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Subject: DSP-2232
Date: Mon Jul 18 15:42:19 1994
For what it's worth, the DSP-2232 is a lot like the Pk-232 for connecting
to Packet*Cluster via CT, NA, N6TR Log, and RTTY.  Yeah, read the manual
- but it's like a small phonebook. Thanks to N6TV and WA6SDM for details
about CT and RTTY.  Except for the fact that N6TR is fixed at 2400 Baud,

DSP2232 Setup verified with, cmd: DISPlay Async
        8bitconv        off
        echo            on
        parity          0
        Tbaud           4800 (2400 for N6TR)
        Xflow           off
quit TNC leaving it in command mode on exit (if you can find out how).

Now you can get into any of the programs setting up as: (4800,N,7,1)
and also as Single-Op Assisted or Multi-op (except for RTTY -Baudot!)

73 de N2ALE/6, alan

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