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From: AA6KX@aol.com (AA6KX@aol.com)
Date: Sun Jun 18 02:57:01 1995
>  I take it some feel the actions of SSTV stations >improper, so stay away.
 Don't escalate the situation >with intentional interference, please.

You don't seem to understand the reasons for the very high level of
resentment contesters feel toward SSTV, so let me try to explain.  Time and
again over the last few years I have had the experience of scanning over 20
meters looking for a clear frequency.  Often I see a place in the vicinity of
14230-14235 which is completely uncoccupied.  I ask if it is in use--several
times.  I get no response.  Then I call CQ.  After a couple of minutes, I get
a number of responses, and pretty soon I have a good run rate on a clear
frequency.  Then somebody comes up and breaks in to tell me I am intruding on
the SSTV frequencies.  They are not at all polite when they tell me this is
their territory into which I have strayed; usually, they show about the same
degree of consideration you would expect from somebody about to mug you in a
back alley.  If I try to hold my ground, then they start jamming me.  And
they will keep jamming me for as long as I want to stay there.  If I leave,
they then go quiet and wait for the next person to come along and try to make
use of these frequencies.  Some contest weekend, just tune your rig to 14230
for a few hours and listen to what happens.  If you're honest at all about
it, you'll never again even be willing even to be in the same room with the
SSTV operators.
  These guys have now laid claim to a wide portion of 20m ssb.  They will try
to hog everything from about 14225 up to 14240.  They don't use it
themselves; they just try to keep anybody else from using it.  So don't ask
for consideration.  These people are not even up to the level of pond scum.
 They show no courtesy, and they should expect none in return.    

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