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Subject: ND1H CQ WW
From: smithb@GF-WAN.af.mil (smithb@GF-WAN.af.mil)
Date: Mon Nov 1 13:05:00 1993
band  Q's    Points   Zones   Countries
75     9       16       4         3   |
20   107      298      16        48   |
15   168      455      20        67   |
10    60      167      17        33   |
     344      936      57       151   =   194,688 points

20 hours of search and pouncing from the black hole.  Bands were not
to bad, but 40 was a big nil.  Did not even get the minimum of 3 zones
and two country multipliers, everyone was listening down.  

See ya in CW SS from ND.

73 Bob ND1H

>From Jay Kesterson K0GU x6826 <jayk@hpxxx.fc.hp.com>  Mon Nov  1 19:22:34 1993
From: Jay Kesterson K0GU x6826 <jayk@hpxxx.fc.hp.com> (Jay Kesterson K0GU x6826)
Subject: Correct zones & CT woes
Message-ID: <9311011922.AA18267@hpxxx.fc.hp.com>

> Do most stations just leave what CT puts in automatically? What would be
> the proper way, just accept it and put what they give or question them as
> to where they actually are, or just leave what CT installs???????

If N2ALE calls you enter N2ALE <space bar> and that puts the cursor
in the zone field. You can enter the zone in a fraction of a second.
Certainly by the time you say 'thanks' or your call. If N2ALE calls
and is Q5 and says zone 3, I believe him. I learned a few years ago,
while in the Carribean, that some ops will actually get upset if you
ask them if they are portable. "No I'm not portable, I have a 1 call
and live in Utah" said in that certain tone of voice.

CT woes: Finally got CT and my FT-1000 talking to each other. But
when I grab a spot then return to the run frequency the FT-1000 is in
'split' mode. I have to manually turn off the split. Then if I make
a spot CT adds on a QSX frequency which is the freq of the last grab.
Any 1000 users seen this, I'm still using version 8.28 I believe.

Also have some radio timeout problems when I'm transmitting. The shield
on the JCOM interface cable wasn't grounded. I grounded the shield
but still have the RF problem.

73, Jay K0GU

>From Tony Brock-Fisher <fisher@hp-and.an.hp.com>  Mon Nov  1 20:14:14 1993
From: Tony Brock-Fisher <fisher@hp-and.an.hp.com> (Tony Brock-Fisher)
Subject: Ten-Tec paragon & CT HELP
Message-ID: <9311012014.AA15453@hp-and.an.hp.com>

Anybody out there use CT and a Paragon? I'm trying to help a friend
get his Paragon hooked up. I seem to remember some advertisement or review
saying that the Ten-tec rigs emulate another major brand's RS-232 protocol.
Any help would be appreciated...

-Tony, K1KP

>From Skelton, Tom" <TSkelton@engineer.clemsonsc.NCR.COM  Mon Nov  1 22:42:00 
From: Skelton, Tom" <TSkelton@engineer.clemsonsc.NCR.COM (Skelton, Tom)
Subject: CQWW SSB @ WB4IUX
Message-ID: <2CD5910E@admin.ClemsonSC.NCR.COM>

I knew my time would be limited, and my 10 and 15 meter
antennas are down, so my only goal this weekend
was some new band countries and a couple more of the
missing zones on 80 towards 5BWAZ.

Equipment:  TS690s, SB220
Antennas:  402CD at 75 feet (non-rotatable! fixed SE
longpath), 3 element 20 meter yagi at 85 ft,
1/4 wave sloper on 80m to SE

Band:  Q's/Zones/Countries

80:      39/11/29
40:      43/18/39
20:     130/24/61
15:     12/7/11 (used 40m yagi for these q's)
10:     3/2/3  (used 80m sloper for these q's)

total pts:  113k

I did work ZB2 and zone 2 on 80 for new ones, but the
biggest surprise was catching S21ZW on 40m long
path Sunday morning.  He was in the mud and barely
copiable at sunrise, but about 10 minutes after sunrise
he peaked at 5x5 and I got into his log.  Two minutes later
he was in the crud again.  I also heard HS0AC for
20 minutes on 40 meter long path Saturday morning, but
I couldn't get him to "listen up."  I listened both mornings
for VS6WO on 40, but just heard them briefly as they
were calling a ZL2...I never heard them calling CQ.

The few hours I put in were a total blast, and the S21
on 40 made the whole weekend.

73, Tom WB4IUX

>From Robert E.Naumann" <72240.1433@CompuServe.COM  Mon Nov  1 21:51:10 1993
From: Robert E.Naumann" <72240.1433@CompuServe.COM (Robert E.Naumann)
Subject: N2RM CQWW M/M Score
Message-ID: <931101215109_72240.1433_EHK30-1@CompuServe.COM>

                   CQ WORLD WIDE DX CONTEST  1993

      Call: N2RM                     Country:  United States
      Mode: SSB                      Category: Multi Multi


      160      143      176     1.23     13      38
       80      712     1660     2.33     23     102
       40      603     1610     2.67     34     119
       20     1915     5132     2.68     39     174
       15     1951     5582     2.86     37     163
       10     1314     3510     2.67     28     151

     Totals   6638    17670     2.66    174     747  =>  16,274,070

Operators:  N2RM, KZ2S, N2NT, K3UA, N2AA, K2TW, KQ2M, KR2J, W2RQ, WM2H

>From Jim Reisert AD1C  01-Nov-1993 1714 <reisert@wrksys.enet.dec.com>  Mon Nov 
> 1 22:09:50 1993
From: Jim Reisert AD1C  01-Nov-1993 1714 <reisert@wrksys.enet.dec.com> (Jim 
Reisert AD1C 01-Nov-1993 1714)
Subject: CQWW SSB Score:  KC1XX Multi-Single
Message-ID: <9311012209.AA28778@us1rmc.bb.dec.com>

I never saw my reflection.  Sorry if this is a dupe.

                   CQ WORLD WIDE DX CONTEST  1993

      Call: KC1XX                    Country:  United States
      Mode: SSB                      Category: Multi Single


      160       32      9      25
       80      538     23      94
       40      190     29     104
       20      943     39     142
       15     1095     34     141
       10      620     28     136

     Totals   3418    162     642  =>  7,761,012

Operators:  KC1XX, AD1C, K1EA, KD1EA, KM3T and KA1XN


        4/4/4   on 10 meters
        4 el    on 10 meters (rotatable)
        4/4/4/4 on 15 meters (top rotatable)
        4/4/4   on 20 meters (top rotatable)
        10-el log/10-el log on 10-20 meters
        2/2     on 40 meters
        2 el delta loop on 80 meters
        1/4 wave ground plane vertical on 80 meters
        slopers, inv-L on 160

Club Affiliation: Yankee Clipper Contest Club

10 meters was amazing for this point in the sunspot cycle.  We made 104 QSOs
in 99 countries the first day, but between 1300 and 1500Z on Sunday I
worked 402 stations! We did *not* work KL7 or JA on 10, but did work out
into the Pacific (though we somehow missed VK!).

We missed 5BDXCC by a measly 6 countries on 75 meters.  Also missed Zone 23
on 20 meters (where were all the JTs that usually answer your CQs?).

Matt has been at his current QTH for less than 2 years - the stacks and
delta loop were put up over the summer on a 160' tower.

Hope everyone worked something new and had a good time.  We certainly did!

73 - Jim AD1C

>From ki4hn@vnet.IBM.COM (Jim Stevens)  Mon Nov  1 21:16:18 1993
From: ki4hn@vnet.IBM.COM (Jim Stevens) (Jim Stevens)
Subject: CQ WW SSB Results

Band   QSOs    Zones    Countries
160      0       0          0
 80     44       7         16
 40     49      14         26
 20     67      16         39
 15    186      23         67
 10     51      12         31
       397      72        179

Total Points = 245,227
Equipment: TS-440, Cush. AP-8 vertical, 40M Vee, 80M Vee, Heil headset, CT
I had fun, but it sure is frustrating to call & call Europeans and South
Americans that can't hear you because of QRM and my "pop-gun" signal.  I
was surprised by 10, I didn't expect anything.  Boy, is 20M tough with low
power and a vertical.  In fact, it is murder (like with a dull, rusty axe).
Biggest thrill was working Iceland and Pictarin Island on the first call
on 15M.
My XYL and I are planning a vacation to The Caribbean for sometime next
fall.  I've been pumping her with the idea of going 1.5 to 2 weeks before
CQ WW next year.  She can leave a day or so before the contest, and I can
stay and operate from a location where people actually line-up to work me.
Sounds like the ultimate topping to a great vacation.  We shall see.

For W's & VE's, see you this weekend in SS CW.  73,

Jim Stevens, KI4HN

>From terry@hdls.COM (Terry Smith)  Mon Nov  1 23:30:40 1993
From: terry@hdls.COM (Terry Smith) (Terry Smith)
Message-ID: <9311012330.AA07981@hdls.COM>

This was a fun learning experience! 

CALL:  K7YNO            CATEGORY: Multi-Single
MODE: SSB               CLUB AFFILIATION: Northern Calif. Contest Club
OPERATORS: Terry K7YNO, John K2MM, Robert N7STU, Garry NI6T, Ken AB6EQ

SCORE:  1,521,660

        BAND    QSOs    ZONEs   COUNTRIES
        160     7       5       5
        80      44      13      23
        40      128     21      40
        20      323     31      84
        15      792     29      98
        10      98      21      50
        TOTAL   1392    120     300

Antennas: 5 el 15, 5 el 20, 3 el 40, Tribander, 80 mtr dipole, 80/160 sloper.
Rigs: Stn #1: FT-1000D, Alpha 77; Stn #2: TS-850S, Heath Warrior.

Most of the antennas were ready by 15 minutes AFTER the contest started!!

Homebrew bandpass filters between each xcvr and linear made a critical
difference!!  Plan to build two sets to simplify the bandchange exercise.

73, Terry K7YNO

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