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date for CQWW-CW in '96 ?

Subject: date for CQWW-CW in '96 ?
From: WD5N%mimi@magic.itg.ti.com (WD5N%mimi@magic.itg.ti.com)
Date: Wed Jun 7 10:27:18 1995
from: WD5N@msg.ti.com
subj: date for CQWW-CW in '96 ?
Can anyone tell me the dates of the CQWW CW contest for 1996?  The last
day of the month, Nov.30, is on a Saturday.  So does this mean the contest
is the last *FULL* weekend, which would be November 23-24?  I suspect that
is true, but need to make sure before I reserve my island! Also, is Thanks-
giving on Nov.28 in '96?  Usually Thanksgiving is just before the contest,
but maybe it is different next year.  Please reply direct, thanks.
73, Dave Harper  WD5Nirvana       wd5n@msg.ti.com

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