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LX/DL1VJ - WPX 40m score

Subject: LX/DL1VJ - WPX 40m score
From: Laenger@RWTH-Aachen.DE (Laenger@RWTH-Aachen.DE)
Date: Wed Jun 1 10:30:40 1994
      Call: LX/DL1VJ             Country:  Letzebuerg
      Mode: CW                   Category: Single Operator/Single Band 40m

      BAND     QSO    PREFIXES
       40     1550      595    ---->  3 M

      Equipment Description: IC-735 + FL2100Z (500w out)
                             2 ele Yagi @ 66 ft

      73's   Bernd, DL1VJ      e-mail:  laenger@rwth-aachen.de

>From ken.silverman@atlas.ccmail.AirTouch.COM (ken silverman)  Wed Jun  1 
>11:00:58 1994
From: ken.silverman@atlas.ccmail.AirTouch.COM (ken silverman) (ken silverman)
Subject: Worldwide Field Day?
Message-ID: <9405017704.AA770461258@atlas.ccmail.airtouch.com>

          During the lulls of the WPX CW contest at PA6WPX and
          OT4A (which was most of the time) we started talking about
          Field Day operations here in Europe.  It seems that many of
          the European coountries have thier Field Day on the same
          day, and this weekend is only 2 weeks away from the USA
          Field Day.

          The logical thought was to have a World Wide Field Day.
          I guess the logic came from the fact that Amateur Radio is
          used in world wide disaster situations, so we should be
          testing not only local communications ability, but that of
          world wide emergency communications.

          Does anyone know if this has been considered before?

          Ken WM2C/PA


>From drs@ccd.harris.com (Doug Snowden)  Wed Jun  1 16:01:38 1994
From: drs@ccd.harris.com (Doug Snowden) (Doug Snowden)
Subject: Antenna Testing
Message-ID: <9406011501.AA344341@rs2>

I am in the process of converting an old Mosley 2 element 2 element loaded
40 meter beam to a full size 2 element beam. So far I am in the process of
removing all of the insulated blocks from the reflector and adding them to
the driven element of the new version. My thinking here is that since I am
increasing the lenght of the elements, I will put all of them on the driven
element, for extra strength. The reflector (I am opting for reflector rather
than director because I can apparently get more gain for wide spacing) will
be mounted directly (via a homemade aluminum plate) to the boom. I haven't
decided exactly how long to make the boom yet, although I have about 38 feet
of it assembled. The antenna books say I should be able to get fair gain and
a close to 50 ohm match (via 1:1 balun) with about .22 wavelength spacing.

        Now my question is: If I decide to use a gamma match, or if I want to
check out approximate feedpoint matching, how much luck would I expect to see
if I were to turn the beast on edge with the reflector on the ground and D.E.
upwards. I've never done this even with a smaller antenna. I always just put
the antenna up and did the matching in he air. An antenna of this size is a
little harder to play with. Any ideas? One thought is to use a pair of remotely
controlled stepper motors that can adjust an omega match while in the air.
Would be good for going from cw to ssb modes. I plan on taking this antenna
to field day and putting it on a 50 fot crankup (short I know) tower to give
it a preliminary test.

        Another thing, am I going to be able to keep this thing in the air?

73's Doug, N4IJ drs@ccd.harris.com

>From hhoyt@k4pql.apex.nc.us (Howard Hoyt)  Wed Jun  1 16:42:42 1994
From: hhoyt@k4pql.apex.nc.us (Howard Hoyt) (Howard Hoyt)
Subject: WPX & OK2RZ
Message-ID: <VDX9mc1w165w@k4pql.apex.nc.us>

Boy, we just missed it. During the day friday, Japan was loud-
off the side of the beam- all thru their night. At least friday
night was good here. We ended w/ approx 2.25M in 30 hrs s/o.
OK2RZ will be in Atlanta 6/1, S.C. thru 6/05, probably here on
6/11, and then north. He can be reached (6/2-5 at 803-639-2887 in S.C.).
                                        (6/11     919-362-1301 hr N.C.).

Jiri is looking for used/new IC751, USB filter for R4B, and selling
a 40Mhz 4mb 130Mb hd w/SVGA cheap. If anyone can help, please respond
to me directly.

Howie K4PQL

                  |      Howard Hoyt        |
                  |       Apex, N.C.        |
                  | HHOYT@K4PQL.APEX.NC.US  |

>From Patty Winter <winter@apple.com>  Wed Jun  1 19:11:00 1994
From: Patty Winter <winter@apple.com> (Patty Winter)
Subject: Worldwide Field Day?
Message-ID: <9406011811.AA03158@apple.com>

Ken Silverman writes:
          The logical thought was to have a World Wide Field Day.
          Does anyone know if this has been considered before?

I don't know whether it has, but I do have one immediate opinion
about the idea.

Field Day here in the States is considered by many clubs to be an
excellent opportunity to show off amateur radio to new hams and
to the general public. The nice thing about working U.S. stations
only is that we can hand the mike over to any visitor without 
concern for third-party rules. Having this be a worldwide contest
would complicate the situation considerably.

Besides, where would stations from other countries find space on
the band to squeeze in? :-)

The general idea of a worldwide emergency-preparedness event sounds
great, though.

Patty N6BIS

 Apple contractor                              Internet: winter@apple.com
 Sunnyvale, California                                 AMPRNet:

>From F5JTL aka WX3W <f5jtl@unm.edu>  Wed Jun  1 20:08:16 1994
From: F5JTL aka WX3W <f5jtl@unm.edu> (F5JTL aka WX3W)
Subject: WPX CW band breakdown
Message-ID: <Pine.3.88.9406011355.A24931-0100000@leo.unm.edu>

I have already sent our score but this could give more info on how we did 

      Call: WX3W                     Country:  United States
      Mode: CW                       Category: Multi Single


      160        0        0   0.0        0
       80       25       58   2.3        3
       40      638     2602   4.1      136
       20      983     1595   1.6      487
       15       51       74   1.5       19
       10        9       23   2.6        4

     Totals   1706     4352   2.6      649  =   2,824,448

Operator List: AA5B, AI9X, K9RS, WX3W
Location: Albuquerque, NM
Equipment Description: KT34XA, KT34, 2 el 40, inv V 80.
                       KW and TS-850

73 de F5JTL/WX3W

>From Skelton, Tom" <TSkelton@engineer.clemsonsc.NCR.COM  Wed Jun  1 23:41:00 
From: Skelton, Tom" <TSkelton@engineer.clemsonsc.NCR.COM (Skelton, Tom)
Subject: FW:  Worldwide Field Day?
Message-ID: <2DED1177@admin.ClemsonSC.NCR.COM>

Besides, where would stations from other countries find space on
the band to squeeze in? :-)

Patty N6BIS

YEAH!! And how would the scores be reported?  We could debate
the various regions of Africa for weeks!!! 73, Tom WB4iUX

>From McCarty, DK 'Dav" <DKMC@chevron.com  Wed Jun  1 21:51:23 1994
From: McCarty, DK 'Dav" <DKMC@chevron.com (McCarty, DK 'Dav)
Subject: Worldwide Field Day?
Message-ID: <199406012050.AA13248@portal.chevron.com>

From: McCarty, DK 'David'
Subject:  Re:  Worldwide Field Day?


Ken Silverman writes:
          The logical thought was to have a World Wide Field Day.
          Does anyone know if this has been considered before?

My first thought: Sounds neat.  You can already work DX, so the only change
required is moving dates to the same weekend.

Immediate second thought:  You've got to be kidding.  How are we ever going
to hear a weak European FD station through all the Stateside signals in what
is arguably the highest activity time ever in the US?  Keeping a frequency
clear enough to work DX is rather impossible in FD, on just about any band,
especially on 40, 20 and 15 where 90% of the activity is found.

Third thought:  Who would benefit (scorewise)?  The east coast, and nobody
else.  The requirements for FD station design to include working significant
amounts of DX are, well, rather different depending on your geographic
location, and certainly are beyond what most people outside of (W1/2/most of
W3,4) will be able to put up for FD.

Patty Winter's comment about 3rd party is probably the strongest argument
against it.

David K. McCarty, K5GN

>From jholly@hposl42.cup.hp.com (Jim Hollenback)  Wed Jun  1 22:46:07 1994
From: jholly@hposl42.cup.hp.com (Jim Hollenback) (Jim Hollenback)
Subject: Worldwide Field Day?
References: <199406012050.AA13248@portal.chevron.com>
Message-ID: <9406011446.ZM19506@hpwsmjh.cup.hp.com>

On Jun 1,  1:51pm, McCarty, DK 'Dav wrote:
> Subject: Re:  Worldwide Field Day?
> Third thought:  Who would benefit (scorewise)?  The east coast, and nobody
> else.  

Depends on how it's scored. The mults are VE/W sections, not DX. So the
advantage may well be the 'black hole' or the left coast. The east coast
could run the Europeans, but without the mults it's kinda like the left
coast on WPX ... all those Q's that don't help much. And lets not muck 
with this contest and turn it into another CQ WW/ ARRL DX look-alike or
change the hours to 'encourage' DX-peditions. ;-)

> Patty Winter's comment about 3rd party is probably the strongest argument
> against it.

This certainly is a problem from the US side. Does the problem exist on the
other side? 


>From oo7@astro.as.utexas.edu (Derek Wills)  Wed Jun  1 22:53:04 1994
From: oo7@astro.as.utexas.edu (Derek Wills) (Derek Wills)
Subject: Worldwide Field Day?
Message-ID: <9406012153.AA19075@astro.as.utexas.edu>

Another thing to consider is the date.   It may be pleasant
for Amurricans to sit outside in tents in June, but that's
sort of cool if you are in the S. hemisphere.  Perhaps the
date could slip by a month each year, so that we would get
December now and again.   At least there would be fewer
mosquitos, and the ops would lower their beer intake (ha).

To be a real emergency preparedness test, FD should be
scheduled randomly and at a day's notice anyway.  You don't
get 6 months notice of a nuclear attack.

Derek "pass the hot chocolate" AA5BT

>From stevem@w8hd.org (Steve Maki)  Wed Jun  1 22:49:05 1994
From: stevem@w8hd.org (Steve Maki) (Steve Maki)
Subject: Rustoleum
Message-ID: <9406012149.AA03872@w8hd.org>

>Not a fan of Rustoleum to paint galvanized towers like Rohn 25.  The paint
will peel soon after it is applied.  Cold-Gal paint is  great for touch up.
If the tower has rust on it, a local    galvanizing house can make it look
like new.  Our local place >
>Tim K3LR

We have had great luck with Rustoleum Rusty Metal Primer on
rusty galvonized towers. A gallon in a sprayer does about 10
sections of Rohn 45. Takes 2 guys all day long though, and forget it on a
windy day, and its messy, and just take em to the galvanizing place. 

Rustoleum top coats don't seem to last, even on top of fresh primer. 

Steve Maki K8LX

>From slay@netcom.com (Sandy Lynch)  Wed Jun  1 23:33:56 1994
From: slay@netcom.com (Sandy Lynch) (Sandy Lynch)
Subject: Worldwide Field Day?
Message-ID: <199406012233.PAA23705@netcom.com>

Hmmm... some very interesting points have already been made but
let me put in my 2 cents as well.

For several years, I also participated in Japanese "Field Day".
The "feel" of the activity is very similar to the USA and is
held during the first weekend in August. Although I did not
participate in Japan last year, I am told that members of the
Tokyo Int'l Amateur Radio Assoc. operating under the "alien"
club callsign of 7J1YAA were actually told by a couple of 
JA stations that the FD was for Japanese and not foreigners.....
never mind that the TIARA team was in Japan and included lots
of Japanese-speakers.  BTW - I do NOT mean that this was a 
widely-held opinion - it is likely to be very much the exception.
It may indicate that there might be some pretty stiff reistance
to the idea, though.

Also, in some non-English speaking countries, since FD is a 
"domestic" activity, there is no need for the locals to try and
learn even the simplest contest exchange in English.  IF they
now had to abandon their domestic contest in favor of an int'l
one .... they may not want to participate at all..   BTW - I DO
understand that the original thought on this thread had nothing
to do about abandoning domestic FD contests ... only about having
an international one as well.

I personally think that the argument that an int'l FD would enhance
int'l emergency communications preparedness doesn't make much sense
if EVERYBODY is operating in the field around the world.  It would
more sense to simply include DX QSOs for points.  After all, barring
a worldwide nuclear war .... the chances that everybody would need
to be in the field is unlikely.

But ... it certainly is a topic worthy of discussion .. kudos to Patty
for bringing it up.

73 de Sandy

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