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Subject: GAS
From: dcurtis@mipos2.intel.com (dcurtis@mipos2.intel.com)
Date: Fri Jul 15 16:41:44 1994
de Steve K8LX:
> Measuring the power at the transmitter is the only convenient method of law
> enforcement, but maybe, just maybe, power at the antenna should be the
> criteria for what is ethical.

This one's is so easy, even I can comment.  U.S. law says measure at the
amp's output, so you measure at the amp's output.  U.K. law (as I understand
it) says measure at the antenna input, so you measure there.  No thinking
involved, just follow the regulations.  Where's the ethics issue?

73, Dave NG0X, who's lucky to have a small amp that avoids ethical quandries 

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