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Scott Adams (Dilbert) approves the use of MORE POWER!

Subject: Scott Adams (Dilbert) approves the use of MORE POWER!
From: reisert@eng.pko.dec.com (reisert@eng.pko.dec.com)
Date: Mon Jun 12 14:21:15 1995
From: dilbert_list@internex.net
To: Multiple recipients of list <dilbert_list@internex.net>
Subject: Dilbert Newsletter 6.0

Dilbert Newsletter 6.0 

[stuff deleted]

Most Clever Suggestion

In a recent storyline I had Dilbert and Wally trying to figure the best
engineering work-around for the keyboards that were missing the letter Q.
 Gary Jensen, a man with too few things to think about, wrote with this

    1. Type the letters "KW" in place of  "Q" 
    2. Run "spell check" and the computer will replace KW 
       with Q           


Sounds like people ought to replace those Q(RP) rigs with KWs!

73 - Jim AD1C

>From Ron Marosko <rmarosko@bcm.tmc.edu>  Mon Jun 12 18:43:49 1995
From: Ron Marosko <rmarosko@bcm.tmc.edu> (Ron Marosko)
Subject: VHF Highlights
Message-ID: <199506121743.MAA05989@hermes.bcm.tmc.edu>

Simple enough. The score:

164 QSO x 83 Grids = 15,355 pts.

6m:  115 x 67
2m:   31 x 9
432:  15 x 5
902:   1 x 1
1.2:   2 x 1

Excuse #1:

Plus 2 neighbors in a highly aroused state of indignation. Something
about my 250w on 6m liked to get into the TV, the phone lines, etc., etc.

Excuse #2:

Total operating time? 9 hours. 0015Z - 0915Z. Around 1530Z, a thunderstorm
with 70+mph winds grabbed the tower and folded the mast over 120 degrees
from vertical. I spent all day Sunday lowering antennas to the ground.

As K5LLL is somewhere in Singapore, station K5LLL/KK5DK will be out of 
operation for a while. Sigh.

   Ron KK5DK
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>From R. Torsten Clay" <torsten@mephisto.physics.uiuc.edu  Mon Jun 12 18:47:22 
From: R. Torsten Clay" <torsten@mephisto.physics.uiuc.edu (R. Torsten Clay)
Subject: CW and VHF contests
Message-ID: <199506121747.AA24358@mephisto.physics.uiuc.edu>

Speaking of CW being obsolete...

Why do VHF operators have such an aversion to CW?  In my limited experience
in VHF contesting, (this year & last year in June contests), some of the
big gun stations could make a lot more qso's if they would try CW a little.
Both this year and last on 2m, I listened to many guys endlessly calling cq
on ssb while myself (and other small stations) tried calling them. Often,
I think using CW would be the difference in making the qso...especially
when the band is dead, with only weak tropo condx.  Occaisionally I managed a
cross-mode qso.
        This was the second year that AA9D couldn't hear me...


(Who operated some from W9YH (EN50) on 2m, 10w + 10el yagi at 25 ft)

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