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CW Obsolete?

Subject: CW Obsolete?
From: w9sz@prairienet.org (Zack Widup)
Date: Sat Jun 10 21:22:41 1995

>Hi All,
>CW obsolete?  The pilot rescued in Bosnia was found first
>by the AC-130 where his manual CW "Badger 52" was recognized as
>his unique, ( secret known only to him )  identifying signal, and not
>available automaticaly  at the push of a button on his emergency
>com set.
> .....
>73 and Aloha,
>Jim Reid, AH6NB (Happily retired on the Island of Kauai)

I don't think any CONTESTERS think CW is obsolete!    :-)

                                        Zack W9SZ

(See you in VHF QSO Party from EN60, I hope!)

>From Trey Garlough <GARLOUGH@TGV.COM>  Sun Jun 11 06:41:03 1995
From: Trey Garlough <GARLOUGH@TGV.COM> (Trey Garlough)
Subject: IOTA vs 10-10 $
Message-ID: <802849263.864669.GARLOUGH@TGV.COM>

> I paid a grand total of $5 some years ago so as to get a 10-X number.
> I still have the number and have never paid them a penny since.  At
> the time I thought it might be one of those "DXer's arsenal of weapons" 
> things, where some rare DXer comes on and is only interested in 
> collecting 10-X members' numbers.   

I used to worry about this type of thing as well.  What would happen
if you were operating CQWW SSB and you stumbled across a multiplier
who was only working people giving 10-X numbers?  The most elegant
solution to this problem was offered by N5AU himself, who explained 
that "our" 10-X number was 5904.

--Trey, WN4KKN/6

>From Doug Brandon <dab@kaiwan.com>  Sun Jun 11 07:05:27 1995
From: Doug Brandon <dab@kaiwan.com> (Doug Brandon)
Subject: Lost CQWW logs?
Message-ID: <199506110605.XAA22668@kaiwan009.kaiwan.com>

Does anybody have an email address where I can write to ask about
lost CQ-WW logs?  I don't subscribe to the magazine, but a friend who
does and says my 94 CQ-WW CW log wasnt in the scores and would have
been #6 for 20M single band.  My QSL sent with the log was returned
to confirm receipt.  Guess I can be added to the list of logs "MIA".

   73 de Doug   NF6H

  Doug Brandon                                          dab@kaiwan.com

>From Rich L. Boyd" <rlboyd@CapAccess.org  Sun Jun 11 14:06:48 1995
From: Rich L. Boyd" <rlboyd@CapAccess.org (Rich L. Boyd)
Subject: CW Obsolete?
Message-ID: <Pine.3.07.9506110946.C20786-9100000@cap1.capaccess.org>

I felt the recent CQ editorial speaking of the demise of CW based on the
Coast Guard dropping it as a communications mode was off base.  A local
government employee who is in a position to know such things has strongly
assured us CW is still very much a part of the U.S. military plan and
there's nothing in the works to change that.  By "local government
employee" I mean federal government employee who lives in our area.


Rich Boyd KE3Q

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