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My Contest Radio...is it broke?

Subject: My Contest Radio...is it broke?
From: Jastaples@aol.com (Jastaples@aol.com)
Date: Sun Jun 18 16:46:47 1995
My TS-450 has been sitting on the shelf (completely unconnected)  for several
months. Now when I turn the power on, there is NO display. The Filter
indicator lights are on, but nothing else. I've tried various "hold the ?
key" and "turn on the power" with no results. I'd say it's broke.... but then
I seem to recall it doing this once before and by some "magic" I got it
going. I'd hate to send the little fellow off for repair, only to be told
that if I had held the phone jack and twisted the SQL control it would have

If anyone with a Kenwood  has any suggestions, I'd appreciate it.  (I nearly
went bonkers when I installed the antenna tunner till I was told  about
holding the ENT key when powering on to get the "other" menu that isn't
mentioned in the manual. )

Joe, W5ASP

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