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Tower holes

Subject: Tower holes
From: BlckHole@aol.com (BlckHole@aol.com)
Date: Thu Jul 21 12:45:00 1994
OK, now that we know who cheats/who's legal.....

Does anyone have a comment on square vs round holes for tower bases and guy
anchor posts ??

No, seriously.

I am installing another tower, a 90' Rohn 45 and really hate to dig holes for
bases (rocks, ect).  A back hoe does such a messy job on the small 2'x2'
holes needed for guyed tower bases (They normally can't dig 'em this small
and for various reasons, I'm trying to limit the size of the pad).  I was
thinking of having someone come in and auger 24" diameter holes for the base
and the guy posts.  The question is, would there be a problem with movement
of the whole concrete mass if a circular cross section was used instead of a
square cross section ??

I'm sure the base would be fine since that is just under compression.  My
concern is the guy points with the side pull.  I'm using 10 foot sections of
 8" wide-flange I-beam for the guy posts.  5 feet above ground and 5 feet
below grade.

Comments (direct please !!)  ??     Sorry if I should have known better.....

Keith  WB9TIY

>From rmarosko@bcm.tmc.edu (Ron Marosko)  Thu Jul 21 11:42:34 1994
From: rmarosko@bcm.tmc.edu (Ron Marosko) (Ron Marosko)
Subject: W5WMU
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In article <21JUL94.11627495.0077.MUSIC@SLUMUS> Michael Owen 

>>I can assure you that in stateside contests (ie SS etc) it will be hard for
>>anyone to beat me from this station. I'm too good an operator to have to use

>Modesty is such a *terrible* burden.

Naah. Out of Billy, it's spoken like a true TDXSer. ;-)

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>From Steve Harrison <sharriso@sysplan.com>  Thu Jul 21 18:39:03 1994
From: Steve Harrison <sharriso@sysplan.com> (Steve Harrison)
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I like it! I don't really think it will have all that much effect in 
equalizing the playing field between the US East Coast and elsewhere, but 
the idea of not having to imitate the other Ugly Americans is tantalizing.

One other suggestion, however...if you are REALLY trying to equalize the 
playing field, you may only use ONE transmitter and receiver! No 
multiplier spotting with the 950s and 990/1000s that we atom-squishers 
don't even dare dream of. Packet, OK...most of us have that anyway, and 
most of us realize that very few single-op assisted efforts have equaled 
unassisted efforts. Power? Why not?

Let's do it! Steve, Ko0U/4 <sharrison@sysplan.com>

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