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Packet & the Single OP

Subject: Packet & the Single OP
From: KWIDELITZ@delphi.com (KWIDELITZ@delphi.com)
Date: Wed Nov 24 09:51:32 1993
K2MM Wrote:
"The message that I came away with from that
editorial was that it's important to have a sense of proportion about these
things.  So I ask you to consider the quantitative difference between
asking one op about VE8 the one time you work him, and having your finger
continuously on the pulse of dozens or hundreds of packeteers scanning the
bands on your behalf.  Does this huge quantitative difference count for
anything?  Here's a hint:  don't ask a lawyer.

Well, in addition to posting the original note on this, I'm a lawyer (I don't
actively practice, but I'm still guilty of being one) so let us split some
hairs. If I need VE8, no one would fault me for calling CQ VE8. But isn't that
also soliciting information about where the VE8 is. Anyone who hears my CQ and
knows is going to tell me, as sure as if I ask during my exchange. Also, K2MM
refers to stations scanning the bands on your behalf. No John, they are scanning
the bands on there own behalf. I didn't ask them to look for the VE8, only if
they knew where he was when they heard them. 

Enough for now. 73. Ken, AB6FO

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