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Subject: No subject
From: arsenal@infotel.msk.su (arsenal@infotel.msk.su)
Date: Mon Jun 5 13:56:28 1995
From:   ARS:.MARS::ANDY          5-JUN-1995 11:49:29.00
Subj:   letter to cq-contest@tgv.com

Hi John - KF2XZ
If you need the qsl from RZ3BW send it to Box 59, Moscow, 105122.
This is National qsl bureau for Russia!
RZ3BW is ex RA3DUU - the chief op for RS3A!
He will get the qsl via buro o'k!
161!Andy - UA3DPX

>From Marios Nicolaou <mzyd108@unicorn.ccc.nottingham.ac.uk>  Mon Jun  5 
>13:06:04 1995
From: Marios Nicolaou <mzyd108@unicorn.ccc.nottingham.ac.uk> (Marios Nicolaou)
Subject: Rotor Advice needed
Message-ID: <Pine.SV4.3.91.950605125642.27366A-100000@unicorn>

Hallo there,

           I am seriously considering of purchasing a rotor for my  
antenna and I seem to be puzzled over the choice of either HAM IV or the 
Yaesu equivalent (or other)! It will be used to turn a KT34XA and maybe in 
the future a 2 el 40m yagi in a not-very-windy country!!!Plenty of contest 
activity! I have seen the HAM IV and I know is a solid rotor,
 but I have never heard any comments for the YAESU rotor or other!!!  
Money is a problem!

          Please send reply direct to me!
          If there  is enough demand I will summarise for the reflector!

          Many thanx for your attention!

          Best 73s from the University of Nottingham MEDICAL SCHOOL

              Marios Nicolaou (5B4WN)

       ( O O )
-----oOO-(_)-OOo----- No matter how many wall I climb, there is always-------
----------------------another one in front of me, isn't that unfair??--------
Marios Nicolaou (5B4WN)> mzyd108@unicorn.nottingham.ac.uk

>From dfrey" <HARRIS.DFREY@IC1D.HARRIS.COM  Mon Jun  5 04:54:22 1995
From: dfrey" <HARRIS.DFREY@IC1D.HARRIS.COM (dfrey)
Subject: WPX from 9A1A
Message-ID: <QCY2.DFREY.701802090095156FQCY2@IC1D.HARRIS.COM>

     Conditions were much better than I thought they would be. It was very
     warm here with thunderstorms around though we never shut down.

     160 was VERY noisy. We tried a EWE, but the soil was too rocky to put
     in even a 3' ground rod and not enough wire for a radial. Local
     farmers not friendly for beverages except the liquid type.  I herd
     more than I usually do, but I know I was an alligator most of the
     0330-0600Z US opening time.  Zagreb is 2 hours ahead of GMT in the
     summer.  Not fun in the last few hours of the contest when you know
     you have an hour drive home and still get at 06 local for work....
     Congrats to KG1D, K5ZD, K3ZO, WC4E on the large signals.  350Q.

     80M was also noisy.  The EWE suffered from a balun of 20T on 20u perm
     material. We had good openings to the US but not many stations. 800Q

     40M was THE band.  Our 4el KLM was doin' its thing.  I never got to
     operate there, but they were busy. Mega sigs from the US until well
     past 0800.  1600Q

     20M was a ball. Jackie (F2CW=9A5CW) and I shared this and 15M. Though
     I was only able to get the meter over 100 once or twice, it was very
     steady at about 40-50 most of the time. It is a different game over
     here - I don't think we had more than two dozen zero pointers out of
     6K+ QSOs. 7 over 6 on a hill does a good job for us, even when split
     between the US and JA.  The ICE filters have eliminated the
     inter-station interference except when one of the 15M elements stack
     hits a 160M sloper or the upper guys (dropped to turn the middle ant).
     The tower is a brute and if the wind is less than 30mph, they drop the
     upper set of guys(!).  2000+Q

     15M was a daylight porducer on the order of 20M. Since it was logged
     on my laptop, I have the line score:
          Totals   1080 Q  1.5/q   462 mults  =   741,048
     Jackie worked it Sunday night until almost 10PM.

     10M was a surprise. More than double the number of Q's from last year
     even though the 4x6el stack was not used (sorry, K5GN), this is purty
     cool. Usually we can hear a mosquito fart in Louisiana, but this was
     just a TH7 at 70'. Again the ICE filters kept 10M out of the rest of
     the stuff making life easier on us all. 650+ QSOS at 1.2 ea.

     There is much more to be done with this group here.  One of the
     sparkplugs of this group, Edo 9A2AW, emigrated as a T9 refugee and is
     now a resident of Chicago as KB9???, (limited by his English license
     exam taking skills). He would be a super addition to one of the SMC
     groups. ETO Dick promised us a deal on a 91B when he was here but we
     haven't heard a thing since he went back over the horizon. We need a
     new 40M amp, the one they have is almost older than I am but has hair.
     9A1A does not link the computers since most all are laptops and the
     LOOP is rf sensitive. We could do a much better job on mult chasing,
     especially in the WW. The possibilities are endless....

     It was a ball. I got here on Wed and did not have my internal clock
     adjusted nor had I gotten much sleep. I slept through most of the day
     Saturday after doing 160M the first 9 hours. Operated solid for the
     rest of the contest, 15M, then 160, then 15M then last 8 hours on 20.
     Love that band!

     By the way, The QSL address is Box 108, Zagreb 41000 (not 106 as
     previously posted).

     Oh, the score?  Put us down for something in the area of 15M+. Half
     the computers were running CT8 and I only had my update copy of CT9
     with me. No 8to9, etc. Gotta get a copy of tools9.zip from CT-BBS.

     Do vidjenja  ...like DSW

     Dick, 9A/K4XU             dfrey@harris.com

     ps. Missed Dayton - going to Friedrichhaffen instead ...now where did
     I put that hat with the duckie....

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