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Midwest Rover active tonight

Subject: Midwest Rover active tonight
From: fredeb@norand.com (fredeb@norand.com)
Date: Thu Jun 15 12:17:53 1995
Some of our group didn't get enough roving last weekend so they are going out 
tonight (June 15).  So if you are in the midwest and have nothing to do tonight 
look for KA0YSQ.

Bill Frede

Crank up your loopers and do the dishes 'cause it looks like EN31 and EN41
oops EN30, will be active this evening on 903.1, 1296.1, and 2304.1.
It would be  nice to coordinate on 1296, but I may have 2 meters along 
as well.  I probably can hit all the repeaters from there, so we might
draw some interest from the general appliance hams as well.  

I will take the rov-van ( rovan? ) out this evening and hope to be 
on site at EN32 by 7:30 (0030Z) or before.  No sched is current for the move to
EN31 as yet.  It will depend on how active the stations are.



I think there  is a song in there somewhere....

>From k8mr@barf80.nshore.org (Jim Stahl)  Thu Jun 15 17:38:43 1995
From: k8mr@barf80.nshore.org (Jim Stahl) (Jim Stahl)
Subject: 160 Meters on FD
Message-ID: <9eXq7c1w165w@barf80.nshore.org>

I'd like to once again offer a suggestion to those headed out on
Field Day, or for that matter who just plan to get on to pass out
some QSOs from home:  include 160 meters in your plans.
I say this from the perspective of a serious 1-A type who likes
the idea of having a virgin band available at 0800Z, but it
probably makes even more sense for those planning several
transmitter operations, to give a high band station something to
do after those bands have folded and/or been worked dry.
To concentrate activity, and since few will have the receiver
front ends needed to operate 160 phone & cw at the same time, I
suggest that even GMT hours be devoted to CW, and odd GMT hours
to SSB.  In particular check the band at the top of the hour.
Memory aid:  CW = 2 letters = even hours
            SSB = 3 letters = odd hours
A local club, the Lake County ARA (K8BL) which has been among the
top overall scorers in recent years with many transmitters, will
be making a serious effort to be active on 160 during the
nighttime hours, using the otherwise underused 15 meter station.
My 1-A tradition has been fouled up this year by an out of state
family wedding.   WD8LLD & crew will carry on the Ohio tradition
from another site. I have joined up with an East Coast 1-A
operation with affiliations to a major contest club, where I am
signed up to demonstrate my small antennas up high approach and
to squeeze in a few hours of operating around the family
obligations.  My likely time includes the prime 160 meter hours. 
If the thunderstorms aren't overhead, I hope to see you there. 

Jim   K8MR     k8mr@barf80.nshore.org

Jim Stahl
InterNet: k8mr@barf80.nshore.org
Basic Amateur Radio Frequency, BARF-80 +1 216/237-8208
"Totally devoted to Amateur Radio" - 24 Hrs a day 8/N/1 14.4k-300 baud

>From Daniel R. Violette" <Daniel_R._Violette@ccmail.anatcp.rockwell.com  Thu 
>Jun 15 20:21:15 1995
From: Daniel R. Violette" <Daniel_R._Violette@ccmail.anatcp.rockwell.com 
(Daniel R. Violette)
Subject: Rotor Survey--Summary No 1
Message-ID: <9505158032.AA803240714@ccmail.anatcp.rockwell.com>

Got bounced direct, so hope no problem to all (hope I got the 
right reflector too).....

To: Marios Nicolaou <mzyd108@unicorn.ccc.nottingham.ac.uk> 
Subject: Re: Rotor Survey--Summary No 1
     A little info to add.  Our club station has a KT34XA and Hygain 
     Discoverer 7-3 (3 ele) on 15 foot mast above 72 foot tower.  The T2X 
     broke teeth off the same gear 3 times in 5 years.  About $25 for the 
     gear and easy to replace.  We have regular winds in the fall (20-40 mph 
     gusts some can reach 60 mph) which last 12-24 hours and happen a dozen 
     or so times.  It is the bouncing back and forth that does it in. We 
     finally splurged on an ORION 2300 worm gear rotor (think about $1000 
     now and a new version is now out).  Have had no problem with this setup 
     for 4 or 5 years.  Even know we can add an 80M dipole or WARC setup 
     without problem.
     Dan   KI6X
     e-mail:  Daniel_R._Violette@ccmail.anatcp.rockwell.com

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