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Enough Already!!

Subject: Enough Already!!
From: Gerry.Hohn.CSGXH01@nt.com (Gerry.Hohn.CSGXH01@nt.com)
Date: Thu Jul 28 19:18:00 1994
I subscribed to this reflector to keep up to date on the contest scene but
am finding it a major chore to keep up with the never ending debate on all
issues, many of them not very contest related (wrist rockets, cable marking
, etc). It's obvious that propogation is lousey, there are no contests and
lots of us have nothing better to do.

I just can't aford the time to sift through the junk mail to find
the pearls.

My next message to the reflector is UNSUBSCRIBE

Gerry (VE6LB) gerry.hohn.csgxh01@nt.com

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