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N6TR BBS # ??

Subject: N6TR BBS # ??
From: KR2J@aol.com (KR2J@aol.com)
Date: Fri Jul 22 18:11:27 1994
Can anyone provide me with N6TR's BBS telephone number ?

Bob KR2J@AOL.com

>From Skelton, Tom" <TSkelton@engineer.clemsonsc.NCR.COM  Fri Jul 22 17:28:00 
From: Skelton, Tom" <TSkelton@engineer.clemsonsc.NCR.COM (Skelton, Tom)
Message-ID: <2E300144@admin.ClemsonSC.NCR.COM>

From: owner-cq-contest
To: BillK5GA
Cc: cq-contest

How about a DX Sprint?  Call CQ once, then move it on down the line?

Chaos!  Fun!
(but maybe not for 48 hours ;-))

73, Ward N0AX

I was thinking about this last night, and would like to echo Ward's 
Make it a CQ WW Sprint! The QSY rule applies for everyone!  Since it would
be like a Chinese firedrill, the following would be irrelevant:

packet usage/spots
frequency control
mid-contest telephone skeds

Now, when???? Who will sponsor???

Thanks to K5GA for a refreshing idea.   BTW, I've always heard:
"If it's true, it ain't braggin' ....."

73, Tom WB4iUX (Tom.Skelton@ClemsonSC.NCR.COM)

>From fhmoore@nemed.b11.ingr.com (frank moore)  Fri Jul 22 22:28:28 1994
From: fhmoore@nemed.b11.ingr.com (frank moore) (frank moore)
Subject: New contest idea
Message-ID: <199407222128.AA01601@nemed.b11.ingr.com>

In keeping with the let's change the contest or make a new one thread...

I propose a new contest where "east coasters" can work only "west coasters"
and vice versa (mid coasters don't work anyone cuz they're in a black hole
anyway). The coasters have to keep working each other until they stop arguing
and get back to discussing. :-)

   Frank "in sort of close to the east coast, Alabama", KE4GY

>From Trey Garlough <GARLOUGH@TGV.COM>  Fri Jul 22 22:37:16 1994
From: Trey Garlough <GARLOUGH@TGV.COM> (Trey Garlough)
Subject: CQ Less, Score More
Message-ID: <774913036.555096.GARLOUGH@TGV.COM>

> One way to reduce the amount of CQing in a manner that does not
> totally change the rules is to include the Run/Mult aspect of the
> QSO in the score. Stations calling CQ get one point per QSO; stations
> answering the CQ get 2 or 3 points per QSO. This would automatically
> reduce CQing, although not completely. Computer logging can deal with
> the scoring, and also help to tell the operator if he/she should be
> Running or S&Ping.  Computer checking could also verify point
> credit taken. What Say?

The contest should not be scored in any manner whereby the information
required is not embedded in the log and relatively foolproof for people
who are trying to follow the rules.  There's really no way to tell whether
you were calling CQ or answering CQs by looking at the log.  You can tell
in general, but you cannot usually identify the exact moment of transition.

--Trey, WN4KKN/6

>From peterj@netcom.com (Peter Jennings)  Fri Jul 22 22:45:35 1994
From: peterj@netcom.com (Peter Jennings) (Peter Jennings)
Message-ID: <199407222145.OAA00340@netcom13.netcom.com>

> I have become alarmed at the number of stations, large and small, that
> call CQ with 90% occupancy rate because all they need do is press the
> play button on the Ventriloquist/DVP/Parrot/Voice Keyer.

> The above is a quote from Peter Jennings, AB6WM, also known as the
> marketer--not quite the creator--of Frankenstein's Monster: the

I plead guilty to being the creator of Ventriloquist but not all of
the other monsters. Or should that be nolo contendere? I almost
mentioned it in the original message, but decided to let it pass now
that j-Com is out of my hands ... hair ... er, whatever ... etc.

Maybe it's my guilt that makes me feel this way. Naaah.

> Ventriloquist voice keyer. Sorry, Peter old chum, I could not quite
> pass on sharing the irony...(Of course, I own an use a DVP, which

Yes, the irony was apparent to me, even during the contest!
I was first "bothered" by the change it made in contesting
during CQWW from C31 several years ago.

My support for a change in the sound of some contest by limiting the
CQing has nothing to do with trying to level any playing field. I'm
just looking for a break in the QRM. I know what it's like to be a
pipsqueak signal, even a rare one, in CQWW. Maybe if we had more
contests, the activity could be spread out more over the year. ;-)

--    AB6WM                             peterj@netcom.com

>From Scott A Stembaugh <n9ljx@ecn.purdue.edu>  Fri Jul 22 23:27:29 1994
From: Scott A Stembaugh <n9ljx@ecn.purdue.edu> (Scott A Stembaugh)
Subject: CQ Less, Score More
Message-ID: <199407222227.RAA23271@en.ecn.purdue.edu>

In message <774913036.555096.GARLOUGH@TGV.COM> Trey writes:
>> <<stuff deleted about getting more points for S&P QSOs than for CQ QSOs.>>
>The contest should not be scored in any manner whereby the information
>required is not embedded in the log and relatively foolproof for people
>who are trying to follow the rules.  There's really no way to tell whether
>you were calling CQ or answering CQs by looking at the log.  You can tell
>in general, but you cannot usually identify the exact moment of transition.
>--Trey, WN4KKN/6

Exactly. It is not uncommon for me to be CQing with my weak-pistoled setup
and have somebody come in and camp out right next to me. If I need him I'll
work and then scoot over a bit and start CQing again. I wasn't really in
S&Ping nor did he answer my CQ (but if he could hear me to work me, why did
he jump on my freq??). N6TR software knows what mode you are in, but I don't
believe CT cares.

Now for a new contest idea...how about everybody on both coasts can only have
an (read one) indoor dipole and run 50 watts. All the extra antenneas are to
be sent to us poor disadvantaged souls in the blackhole. Also to be included
is cash for us to buy land that we can flood and turn into a salt-marsh. Gee
if I turn it into a wetlands habitat maybe I could get federal

:-) (sort-of).
73...scott n9ljx@ecn.purdue.edu

>From Tim Coad" <Tim_Coad@smtp.esl.com  Fri Jul 22 23:24:22 1994
From: Tim Coad" <Tim_Coad@smtp.esl.com (Tim Coad)
Subject: If it aint broke......
Message-ID: <n1437231488.51654@smtp.esl.com>

                       Subject:                               Time:3:04 PM

Re: changing contests rules:

Is something broken here? 
What are we trying to fix? 
Dont we all love the current big contests?  -- Why change them? 
(Yes change the reporting of them, please.)

Are we talking new contests?  
Dont non-contesters hate us enough already? 
The idea of a no cq contest is interesting in that it 
isolates one area of a contester's skill, but its not 
interesting enough to incorporate into one of the 
big contests........Oh wait....I spoke too soon.....
I can see it now....Yes...
A new catagory: 
Single-op/Assisted/Search&Pounce/Low Power/20 Mtrs Only.

Oh and a CQWW Sprint......Fine, 
lets make it from 0000z to 0400z on 10 and 15 mtrs only. Sounds fair to me.
Tim - NU6S

>From tree@cmicro.com (Larry Tyree)  Fri Jul 22 23:38:20 1994
From: tree@cmicro.com (Larry Tyree) (Larry Tyree)
Subject: CQing
Message-ID: <9407222238.AA07969@cmicro.com>

Am I the only one who thinks that a station who calls more than 12 
unanswered CQs should give up his frequency to whoever calls him
on it?

Tree N6TR

>From Morao Esteban <z801183a@bcfreenet.seflin.lib.fl.us>  Sat Jul 23 00:39:09 
From: Morao Esteban <z801183a@bcfreenet.seflin.lib.fl.us> (Morao Esteban)
Subject: What is wrong with Voice Keyer
Message-ID: <Pine.3.89.9407221956.B9241-0100000@bcfreenet.seflin.lib.fl.us>

Can some tell me whay is wrong to use a voice keyer during a contest?

done we use CW memory keyers...for cw contest

Esteban J. Morao

>From Jim Reisert AD1C  22-Jul-1994 1939 <reisert@wrksys.enet.dec.com>  Sat Jul 
>23 00:39:30 1994
From: Jim Reisert AD1C  22-Jul-1994 1939 <reisert@wrksys.enet.dec.com> (Jim 
Reisert AD1C 22-Jul-1994 1939)
Subject: New contest idea
Message-ID: <9407222339.AA22409@us4rmc.pko.dec.com>

Frank KE4GY suggested:

>I propose a new contest where "east coasters" can work only "west coasters"
>and vice versa (mid coasters don't work anyone cuz they're in a black hole

This is prefect for New England, since we are on the East Coast, and lots of
European countries are on Europe's West Coast.

73 - Jim AD1C

>From MSgt Bob Smith/SCSMH <smithb@GF-WAN.af.mil>  Sat Jul 23 02:17:59 1994
From: MSgt Bob Smith/SCSMH <smithb@GF-WAN.af.mil> (MSgt Bob Smith/SCSMH)
Subject: BHCC and stuff
Message-ID: <9407230117.AA23742@GF-WAN.af.mil>

1.  Any one want on the roster for BHCC teams in the upcoming
NAQPs?  Contact me direct.

2.  Trey, how come I keep getting unsubscribed by the robot?
Do I need to send junk mail every now and then to stay (gasp)
on the list?

3.  Anyone seen a NCJ lately?

73 de bob - nd1h


>From MSgt Bob Smith/SCSMH <smithb@GF-WAN.af.mil>  Sat Jul 23 02:26:22 1994
From: MSgt Bob Smith/SCSMH <smithb@GF-WAN.af.mil> (MSgt Bob Smith/SCSMH)
Subject: BHCC means
Message-ID: <9407230126.AA01157@GF-WAN.af.mil>

This is the Black Hole Contesting Conspiracy.  Informal member-
ship requirement is a firm belief that you live in the
propagational disadvantaged area of the north central great plains.

Diety association is not required.  (IE occasional SOUP or GAS
offerings to the propagation gods)

73 DE bob nd1h

>From barry@w2up.wells.com (Barry Kutner)  Sat Jul 23 01:17:33 1994
From: barry@w2up.wells.com (Barry Kutner) (Barry Kutner)
Subject: CQing
Message-ID: <y81VPc1w165w@w2up.wells.com>

tree@cmicro.com (Larry Tyree) writes:

> Am I the only one who thinks that a station who calls more than 12 
> unanswered CQs should give up his frequency to whoever calls him
> on it?
> Tree N6TR
> tree@cmicro.com

If there are 12 or more unanswered CQs, who is this phantom you are 
turning the frequency over to?

On another note, how about a rule banning multi's from CQing. Wouldn't it 
be nice for the rest of us to have a shot near the bottom of the bands?


Barry N. Kutner, W2UP       Usenet/Internet: barry@w2up.wells.com
Newtown, PA                 Packet Radio: W2UP @ WB3JOE.#EPA.PA.USA.NA
                            Packet Cluster: W2UP >K2TW (FRC)

>From Randy A Thompson <K5ZD@world.std.com>  Sat Jul 23 02:57:53 1994
From: Randy A Thompson <K5ZD@world.std.com> (Randy A Thompson)
Subject: CQing
Message-ID: <Pine.3.89.9407222133.A14132-0100000@world.std.com>

>From Dave Kalahar KD4HXT <72437.3454@compuserve.com>  Sat Jul 23 03:31:35 1994
From: Dave Kalahar KD4HXT <72437.3454@compuserve.com> (Dave Kalahar KD4HXT)
Message-ID: <940723023135_72437.3454_FHG44-2@CompuServe.COM>


>From James White <0006492564@mcimail.com>  Sat Jul 23 05:09:00 1994
From: James White <0006492564@mcimail.com> (James White)
Subject: de K1ZX. Contest within a contest
Message-ID: <55940723040955/0006492564PK4EM@mcimail.com>

        The idea of having fewer guys who really shouldn't be CQing NOT CQ
is indeed refreshing to those who have to tune around them religously.
...usually we're asking ourselves why this guy thinks he should be CQing ! 
When to CQ and when to S&P is perhaps the most elsuive and hard to define
principle of contesting....the rate meter on K1EA hopefully makes the point
to those who suddenly discover it! Alas, you just have to learn though that
just because you want to run DX does not mean you will be able to from your
QTH. Positive thinking is indeed a traight of great contesters but: " you
can't always get what you want"   Those with less than CQable stations have
found that in tuning they can "get what they need"

        Two issues here are....

        A) There is too much CQing by guys who shouldn't be doing
it........this is not an elitist statement, those who shouldn't be trying to
run DX simply become fodder for the non-contesters who accuse contesters of
band pollution-a guy who is successfully stringing them is not the target of
criticism, he is successfully operating.........the unanswered parrot is the
bad guy...he typically is of low antennae, making him of high angle and weak
to DX-but loud to the local Antitest.

        B) To those of you who chose to challenge the limits of search &
pouncing...why not ?  How ? Just do it.....

        What do I mean?  Well, contests within a contest are not a new
thing, I have seen here on the Internet where the Washington guys did a
contest within a contest during the ARRL DX.  One contest one of my novice
day hero's (W1AX) would partake in was during SS...he would work as many
QSOs as there were multipliers....think that was a 75Qs x 75Section score
back then.....he created a contest within the contest for his own enjoyment
-a specialized sweep. I have too many contest buddies to try this one, SS is
kinda like a fix until the next Dayton-ya gotta say hi!  Roger ('AX) also
has his personal contest of 5BDXCC within the 5BDXCC....his counters are 5
bands with the same station in each country.            

        The drawback of working a contest within a contest is recognition of
what you did...sometimes you can gain that recognition through a soapbox
comment where you highlight what you did.......most times your effort will
go un-noticed....unless you talk it up!  If you have a contest within a
contest (CWAC.....quack?) that you wanna get into during an upcoming contest
you should let your club newsletter editor know about it, or post it to the
Contest Reflector...you may even find someone else who also would like to
try that CWAC.  The CWAC can also be a way to ignite club interest in a
contest members usually overlook.  If there are several club members in a
given CWAC - let the editor of the writeup know about it...heah, if you have
found a fun way to get your fellow club members into the parent contest-
everybody wins!  If you live to find your call in a box someplace, CWACs are
probably not for you.....unless your CWAC gains enough followers and you
take the gauntlet as score gatherer (ala wizzer and fox) and you let the
rest of the world on Internet know about it...which could lead to NCJ

        ....I will stop with this verbal diarhea. BUT FIRST:

        I will try and get on the Internet Sprint tomorrow....is there a
progam within CT or NA that you use to log with? Please lemme know...I
wouldn't have the faintest idea of how to handle post contest creation of
log files suitable for submission to Tokyo Rose!  Appliance Operator Needs
Help....please write:
        Jim, K1zx     (k1zx@mcimail.com)   
                                        my initial 'int name will not be
Beavis or Butthead.....but it will be cool, yeah...contests are cool.

>From pub759@idptv.idbsu.edu (Jim Larson)  Sat Jul 23 07:03:09 1994
From: pub759@idptv.idbsu.edu (Jim Larson) (Jim Larson)
Subject: Contesting & America
Message-ID: <m0qRaAw-0000eiC@idptv.idbsu.edu>

Well everyone, let's see how much trouble I can make for myself.  My intent
is not to make anyone angry but to maybe open some eyes.

I read about the unfairness of contests for various reasons.  I hear about
people wanting to make things equal.  This doesn't sound like Americans, at
least the Americans that founded this country.

America is slowly loosing its competitive nature, not just in ham radio but
in everything in general.  The poor people want handouts from the
government.  Everyone wants "easy money" or "easy anthing" for that matter. 
Everyone wants "free" health care for all.  But the "free" really isn't.

What happened to people wanting to do their very best and being proud of
their efforts no matter what they were up against.  And the people who
wanted to make it on their own without any handouts from anyone.

I am afraid we are letting a very common 90's feeling creep into our
competitive spirits and are requesting "leveling or equalization" of the
playing field to make things easier for us.  We all know it is easier to
work Europe from the east coast and Japan from the west.  

Why not just play the game and have fun and do the very best we can with 
what we have from where we are and quit being so darned concerned about 
equality.  If we carry this back from ham radio into everyday life, alot
more would be accomplished and we would feel better for a good days hard
work not matter what the circumstances.

   End of my soapbox...
      Hope I didn't make too many of my peers angry....  

    73, Jim KK7A, Boise, ID
--------- Jim Larson, KK7A
--------- 2005 Regal Drive
--------- Boise, ID  83704
Internet: pub759@idptv.idbsu.edu

>From AGDM25A@prodigy.com ( KEVIN - WA8ZDT)  Sat Jul 23 08:35:15 1994
From: AGDM25A@prodigy.com ( KEVIN - WA8ZDT) ( KEVIN - WA8ZDT)
Subject: CQ-CONTEST!
Message-ID: <013.01007426.AGDM25A@prodigy.com>


This is Whiskey Alpha Ate Zanzibarrrr  Denmark, Tokyo....

         .....  There, I just opened up the band!

>From Stuart Ritter <ritter@csn.org>  Sat Jul 23 14:29:23 1994
From: Stuart Ritter <ritter@csn.org> (Stuart Ritter)
Subject: No subject
Message-ID: <Pine.3.89.9407230747.A18365-0100000@teal.csn.org>


>From Dave Pascoe <pascoe@MathWorks.Com>  Sat Jul 23 14:42:09 1994
From: Dave Pascoe <pascoe@MathWorks.Com> (Dave Pascoe)
Subject: What is wrong with Voice Keyer
Message-ID: <Pine.3.89.9407230908.A3000-0100000@zippy>

On Fri, 22 Jul 1994, Morao Esteban wrote:

> Can some tell me whay is wrong to use a voice keyer during a contest?
> done we use CW memory keyers...for cw contest


Absolutely nothing is wrong with using a voice keyer.  Most of the people 
who complain about their use:

1) Don't have one.  :-(

2) Are annoyed by the fact that we sound *exactly* the same on each CQ.
   (This is one reason I have a few CQs stored that sound different, just 
   to keep these types of contest-bashers away).

Several digital voice keyers are now available, and simple ones can be 
put together quite inexpensively.  So the financial barrier isn't what it 
used to be a few years ago.....

I've found over time that #2 above occurs quite a bit......

-Dave KM3T

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