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TS-930S (was: The perfect HF transceiver)

Subject: TS-930S (was: The perfect HF transceiver)
From: DEVANS@lynx.colorado.edu (DEVANS@lynx.colorado.edu)
Date: Mon Jul 11 15:28:44 1994
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>Subject: TS-930S (was: The perfect HF transceiver)
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I received a large number of private responses to my query about the 930 and 
computer control. Distilling the answers:

1. It would be very difficult and not worth the effort to reverse engineer 
the custom chip that controls the 930s. (However, in my naivete, I still 
don't quite understand why some relatively simple controller that just reads 
and commands the VFO could not be built without going to great lengths.)

2. There are a LOT of 930 owners out there who are 1) very pleased with the 
rig; 2) wish that it had some sort of computer control; 3) have seen nothing 
that they feel to be really better than a 930, except for the computer 
control issue.

(3. There are a few people who look down their noses at any rig that is not 
a [fill in your own make/model here], especially if it isn't brand spanking 
new. I include this information simply so that none of the resondees is left 

4. Several people said something to the effect of "if you find out anything 
more, let me know, because I want one".

Thanks for all the input. At least now I know that I'm not alone in liking 
the 930.

  73 -- Doc  NQ0I

Doc Evans NQ0I/G4AMJ : devans@orion.colorado.edu

>From thompsos@cuug.ab.ca (Scott Thompson 974-2215)  Mon Jul 11 07:07:24 1994
From: thompsos@cuug.ab.ca (Scott Thompson 974-2215) (Scott Thompson 974-2215)
Subject: IARU - CI6AO
Message-ID: <9407110607.AA15388@sun>

 CI6AO Alberta SSB only
 op VE6MD
 Band   Q's   Zones   HQ
 ~~~~   ~~~   ~~~~~   ~~
 160      2     2      0
  80     52     9      0
  40    116    12      2
  20    968    40     12
  15     29    10      0
  10      1     1      0
         --    --     --
       1168    74     14    345,840 Pts.

 By continent - NA 77.8%, SA 2.5%, EU 9.1%, AS 8.2%, OC 2.4%, AF 0%

Arrived at the station to find the Henry 2K was toast, so used a small 
500 watter. (The reason I went to that station instead of mine was for
the Henry :)) Sure could have used that Henry and better antennas in some
of the HQ pile-ups! Had to shut down for about 45 minutes at 24:00Z for 
one of the better light shows I've seen in a while. Was hoping for a JA
run on 15 that unfortunately never materialized. Conditions wern't the
worst, but certainly could've been better. Thanks to those last few Q's
at 08:00Z that kept my head from hitting the keyboard :) All around, it
was a lot of fun!

73 from the "real" black hole ;)

>From hhoyt@k4pql.apex.nc.us (Howard Hoyt)  Mon Jul 11 13:00:32 1994
From: hhoyt@k4pql.apex.nc.us (Howard Hoyt) (Howard Hoyt)
Subject: IARU K4PQL S.O. CW
Message-ID: <LRPaPc1w165w@k4pql.apex.nc.us>

Conditions appeared quite good for this juncture of the sunspot
cycle. A really fun contest.
73, Howie
     band     CW QSOS  CW pts    SSB QSOS  SSB pts   mults

     160         19       37          0         0       8
      80         63      169          0         0      18
      40        292     1018          0         0      38
      20        872     3638          0         0      51
      15        199      723          0         0      32
      10          1        3          0         0       1
     _____________________________________________________       SCORE

     total:    1446     5588          0         0     148  =    827,024

                  |      Howard Hoyt        |
                  |       Apex, N.C.        |
                  | HHOYT@K4PQL.APEX.NC.US  |

>From Steve Merchant <merchant@crl.com>  Mon Jul 11 06:18:26 1994
From: Steve Merchant <merchant@crl.com> (Steve Merchant)
Subject: AG6D IARU CW Only
Message-ID: <Pine.3.87.9407102226.A28840-0100000@crl2.crl.com>

1115 x 95 533K   1/1 28/6 252/27 765/43 69/18 0/0

20 was IN-credible -- more EU than 48 hrs of WPX.  I used three antennas 
on 20, and two each on the other bands.  I'm convinced a second radio 
could have contributed as many as 150-200 additional Q's over the 24 hour 
period.  Best dx was Z21HS on 80.  N6TR was everywhere.

73, Steve  N4TQO

>From Axel Karl <axelkarl@cs.tu-berlin.de>  Mon Jul 11 12:55:17 1994
From: Axel Karl <axelkarl@cs.tu-berlin.de> (Axel Karl)
Subject: Unsubscribe
Message-ID: <199407111155.NAA25410@rinser.cs.tu-berlin.de>


# in case of false syntax, pse write back how to unsubscribe ... #
# mny tnx fer help de Axel, DD6UKB  #

>From David C. Patton" <mudcp3@uxa.ecn.bgu.edu  Mon Jul 11 16:11:39 1994
From: David C. Patton" <mudcp3@uxa.ecn.bgu.edu (David C. Patton)
Subject: WX0X M/S IARU HF Championship
Message-ID: <199407111511.AA20916@ecom1.ecn.bgu.edu>

               WX0X  Multi-operator IARU HF

160    13- 4
80    110-20
40    332-44
20   1225-62
15    114-36
10    149  9
     1943-175 = 1.252 Million

OPs:  NB9T  WX3N

>From K4VX/0.

Stn really played.  15 really stunk, but 20 was the best it could be.
 Nice job by OX3/WJ2O!  Hard to believe Zone 5 is so rare!!

This is fun contest.  How about eliminating the ARRL DX contests, and
using this (Radiosport) format instead?  Have one CW weekend and one
SS weekend.  Everybody works everybody for points, and DX contacts
are worth more.  The Europeans obviously love this contest too.  And
there seemed to be excellent activity from JA.  It is really fun to
run stateside guys when condx are poor, and it doesn't take a big
station to make lots of Qs.

Worked the low power weakness of 9V1ARU (love that call) on 40!!
Thanks James.

73, Dave Patton, WX3N

>From fish@crl.com (Bill Fisher (KM9P)  Concentric Systems, Inc.)  Mon Jul 11 
>16:48:44 1994
From: fish@crl.com (Bill Fisher (KM9P)  Concentric Systems, Inc.) (Bill Fisher 
KM9P Concentric Systems, Inc.)
Subject: IARU note
Message-ID: <199407111548.AA07152@mail.crl.com>

I was up in Tennessee doing a bike race this weekend and decided to take the
rig along and hand out a few KM9P/M QSO's.  Saturday afternoon I turned on
20 meters and noticed that the receiver was getting de-sensed by a VERY
strong signal.  Since I was in a strange town, I figured I must have
wondered across a local working the contest....

Wrong!  W5WMU!  He was on the stop of my IC-745 and I can't remember that
ever happening from home.  No other signal on the band was even close!
Those must be some BIG ANTENNAS down there!

Other note:  Congrats to the guys at HG94HQ.  I assume this is the same
station as HG73DX.  These guys always pull me out of the crud on 20 meters
when the band is barely open and I'm mobile.  This is opposed to the many
stations that are louder, and that just continue to CQ.  The moral of this
story is you still have to hear em to work em!

It was very interesting operating from the car.  I wish I had written down
more notes from the contest.  I would like to get reports from the Europeans
that operate the contest with small stations, and that can tell us who can
hear and who can't!  Maybe in WAE I'll get on and work the boys /M, make
good notes, and post them to the reflector.  Any of you Non-USA guys:  I'm
sure all of us would be interested in these types of notes from the contest.
I loved hearing Willy's comments about 80M signals from the US last year.



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