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optimum stacking distance

Subject: optimum stacking distance
From: K8DO@aol.com (K8DO@aol.com)
Date: Tue Jun 13 09:52:49 1995
Boy, do I miss HAM RADIO.....

Denny            K8DO@AOL>COM

>From Bob McGwier <n4hy@ccr-p.ida.org>  Tue Jun 13 14:37:50 1995
From: Bob McGwier <n4hy@ccr-p.ida.org> (Bob McGwier)
Subject: Scott Adams (Dilbert) approves the use of MORE POWER!
Message-ID: <199506131337.JAA00500@growler.ccr-p.ida.org>

I really liked the team building training that Dilbert et. al. treated us to
recently.  We could all use some of that.


>From CT1BOH@tpone.telepac.pt (JOSE C. C. NUNES)  Tue Jun 13 21:40:02 1995
From: CT1BOH@tpone.telepac.pt (JOSE C. C. NUNES) (JOSE C. C. NUNES)
Message-ID: <Chameleon.950613134201.CT1BOH@>

Wonder if anyone can help where I can FTP download the
RUFZ CW Contest Trainer?

Please answer direct

BEST 73s Jose Carlos Cardoso Nunes

>From jholly@hposl62.cup.hp.com (Jim Hollenback)  Tue Jun 13 15:52:01 1995
From: jholly@hposl62.cup.hp.com (Jim Hollenback) (Jim Hollenback)
Subject: IOTA / RX Noise Floor
Message-ID: <9506130752.ZM14164@hpwsmjh1.cup.hp.com>

> Subject: IOTA / RX Noise Floor
> Why
> do most of you Americans ignore Ten-Tec, your indigenous producer? It seems
> me that with the likes of GW3YDX, G3OAY, G4BUE, G4BUO, G3LNS, G0IVZ all
> using Ten-Tec, these rigs are more popular over here than they are in their
> home country. Are American contesters really beguiled by pretty front panels
> rather than good RX performance?

No, not all of us. I certainly think my OMNI-VI is one fine RX and the 
clean, simple front panel appeals to me.

73, Jim, WA6SDM

>From Jerry Sidorov" <jerry@ua9ar.urc.ac.ru  Tue Jun 13 18:20:02 1995
From: Jerry Sidorov" <jerry@ua9ar.urc.ac.ru (Jerry Sidorov)
Subject: Summary on cementing a co...
References: <950610132402_68023700@aol.com>
Message-ID: <AE2ZStl4z0@ua9ar.urc.ac.ru>

>   I suspect that the majority of the contest reflector users, like myself, do
>   not use the web...I am interested in contesting and ham radio... I have zero
>   time and zero interest in 'surfing the net'....Thus, info placed on the web
>   ceases to exist for me...Suggest that info compiled from messages generated
>   through the contest reflector be placed back on the reflector...If the info
>   is of sustained interest, you could ask Trey to place it in the FAQ file...
>   Thanks.... Denny   k8do@aol.com

Hmm... What about us, long distant guys, who usually can't take some info
via packet?
As for me, I read this reflector with great pleasure and have some useful
info here.

        73,  Jerry  UA9AR.

Mail: Jerry Sidorov, P/O Box 9411,  *   E-mail:  jerry@ua9ar.urc.ac.ru
      Chelyabinsk, 454080, Russia   *

>From woodard@ycc.Kodak.COM (Steve Woodard)  Tue Jun 13 17:42:53 1995
From: woodard@ycc.Kodak.COM (Steve Woodard) (Steve Woodard)
Subject: numbers
Message-ID: <9506131642.AA00214@peach.ballpark>

Here's the numbers for N2WK Unlimited Multi in the June '95 VHF QSO 
Party.  Wayne just sent me these, so they should be considered 
"preliminary" numbers.  I know he hasn't had a chance to scrub the 
log yet.

Steve Woodard  KD2KQ

----- Begin Included Message -----

N2WK from FN03ex 594' ASL

BAND        Q's   grids  Qpts

50 mhz     474    126    474
144        497     61    497
222        194     45    388
432        258     45    516
903        102     28    306
1296       123     28    369
2304        67     18    268
3456        45     13    180
5760        25      7    100
10G         37      5    148
24G          8      2     32
Li          14      2     56

All 1844    380    3334= 1,266,920

"You can't be yourself doing it someone else's way. You must utilize
your talent as opposed to learned skills"

----- End Included Message -----

>From gejones@whale.st.usm.edu (Gary E Jones)  Tue Jun 13 18:29:40 1995
From: gejones@whale.st.usm.edu (Gary E Jones) (Gary E Jones)
Subject: CATV Connectors
Message-ID: <9506131729.AA78958@whale.st.usm.edu>

   Thanks to everyone who posted messages to me responding to my previous
request for information on the use of 1/2 (.5000) and 3/4 (.7000) aluminum
jacketed CATV line. I will send responses to those that requested them. 
Suffice it to say that the convention wisdom is that one can easily dump
full legal limit (+) into 1/2" CATV line just fine at HF. The other real
important piece of information was that one should not tape aluminum jacketed
CATV line to a galvanized tower without also expecting the destructive 
effects of electrolysis (as an avid yachter, this definitely got my attention
as it is deadly in yachts/boats....) so some mechanism must be set up to
the jacket away from the tower leg. 
    My current question and the prime unresolved issue is where to get
connectors. I will need both "butt" connectors and step down to RG-213
type connectors. There has been a thread on how to rig step down connectors
so I will refer back to those. However, where can one find butt
connectors. Where are vendors who sell directly to end-users, do you have 
any general suggestions. Feel free to write direct to my "personal mail
address" rather than the reflector and again, I will keep responses on
file and "reflect" them to those that have requested information. 
                            73   Gary    W5VSZ

Whoops:  My personal mail mailbox is:  Gary_Jones@bull.cc.usm.edu

>From Hodge Thorgerson David Cameron-INBA <hodge@servidor.unam.mx>  Tue Jun 13 
>19:49:28 1995
From: Hodge Thorgerson David Cameron-INBA <hodge@servidor.unam.mx> (Hodge 
Thorgerson David Cameron-INBA)
Subject: Where I am
Message-ID: <Pine.SOL.3.91.950613124620.6068D-100000@servidor>

Dear fellow contesters,  anyone straying through Mexico City is invited to
give me a shout at the following local number    211-0820
The area code for XE is 52 and the city code for Mex. City is  5 for anyone
desiring to call long distance.

Having just moved there are no antennas up yet and no longer a 16 story
antenna support, but cope I will.
73,  David   XE1/AA6RX


>From Balmforth, Kevin D" <kbalmforth@msmail2.hac.com  Tue Jun 13 23:06:24 1995
From: Balmforth, Kevin D" <kbalmforth@msmail2.hac.com (Balmforth, Kevin D)
Subject: Audio Splitter
Message-ID: <n1409069947.57135@MSMAIL2.HAC.COM>

Something for FD:  Anyone have info on an audio splitter that can take a
single stereo headphone input, and output it to two or more headphone jacks
with individual gain controls?  Didn't Telex market something like this a
while back (blue & white box)?  73, Kevin NC6U

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