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Station Available

Subject: Station Available
From: popyackl@ers.rl.af.mil (Leonard J Popyack, Jr.)
Date: Tue Jul 5 16:05:58 1994
On Fri, 1 Jul 94 10:19:58 EDT, w wrote:

>My station is available for many of the summer and early fall contests.
>So far it is taken for the IARU test, and NAQP CW, but is available for
>WAE and any other contests over the summer up to the CQWW SSB weekend when
>we do M/M.  Some weekends may not have all the antennas available depending
>on when the work gets planned, but there should be enough of them available
>most of the time to keep anyone busy.
>Right now i have plenty of radios, amps,  computers, dvp's, and aluminum for 
>just about any kind of operation you would like to do.  If you are interested
>in coming and operating for any of the summer contests drop me a line.
>73, dave  ky1h  robbins@guid2.dnet.ge.com

where are you?

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