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Paddle input for CT??

Subject: Paddle input for CT??
From: K8DO@aol.com (K8DO@aol.com)
Date: Fri Jun 9 13:10:14 1995
Certainly possible... Run the paddle/tone generator into a PK232, et. al. and
take the output back into the computer via serial I/O...Then you need
assembly language driver to interpert and boot it into the keyboard
Seems like, learning to type is less work though....

Denny    k8do@aol.com

>From engberg@ctis.af.mil (Bob Engberg)  Fri Jun  9 11:01:11 1995
From: engberg@ctis.af.mil (Bob Engberg) (Bob Engberg)
Subject: Summary on cementing a contest tower.
Message-ID: <9506091801.AA06808@edfue0.ctis.af.mil>

I've summarized the responses to my query on cementing 
a (contest) tower to the earth.  See my web page at URL

If more suggestions arrive, they will be added to the list.
You're welcome to copy and use this info as you wish.
Thanks again to everyone who responded with helpful suggestions.

>From David & Barbara Leeson <0005543629@mcimail.com>  Fri Jun  9 19:02:00 1995
From: David & Barbara Leeson <0005543629@mcimail.com> (David & Barbara Leeson)
Subject: Alpha 78
Message-ID: <15950609180251/0005543629NA2EM@MCIMAIL.COM>

For info on modification for WARC bands, contact AF6S@AOL.COM.  He has
written an article in Comm. Quart. about modifying the RF choke so the
resonance isn't at 24 MHz by placing a shorted turn around it.

When removing and replacing the xfmr, be very careful not to bang it 
against the terminals of the vacuum relay, as this will result in your
needing a new one.  If you plan to pull the xfmr for travel, etc., you 
might want to build a cover for the relay terminals.

If you want to travel with the amp, there's a Samsonite Piggyback suitcase
with wheels that is the same size inside as the Alpha shipping box...just
put the foam and amp and all inside.  Carry the xfmr in a bowling ball
bag or equiv.

73 de Dave, W6QHS

>From gdo@aloft.att.com (Glenn D. O'Donnell)  Fri Jun  9 19:07:48 1995
From: gdo@aloft.att.com (Glenn D. O'Donnell) (Glenn D. O'Donnell)
Subject: Sleepless in Seattle
Message-ID: <9506091807.AA24842@dasher>

Hi everyone,
  I don't want to waste bandwidth with this, but I figure this is where the
best people are to ask.
  I'm going to Seattle for a conference between 6/17 and 6/22 and I'd like
to meet some hams in the area.  Any club meetings during that period
would be especially interesting.  My spare time may be limited, but I still
want to try.
  Please reply direct to gdo@aloft.att.com.
  TNS ES 73 de Glenn O'Donnell, N3BDA

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