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Remote coax switch help

Subject: Remote coax switch help
Date: Fri Jul 29 16:51:06 1994
Well, I've finally out-grown the remote coax switch on the tower and am about 
ready to put another one out there. The "transmitter relief fund" really can't 
support a commercial box, so I was thinking of building one (can't be too 
tough... a couple of relays and a controler, right?). I have the schematic for 
one of the commercial versions, so I'll have a guide to go by.

The help I need.... Have any of you built a remote coax switch for use on HF? 
Are there any considerations I should think about? Will regular relays work? 
Any suggestions on relays?

Thanks for the input. I would rather learn from other people's experience than 
re-invent the wheel! 

'73... Kevin N1EPU

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