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AB6FO WPX Results, etc.

Subject: AB6FO WPX Results, etc.
From: w9sz@prairienet.org (Zack Widup)
Date: Fri Jun 2 23:29:47 1995

>Obviously if it gets out of hand you need to say "NO Ws" but for the most 
>part this works fine.  The logging software just kicks the Q anyway so 
>why alinate the guy.  Just work em!

We even did this in ARRL DX!  A lot of ops had no idea what the contest 
was and were in there calling. It was better just to work them so they'd 
go away and then delete the calls from the log later on.

Some of them even sent me QSL's! (Doesn't it figure?)

                                        Zack W9SZ

>From John Guida" <nj1v@icon.net  Sat Jun  3 07:10:23 1995
From: John Guida" <nj1v@icon.net (John Guida)
Subject: N5OK 1995 CQ WPX CW Scores
Message-ID: <199506030615.BAA19544@ns2.icon.net>

Posting for N5OK by NJ1V

1995 CQ WPX CW
Multi/Single from N5OK QTH in Claremore, Oklahoma.

Ops= N5OK, N5CG, NJ1V

Band      QSO's     Prefixes
  80              15                2
  40            536            169
  20          1114            518
  15              82             19

Total       1747           708   Score: 2,390,916

CUL es 73.............................."victor"

John Guida NJ1V

>From Bob Patten <z002816b@bcfreenet.seflin.lib.fl.us>  Sat Jun  3 12:11:24 1995
From: Bob Patten <z002816b@bcfreenet.seflin.lib.fl.us> (Bob Patten)
Subject: PSUs fer DXpeds.
Message-ID: <Pine.3.89.9506030736.B15790-0100000@bcfreenet>

> Saw W9NQ's request for a small PSU to take to DX locations, etc.
> Been looking for one for ages too. I did see a Daiwa one new to
> the market (think it's in latest CQ?). Looks like it will fit the
> bill nicely.   No price, but does 90-260VAC and 48-65Hz....NICE!
> _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 
> _
Years ago, when I purchased my TS-430S, I discovered an Icom switching 
PSU that was designed to fit inside one of the Icom series HF xcvrs.  
With a little modification, it made a dandy outboard PS for the Kenwood 
rig and only cost me $50.  It also does 90-260VAC and 48-65Hz (or at 
least similar figures) and weighs about four pounds.

>From Larry Tyree <tree@cmicro.com>  Sat Jun  3 13:43:52 1995
From: Larry Tyree <tree@cmicro.com> (Larry Tyree)
Subject: Sending 73
Message-ID: <199506031243.FAA01566@cascade.cmicro.com>

WF3T wrote during his nice message about encouraging newcomers:

> obviously struggling at the speed, I always take the time to send 73, though
> my usual ack is just tu wf3t. Maybe make em feel a bit special. Most of the

There is more to meets the eye about sending 73 instead of TU during a
CW contest.  I once had a 100+ hour in SS CW sending 73 EVERY time, and 
I think it helped my rate.  Was it because everyone though I was such a 
nice guy that they wanted to work me?  I don't think so.

Instead there is a more technical reason.  The SS has a pretty long exchange
and the chances are someone who is scanning the band who is now on your
frequency (or close to it) has no idea you are there.  If you send TU N6TR,
they might not be in sync enough (code speed and frequency wise) to grasp
what is going on.  However, if they hear 73 N6TR, they have plenty of time
to tune you in, and fully understand what is going on.  They will probably
be able to get your callsign as well.  In a way, sending 73 is a short
CQ.  (I learned this at the Beetle Valley Radio Club Station BTW).

The key to high rates in the SS is to spend as little time CQing as 
possible.  That means judging if someone waiting around from your last
CQ and just sending TU (sans callsign), or sending 73 N6TR to hopefully
suck someone new in.  Sending TU N6TR has about as much utility as sending
TU and wastes more time.

In non high rate situations, I always send 73, not only because I am
just a friendly guy, but because I think it helps my rate!  

Tree N6TR

PS: Next time, why sending people's name in the All Asian contest helps
your rate.

>From GOOSE WD8LLD <GOOSTER@delphi.com>  Sat Jun  3 15:23:33 1995
Message-ID: <01HR9L456TW89OEDPT@delphi.com>

     Sorry that this took a little extra tine to post we are getting ready
for the youngest kid's graduation from high school in the middle of all
     This kind of started out as a planned m/m or m/s but the XYL had dental
surgery (not pleasant) and also decided to quit smoking on WPX weekend, so the
original plans were trashed to avoid the possible outbreak of nuclear war in
the LLD household.  After all, she puts up with a lot of people in
the basement for most of the major cw contests.  So Doug, WD8AUB and I
decided to get together and do a semi-serious/mostly casual 2 man
multi/multi in the K1AR/K1DG style.  The results follow:

WD8LLD                           Multi/Multi
WPX CW                           Operating time: 38 hrs.

     band       qso's         prefixes
     160          0               0
      80         75              18
      40        558             244
      20       1176             438
      15         97              33
      10          9               2
              ______           ______
               1915             735

     Total Score:   3,469,200

     Although "Old Sol" was not cooperative with a flux in excess of 66 all
weekend 20 seemed to be pretty good.  The short skip was fantastic!  Could
still work a number of Europeans on the fiirst night up until about 0230z.
On the second night, it closed up about 1-1.5 hours earlier.  But we were
plesantly surprised as 20 was much better than we expected given early
summertime condx and low flux numbers.

     40 was about average for this part of the cycle but was noisy on both
nights.  We attributed it to the summer static as the A went down from 13 to
about 6 on the second day and the noise got worse.   Glad we have stacks on

     15 was a disapointment.  We hoped for at least a small EU opening on
both days but only got it on day 2.  Still had almost 100 q's though which I
guess isn't bad from the eastern rim of the "Black Hole" in this part of the

     10 meters was dead. Nothing more to add.

     80 was very noisy.  Worked all of the stuff on the first night.  Never
bothered on the second night as the s-meter sat on S-9 all night with the
high QRN conditions.

     Never bothered with 160.  Didn't think there would be anything
productive there.

     We are pretty pleased with the outcome and will be interested in how we
stack up with everyone else when the the smoke clears.  Didn't bother to
take the time to incorporate rate sheets, maybe next time.

73..........de Goose, WD8LLD     "gooster@delphi.com"

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