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KG1D WPX CW (additional)

Subject: KG1D WPX CW (additional)
From: frenaye@pcnet.com (frenaye@pcnet.com)
Date: Thu Jun 1 02:59:10 1995
Funny how the 5L 20 at 132' stopped turning after the contest ended.  Glad it 
lasted through all 48 hours!  RIP one rotator I think.

(20M has 5/4/4 at 132/99/66' with a WX0B matching box)
We actually planned to do a little more antenna work than we did on Friday 
but when listening to Europeans in the early afternoon on 20M the best 
combination of antennas were the pair of 4L at 66/99'.  There was a big 
European pileup on 14025 and the 130' 5L beam was never better than that pair 
of antennas, nor were any other combinations (single yagi, any pair, all 
three).  The high antenna was often 4-5 s-units worse on some signals.

It turned out to be the same through the WOX CW weekend.  I can't remember 
who it was but one or two others (KL7RA + ?) commented that the high antanna 
was not the best from their QTH also.   I wonder if that means there is some 
predictability about angle of radiation for specific ionosheric conditions, 
and whether receive angles for similar distance paths are present at 
low/mid/high latitutes all at the same time.

Could we someday get to the point where you'd change your antenna height(s) 
(and phasing if lucky enough to have more than one) to take advantage of 
expected propagation conditions every Friday before a contest?   Or is all 
this macho last minute antenna work just a cover for people already doing 
just that?

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>From ccook@agora.rdrop.com (Craig Cook)  Fri Jun  2 02:40:00 1995
From: ccook@agora.rdrop.com (Craig Cook) (Craig Cook)
Subject: Speaking of cover shots ...
Message-ID: <m0sHLjX-00016rC@agora.rdrop.com>

> > 
> > Did anybody notice the "room service" bell on the desk of the W6EEN shac
> > front cover of the March 95 issue of CQ?
> > 
> > Why?  
> The MULTIPLIER bell. We have a nice brass one that we mount on the end of
> the table at 6E2T. OPR rings it every time a new MULT is worked. Friday
> night of ARRL DX CW (when 80M and 160M were cooking) it sounded like a 
> San Francisco cable car (where driver plays tune on the bell) in our beach
> house in Ensenada. Try it, you'll like it for multi-ops. 73, Larry N6AZE/6
Ring it when you want the wife to bring you a sandwich or whatever.
(Get ready to duck.)

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