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rotor survey--summary

Subject: rotor survey--summary
From: bill.lumnitzer@paonline.com (bill.lumnitzer@paonline.com)
Date: Fri Jun 16 16:40:58 1995
 > A little info to add.  Our club station has a KT34XA and Hygain 
 > Discoverer 7-3 (3 ele) on 15 foot mast above 72 foot tower.  The
 > T2X  broke teeth off the same gear 3 times in 5 years.  About $25
 > for the  gear and easy to replace.  We have regular winds in the
 > fall (20-40 mph  gusts some can reach 60 mph) which last 12-24
 > hours and happen a dozen  or so times.  It is the bouncing back
 > and forth that does it in.
 > 73, 
 > Dan   KI6X

A cheaper solution than spending $1000 for an Orion rotator would be to add
a W6QHS-style shock absorber between the T2X and the mast.  See Dave's book
"Physical Design of Yagis" for details.

73 Bill N6CQ/3   (n6cq@paonline.com)

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