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Subject: Reply
From: ki3v@connectus.com (ki3v@connectus.com)
Date: Sat Jun 17 13:07:49 1995
>>  I take it some feel the actions of SSTV stations >improper, so stay away.
> Don't escalate the situation >with intentional interference, please.
>You don't seem to understand the reasons for the very high level of
>resentment contesters feel toward SSTV, so let me try to explain.  Time and
>again over the last few years I have had the experience of scanning over 20
>meters looking for a clear frequency.  Often I see a place in the vicinity of
>14230-14235 which is completely uncoccupied.  I ask if it is in use--several
>times.  I get no response.  Then I call CQ.  After a couple of minutes, I get
>a number of responses, and pretty soon I have a good run rate on a clear
>frequency.  Then somebody comes up and breaks in to tell me I am intruding on
>the SSTV frequencies.  They are not at all polite when they tell me this is
>their territory into which I have strayed; usually, they show about the same
>degree of consideration you would expect from somebody about to mug you in a
>back alley.  If I try to hold my ground, then they start jamming me.  And
>they will keep jamming me for as long as I want to stay there.  If I leave,
>they then go quiet and wait for the next person to come along and try to make
>use of these frequencies.  Some contest weekend, just tune your rig to 14230
>for a few hours and listen to what happens.  If you're honest at all about
>it, you'll never again even be willing even to be in the same room with the
>SSTV operators.
>  These guys have now laid claim to a wide portion of 20m ssb.  They will try
>to hog everything from about 14225 up to 14240.  They don't use it
>themselves; they just try to keep anybody else from using it.  So don't ask
>for consideration.  These people are not even up to the level of pond scum.
> They show no courtesy, and they should expect none in return.    
>                                                  AA6KX

......I second this!!!!!!   I will be on 14.239 for an hour running guys then
here comes the SSTV'ers telling me to QSY.....Then the SSTV Xmissions start
right on top of me......Even heard of SSTV OO's sending OO reports to
contesters for being on THEIR freqs......What a mess!!!!!

 73, Rich KI3V  ki3v@africa.connectus.com

>From Robert Penneys <penneys@brahms.udel.edu>  Sun Jun 18 12:29:21 1995
From: Robert Penneys <penneys@brahms.udel.edu> (Robert Penneys)
Subject: Cheapo DXpedition for CQWW?
Message-ID: <199506181129.HAA28708@brahms.udel.edu>

The thought has wormed its way into my head to try a DXpedition for CQWW CW.
What might be the simplest and most economical choice of location?

CU from W1AW in IARU.

Tnx, Bob

Bob Penneys, WN3K                    Internet:  penneys@brahms.udel.edu
     Frankford Radio Club    N.E.R.D.S. (club call KB3BIJ for now)
                     Work: Ham Radio Outlet, Delaware

>From KE2PF <0002017515@mcimail.com>  Sun Jun 18 14:36:00 1995
From: KE2PF <0002017515@mcimail.com> (KE2PF)
Subject: SSTV'rs
Message-ID: <10950618133601/0002017515PL3EM@MCIMAIL.COM>

If you think 14230-233 is bad during a contest, just try operating
on 75 meters during a phone contest. As soon as you get a rate
going some Willy Billy Fower Willy Billy Willy comes up on the
frequency screaming that you're QRMing the Lower Appalachia Inbred
net....you thing the SSTV guys jamming techniques are crud...HI
    I do agree with the complaints against the SSTVers who "Own"
their frequencies and try to chase off the poor guy who had been 
working guys on 14233 for 2 hours. One question; why dont these
guys send their picture up about 14300? The band is far less 
crowded up there. 14335 would be even better. Why try to "own"
the few KHz around 14230, in the middle of the prime DXing
and contesting frequencies?
   I guess all us contesters could agree to make 14230 to 14233
the national tune up frequency; dont we have as much right to
operate their as they do? (Just kidding...I can just see the flames
   Ahhhhh....the virtues of CW!!!
   73, Dave KE2PF
V63PF; /NH2; /KH0; /DU1; /DU3
US Coast Guard, Cape May, New Jersey

>From Jeffrey Clarke <jdclarke@freenet.columbus.oh.us>  Sun Jun 18 16:19:00 1995
From: Jeffrey Clarke <jdclarke@freenet.columbus.oh.us> (Jeffrey Clarke)
Subject: SSTV
Message-ID: <Pine.3.07.9506181100.A18622-b100000@acme>

  I find it amazing the lengths that some of these SSTV guys will go

 to chase you out of "their band" . During CQ WPX , NZ4K and myself 
 managed to wander into their territory in search of a clear frequency,

 We are running guys on this perfectly clear frequency and this SSTV' er

 asks us to move.

  We politely tell him that we asked if the freq was is use and 

 he's just going to have to find another frequency. Unfortunately, he 

 didn't take this reply too well and he and his buddy's ended up 

 intentionally jamming us for the next couple hours.  It amazes me the

 child like antics that these guys restort to to get rid of you. They

 send SSTV on top of you, have phantom QSO's, and one guy even repeated

 our call sign for 45 mins. straight after we CQ'ed . The best one was 

 the guy who gave me a sob story how I was ruining the hobby for 

 hundreds of hams that do SSTV and I should be ashamed of myself for 

 being so selfish by using the only frequency on the whole band that they

 could operate SSTV !!!  Give me a break. Anyhow I tried to reason with 

 this guy ( being the nice person I am) and told him if he could find a 

 clear frequency for me I would move there. Well, this left him kind of 

 speechless..... all he could say is " there's a contest on and there are 

 no clear frequencies"..... after that comment he didn't bother us anymore. 

                                Jeff   KU8E

   ps: see you all in Field Day. WD8LLD, NZ4K, and myself will be operating

       as KU8E as 1A in K8MR's absence.

>From Kenneth G. Kopp" <0006485696@mcimail.com  Sun Jun 18 17:25:00 1995
From: Kenneth G. Kopp" <0006485696@mcimail.com (Kenneth G. Kopp)
Subject: Junk-yard dogs
Message-ID: <11950618162511/0006485696PK1EM@MCIMAIL.COM>

AA6KX summed up the 20M SSTV operators nicely.  I don't operate many
phone contests, but I've found this group -always- behaves the same
way.  They resemble junk-yard dogs, skulking in the shadows waiting
to pounce.  Wonder why they're so extreme in their turf protection?
I can't think of another group whose behavior equals this bunch.
And is it my imagination, or do they -all- sound like "bubbas" who
have no forks in their family trees?  Maybe they can't read, and can
only look at the pictures.

73! de Ken Kopp/K0PP

>From Brian Short <ke7gh@PrimeNet.Com>  Sun Jun 18 18:27:54 1995
From: Brian Short <ke7gh@PrimeNet.Com> (Brian Short)
Subject: Thanks
Message-ID: <199506181727.KAA24228@usr2.primenet.com>

Well the SSTV message was my first on the list.  I guess I learned quite
a bit!  I really appreciate all messages even the flames.  

I had seen unkind remarks about SSTVers and had no idea about the extent
of tactics that had been employed.  Sounds as though there are some real
problems!  We have still not touched on a solution.  Perhaps we are faced
with the same thing every contest.

I still feel the CONTEST FREE ZONE on 20m during this solar minimum would
help, or at least leave no excuse for the type of behavior that has been
pointed out to me here.  I had no idea.  I have done SSB contests, but 
just by accident avoided the infamous frequency.

SSTV or not matters not to me personally.  I have too many hobbies:

contests, RTTY, AMTOR, PACTOR, packet, CW, DX'ing, building equipment,
9600 baud TCPIP, 9600 baud satellite, 1200 baud PSK satellite, CW/SSB
satellite on AO-13, scanning, monitoring ATV, mobile operation, portable
operation, finding "hidden" signals on TVRO, 6m Es chasing, 2m SSB, 432
SSB, 1296 SSB, etc, even have a converter for SSTV...

All have equal importance under the law.  Some are more interesting at
a particular time.  Wish I had time for them all!

Again, with the crowd here, a solution can no doubt be found.

I had no idea about the extent of the improper behavior on 14.230.
With a CONTEST FREE ZONE (at the top of the band) this couold be
prevented.  That's my vote!  73 de Brian and again I have too many
hobbies to continue this discussion which in no way benefits me personally

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