina Faso:             35:  XT:    XT;
Kampuchea:                26:  XU:    XU;
Laos:                     26:  XW:    XW;
Macao:                    24:  XX9:   XX9;
Myanmar:                  26:  XZ:    1Z,XY,XZ;
Afghanistan:              21:  YA:    T6,YA;
Indonesia:                28:  YB:    7A,7B,7C,7D,7E,7F,7G,7H,7I,8A,8B,8C,8D,8E
&                                     8F,8G,8H,8I,JZ,PK,PL,PM,PN,PO,YB,YC,YD,YE
&                                     YF,YG,YH;
Iraq:                     21:  YI:    HN,YI;
Vanuatu:                  32:  YJ:    YJ;
Syria:                    20:  YK:    4U,6C,YK;                               AS
Latvia:                   15:  YL:    YL;
Nicaragua:                07:  YN:    H6,H7,HT,YN;
Romania:                  20:  YO:    YO,YP,YQ,YR;
El Salvador:              07:  YS:    HU,YS;
Yugoslavia:               15:  YU:    4N,4O,YT,YU,YZ;
Venezuela:                09:  YV:    4M,YV,YW,YX,YY;
Aves I.:                  08:  YV0:   4M0,YV0,YW0,YX0,YY0;
Zimbabwe:                 38:  Z2:    Z2;
Macedonia:                15:  Z3:    Z3;
Albania:                  15:  ZA:    ZA;
Gibraltar:                14:  ZB:    ZB,ZG;
UK Bases on Cyprus:       20:  ZC4:   ZC4;                                    AS
St. Helena:               36:  ZD7:   ZD7;
Ascension I.:             36:  ZD8:   ZD8;
Tristan da Cunha:         38:  ZD9:   ZD9;
Cayman Is.:               08:  ZF:    ZF;
North Cook Is.:           32:  ZK1/n: ZK1AAH,ZK1AJJ,ZK1AL,ZK1AR,ZK1AT,ZK1BW
&                                     ZK1BY,ZK1CQ,ZK1DT,ZK1OQ,ZK1TW,ZK1WL,ZK1XP
&                                     ZK1XR,ZK1XY;
South Cook Is.:           32:  ZK1/s: ZK1;
Niue:                     32:  ZK2:   ZK2;
Tokelau Is.:              31:  ZK3:   ZK3;
New Zealand:              32:  ZL:    ZL,ZM;
Chatham Is.:              32:  ZL7:   ZL7,ZM7;
Kermadec Is.:             32:  ZL8:   ZL8,ZM8;
Auckland & Campbell:      32:  ZL9:   ZL9,ZM9;
Paraguay:                 11:  ZP:    ZP;
South Africa:             38:  ZS:    H5,S4,S8,T8,V9,ZR,ZS,ZT,ZU;
Penguin Is.:              38:  ZS0:   ZS0;
Marion I.:                38:  ZS8:   ZR8,ZS8,ZT8,ZU8;
Walvis Bay:               38:  ZS9:   ZS9;
---  cut here  ---

>From k7yno@hdls.COM (Terry Smith)  Mon Nov 22 19:22:34 1993
From: k7yno@hdls.COM (Terry Smith) (Terry Smith)
Subject: SS Phone Score
Message-ID: <9311221922.AA01650@amy.hdls.COM>

Only able to get on for 6 hours total.

CALLSIGN: K7YNO         CATEGORY: Single-Op, High Power

350 QSOs x 70 SECs = 49,000

FT-1000D, Alpha 77, Monobanders 15, 20 40, CT 8.45

73, Terry K7YNO, Los Altos, CA


>From Hodge Thorgerson David Cameron-INBA <hodge@redvax1.dgsca.unam.mx>  Mon 
>Nov 22 19:06:06 1993
From: Hodge Thorgerson David Cameron-INBA <hodge@redvax1.dgsca.unam.mx> (Hodge 
Thorgerson David Cameron-INBA)
Subject: signing portable
Message-ID: <Pine.3.87.9311172032.B10487-0100000@redvax1.dgsca.unam.mx>

Hi folks,  talking about long calls, as Jim Niger told me,"David, you 
need to get a shorter call!"  Well, I'm sorry to say that I am stuck with
XE1/AA6RX until further notice.  We have to follow the rules here in the
Federal District so I can't get a neat call unless someone lets me use 
theirs, which is frowned upon.  I am told that until I have immigrant 
status in Mexico I will have to sign portable.  And for each yearly work
visa I have to renew my operating permission to the tune of $90 and a lengthy
wait..always just before the CQWW!!  Oh yes, and I need a letter from a local
ham taking responsibility for my amateur radio actions.  The things we do for
love... and I do love the CQWW!!!
I took note the other day that when XE1X and I send our calls simultaneously,
I stll have the last dit of "/" and my call to send when he is finished!!
Hope to hear you all in my pile ups this weekend!  73,  David  XE1/AA6RX

>From Skelton, Tom" <TSkelton@engineer.clemsonsc.NCR.COM  Mon Nov 22 22:12:00 
From: Skelton, Tom" <TSkelton@engineer.clemsonsc.NCR.COM (Skelton, Tom)
Subject: FW: SS Assisted Categoy
Message-ID: <2CF1394C@admin.ClemsonSC.NCR.COM>

I re-read the rules right before the contest, and if my ailing memory
serves me correctly there are only 2 categories:  single op
and multi-op.  Single op is a true single op with no operating
assistance, no FM repeater freq spots, no packet....a true-blue
single op.  Multi-op is everything else. So, if you used packet
in any manner to get information you are multi-op.   Here in
the southeast, we even had a couple of packet-police
reminding everyone that "use of packet is multi-op."
(And doing full annouces.....aaarrrrggghhhh! The self-
righteous they annoy me.)

What I'm waiting for is the single-op distracted (SOD)
category.  This is the contester that has to run to grocery
store, answer the phone, act as judge and jury for children's
disagreements, explain to the children the difference between
Eastern and Universal time, cut the grass, help wife fold
clothes, etc.   Ha!

73, Tom WB4IUX
From: wmhein
To: cq-contest
Subject: SS Assisted Categoy

Is there an "assisted" category in SS?  LOTS of SS-related packet spots 
back and forth this weekend.  Is this within the rules?

Bill AA6TT

(I am not operating SS this weekend, thus have had a chance to watch the
cluster as I get the radio room ready for CQ WW CW.).]

>From Steve Lund <stevel@hpsrfh.sr.hp.com>  Mon Nov 22 19:34:48 1993
From: Steve Lund <stevel@hpsrfh.sr.hp.com> (Steve Lund)
Subject: Can SS contacts be used for awards like WAS?
Message-ID: <9311221934.AA09682@hpsrfh.sr.hp.com>

Mark Bailey, KD4D asked:
>It is my understanding that the exchange of signal reports is what makes
>a valid QSO for most awards.  A signal report is not part of the SS
>exchange.  So, can QSL cards from SS contacts be used for awards like
>WAS?  If so, what goes in the REPORT or RST section of the cards?  Does
>this apply to Field Day as well?
As a Field Checker for WAS, the answer is signal reports are not significant
unless you are claiming a mode (CW, SSB, etc) WAS and the mode is not
clearly marked on the QSLs.  My 5BWAS (all QRP) was made only using SS QSOs,
so they are valid.

All of the ARRL awards dropped signal reports some years ago.  They are 
meaningless, anyway.  I always put 59 or 599 on contest QSLs

Steve WA8LLY/6

>From Skelton, Tom" <TSkelton@engineer.clemsonsc.NCR.COM  Mon Nov 22 22:17:00 
From: Skelton, Tom" <TSkelton@engineer.clemsonsc.NCR.COM (Skelton, Tom)
Subject: FW: SS Assisted Categoy
Message-ID: <2CF13A71@admin.ClemsonSC.NCR.COM>

From: Chris Gay
To: cq-contest
Subject: SS Assisted Categoy

> Is there an "assisted" category in SS?  LOTS of SS-related packet
> spots going back and forth this weekend.  Is this within the rules?

You are considered multi-op if you use the cluster.  I was anxious to
get a sweep last year, so I used cluster help.  This made me "multi-
op", even though I was the only one who touched any of my radios.  The
score contributes to a club total just the same.  I shut my cluster
station off this year, so that I would be single-op.  But no sweep,

73 de Chris KU4A
Kentucky Contest Group

You can also be connected to the cluster, give out spots, and
stay single op if you filter (set/filter or set/exclude??) all spots.
One of the local guns over the border in Georgia (N4RJ, I believe)
has done that in the past to help the small pistols know what DX is
popping up. Even though some may interpret that to be easy enough
to cheat on, it's no easier than other means that may be concocted
and is detectable by the sysop.

73,Tom WB4IUX

>From Mark E. Bailey" <mebly@Glue.umd.edu  Mon Nov 22 19:41:41 1993
From: Mark E. Bailey" <mebly@Glue.umd.edu (Mark E. Bailey)
Subject: Can SS contacts be used for WAS?
Message-ID: <199311221941.OAA06766@mountaindew.eng.umd.edu>

So, I'm NOT crazy.  The signal reports used to be required but aren't
any more.  It's been a while since I applied for WAS.

Thanks for all the responses.  SS QSO's are valid for awards.

>From stevel@hpsrfh.sr.hp.com Mon Nov 22 14:36:29 1993
>From: Steve Lund <stevel@hpsrfh.sr.hp.com>
>Subject: Re: Can SS contacts be used for awards like WAS?
>Cc: mebly@Glue.umd.edu

>As a Field Checker for WAS, the answer is signal reports are not significant
>unless you are claiming a mode (CW, SSB, etc) WAS and the mode is not
>clearly marked on the QSLs.  My 5BWAS (all QRP) was made only using SS QSOs,
>so they are valid.

>All of the ARRL awards dropped signal reports some years ago.  They are 
>meaningless, anyway.  I always put 59 or 599 on contest QSLs

>Steve WA8LLY/6

>From Danny Eskenazi <0005720561@mcimail.com>  Mon Nov 22 19:07:00 1993
From: Danny Eskenazi <0005720561@mcimail.com> (Danny Eskenazi)
Message-ID: <50931122190705/0005720561PK3EM@mcimail.com>

Experimented with a short time entry this year....for two reasons, wanted
to test my theory of haveing a "real" life AND do a contest in the same time 
period; and conditions looked impossible from the NW for a win in any category.
We MUST have good ten meters if we want to do very well. I must report, that
other than doing a 24hour SS and doing real well, the part time entry is a 
lot of fun. Started on 15 in the High power class..and had great couple of
hours. then to the battlefield of twenty to slug it out til the band pooped
out..then off for a relaxing dinner and the OTHER part of the part-time contest 
weekend.  Saw the SOnics win #8 in a row (still undefeated) and the next time 

on the air was when 10 opened Sunday AM. 7 1/2 hours into it had 500 by 74 and
wanted to sweep so off to search. Got the last three in 12 minutes! a miracle
no doubt. Called CQ VE2, VT on 21210 way down low and snagged a casual VE2
who was glad to learn how to SS and gave #1, then found GQR up the band 10
khz, and then by pure luck a few Khz higher found K7MM on backscatter for #77.
ps KP4BZ called me early on 15 and VY1RM gave me #2 on 20 an hour later. even
in 24 hours thats PURE LUCK!  Maybe next year we can informally organize a
part time group of folks to compete with each other. any thoughts??? K7SS

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