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Subject: Ethics
Date: Tue Nov 23 09:01:21 1993
AB6FO writes:

>Well,  this past Sunday afternoon in phone  Sweepstakes,  needing
>Yukon,  Puerto Rico and Delaware for the sweep, I started  asking
>high  scoring contacts if they had worked the ones I needed.

I personally do not do this because in my book this is not in the
spirit of the event for category I make my submission.  So, I have 
to work a little harder to get that elusive last one for a sweep.  
Call me an OF, but thats just my $.02.            73 de Walt - K2WK

>From Jim Reisert AD1C  23-Nov-1993 1008 <reisert@wrksys.enet.dec.com>  Tue Nov 
>23 15:03:42 1993
From: Jim Reisert AD1C  23-Nov-1993 1008 <reisert@wrksys.enet.dec.com> (Jim 
Reisert AD1C 23-Nov-1993 1008)
Subject: sunrise/sunset times
Message-ID: <9311231503.AA24668@us1rmc.bb.dec.com>

The program I wrote to generate CTY files also does beam headings and
sunrise/sunset times to a separate file (reference sheet).  Unfortunately, I
have not been able to port it to MS-DOS (it runs now on Unix and OS/2), so I
have not been distributing it, or the database used to create the output.

If anyone else needs this info (before Thursday, when I go QRT here from
work), send me your latitude and longitude.

73 - Jim AD1C

James J. Reisert                Internet:  reisert@wrksys.enet.dec.com
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