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Canada - Special Prefixes - Jul-Sep

Subject: Canada - Special Prefixes - Jul-Sep
From: ve2zp@bbs.ve3jf.ampr.org (ve2zp@bbs.ve3jf.ampr.org)
Date: Wed Jun 14 01:29:38 1995
Industry Canada Atlantic Region has authorized all Canadian Amateurs to use
special prefixes to mark the 50th anniversary of the end of the Second
World War in Asia.  From 0000 UTC 8 July 1995 though 2359 UTC 8 September
1995, Canadian Amateurs may use special prefixes as follows:

Regular  Special
Prefix   Prefix
 VA2      XK2
 VA3      XK3
 VA7      XK7
 VE1      XK1
 VE2      XJ2
 VE3      XJ3
 VE4      XK4
 VE5      XK5
 VE6      XK6
 VE7      XJ7
 VE8      XK8
 VE9      XK9
 VO1      XO7
 VO2      XO8
 VY1      XN7
 VY2      XN8

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