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Subject: "CQ INT"
From: JSTEINMAN@aol.com (JSTEINMAN@aol.com)
Date: Sun Jul 24 10:51:39 1994
1st Internet Sprint. Interesting.
Operating time limited to first
hour, which was fine since no 40M 
antenna yet. It's good to be back on
the air from home though !
KT34A at 45' here, TS930.

See you next time.
Jeff  KR0Y

oh, 85 QSOs ....

>From jsalemi@doghouse.win.net (Joe Salemi)  Sat Jul 23 23:51:39 1994
From: jsalemi@doghouse.win.net (Joe Salemi) (Joe Salemi)
Subject: What is wrong with Voice Keyer
Message-ID: <426@doghouse.win.net>

>On Fri, 22 Jul 1994, Morao Esteban wrote:
>2) Are annoyed by the fact that we sound *exactly* the same on each CQ.
>   (This is one reason I have a few CQs stored that sound different, just 
>   to keep these types of contest-bashers away).

What gets me is when you hear the CQ, answer, and a different voice
answers you back.  Always confuses me for a moment until I realize
they were using a voice keyer with someone elses voice than the current

Note to voice keyer operators -- change the CQ so it sounds like you
when your using it! <g>


Joe Salemi, KR4CZ               Internet: jsalemi@doghouse.win.net
Compuserve: 72631,23   FidoNet: 1:109/136   MCI Mail: 433-3961

>From Douglas S. Zwiebel" <0006489207@mcimail.com  Sun Jul 24 15:50:00 1994
From: Douglas S. Zwiebel" <0006489207@mcimail.com (Douglas S. Zwiebel)
Subject: contest summer blues
Message-ID: <34940724145043/0006489207PK2EM@mcimail.com>

I wanted to win (dit-dah, dit-dah)
Didnt' know what to do (dit-dah, dit-dah)
Got on 14200 (dit-dah, dit-dah)
Couldn't make one damn Q (dit-dah, dit-dah)
So I talked with the boys (dit-dah, dit-dah)
To find what to buy (dit-dah, dit-dah)
I bought me a tower (dit-dah, dit-dah)
It went to the sky (dit-dah, dit-dah)
With a KT34 (dit-dah, dit-dah)
I knew I would win (dit-dah, dit-dah)
But the damn East Coast (dit-dah, dit-dah)
Wouldn't let me squeeze in (dit-dah, dit-dah)
I needed more hardware (dit-dah, dit-dah)
And a brand new rig (dit-dah, dit-dah)
Some Heliax coax (dit-dah, dit-dah)
And an amp that was BIG (dit-dah, dit-dah)
In CQ World Wide (dit-dah, dit-dah)
I had lots of fun (dit-dah, dit-dah)
I found lots of mults (dit-dah, dit-dah)
But I just couldn't run (dit-dah, dit-dah)
So I put up more tower (dit-dah, dit-dah)
I hired a crew (dit-dah, dit-dah)
I bought CT10 (dit-dah, dit-dah)
And the DVP too (dit-dah, dit-dah)
I knew I was ready (dit-dah, dit-dah)
To make the top ten (dit-dah, dit-dah)
But during the battle (dit-dah, dit-dah)
I got stood up again (dit-dah, dit-dah)
Oh just what can it be (dit-dah, dit-dah)
I've done it all right (dit-dah, dit-dah)
Maybe change the rules (dit-dah, dit-dah)
To even the fight (dit-dah, dit-dah)
I'll talk it up on E-mail (dit-dah, dit-dah)
And gets lots of support (dit-dah, dit-dah)
I'll send it to Dorr (dit-dah, dit-dah)
He'll make a report (dit-dah, dit-dah)
They gotta do something (dit-dah, dit-dah)
To change contest law (dit-dah, dit-dah)
Don't they know I can win (dit-dah, dit-dah)
But I'm stuck in zone four (dit-dah, dit-dah)
Oh what can I say (dit-dah, dit-dah)
Oh what can I do (dit-dah, dit-dah)
Fin'lly got an award (dit-dah, dit-dah)
Thanks to KU2Q (dit-dah, dit-dah)
So without propagation (dit-dah, dit-dah)
And no runs to JA (dit-dah, dit-dah)
I gotta work sweepstakes (dit-dah, dit-dah)
And contest Field Day (dit-dah, dit-dah)
But I gotta work lids (dit-dah, dit-dah)
And get no respect (dit-dah, dit-dah)
This just ain't no fun (dit-dah, dit-dah)
workin' all no-code techs (dit-dah, dit-dah)
I thought I would quit (dit-dah, dit-dah)
But quittin' won't do (dit-dah, dit-dah)
So I'll type and complain (dit-dah, dit-dah)
Cause I am so blue (dit-dah, dit-dah)
de Doug/KR2Q

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