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ARRL VHF Contest

Subject: ARRL VHF Contest
From: pbeedlow@qconline.com (pbeedlow@qconline.com)
Date: Wed Jun 7 13:53:54 1995
I will be operating as NN9K/0 from Iowa, grid square EN41, for the
upcoming contest.  I will be QRP on 50, 144, 222 and 432 MHz trying to break
the existing Iowa QRP record.

Good luck to all in the contest.

Pete, NN9K

>From Dravland, Todd" <ToddD@dci.state.sd.us  Wed Jun  7 21:54:00 1995
From: Dravland, Todd" <ToddD@dci.state.sd.us (Dravland, Todd)
Subject: VHF test
Message-ID: <2FD6118B@sdmailgw.state.sd.us>

Looks like others are doing the posting thing, so I will put my 2 cents in. 
 I ( and others, hopefully) will be operating W0RTD from DN94 in Pierre, SD 
on 50 and 144 Mhz during the VHF test.

Also, K1LL/0 and others  will be at Bear Mtn., SD in the western Black Hills 
at 7200 ft elev. with a big setup on each band 50 thru 1296.

May be a few other SD stations on at various locations.  See you in the 


Todd, WD0T


>From mwollnnn@colybrand.com (Marty Woll -- BA - Honolulu )  Wed Jun  7 
>20:30:08 1995
From: mwollnnn@colybrand.com (Marty Woll -- BA - Honolulu ) (Marty Woll -- BA - 
Honolulu )
Subject: On Wkg 0-Pointers
Message-ID: <9506071930.AA04163@ad0.reach.com>

I'd like to offer a couple of observations concerning
working domestic (i.e., zero-point) QSOs in the WPX
contest. This really applies to U.S. entrants, so DX
readers may wish to hit the DELETE key now.

First, I took three typical large U.S. scores from George's
WPX CW results/rumors posting and noted the following:

                   Score       Mults   QSO Pts (derived)

Multi-Multi     10.0 million    930     10750   

Multi-Single     2.7 million    620      4350

Single-op AB     3.0 million    685      4380

The effect on score of adding one 0-point mult vs. one
non-mult 3-point QSO is as follows for the above cases:

                                M-M        M-S       SOAB

1 more 0-point mult            10750      4350       4380

1 more non-mult 3-pt QSO        2790      1860       2055

trade-off value of mult         3.8 Qs    2.3 Qs     2.1 Qs

So it's worth foregoing a couple of DL4's or JA3's if it means
snagging that WX9. The next question concerns the likelihood of
getting a new domestic multiplier by running W's. I analyzed my
own WPX CW log (20m single-band) and found I had worked 267 of a
possible 819 mainland-U.S. prefixes ... that's just under 1/3 of
the available prefixes. Among the "easy" misses were AA4, WB3,
KB6, KC5 and the like. With that low a penetration, I offer that
you will pick up new multipliers even by non-selectively running
the W's.

As an aside, there's also the "psych-out" factor as your friendly
competitors tune across you giving out huge - and legitimate -
serial numbers.

So don't ignore the W's, and do encourage the newer licensees
(who typically have rarer prefixes) to get on and operate.

For the DX types still reading, I'd be interested as to how your
own penetration of possible U.S  prefix multipliers stacks up;
e-mail me direct at the address below with any input.

        73 ... Marty N6VI/KH6   (or sometimes KH7)  :-)

          |  Marty Woll N6VI/KH6  < mwollnnn@colybrand.com>  |
          |                                                  |
          |  59-758 Kanalani Place,  Haleiwa, HI 96712       |
          |                                                  |
          |  (H) 808-638-7720                                |
          |                                                  |
          |  (W) 808-531-3666        FAX (W) 808-531-3433    |

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