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Subject: SSTV
From: force12@ibm.net (force12@ibm.net)
Date: Sun Jun 18 21:02:33 1995
Dear Friends,

I have been reading the comments about the SSTV's annoited frequecies and their 
behavior during 
the last few days and thought I would give my unsolicited, provoked comments.

During the last 28 years of contesting (yes I am that old) and playing ham 
radio, I have 
observed one "social" dynamic on the ham bands that is repeatable and 
predictable.  The dynamic 
I speak of is the "Its my frequency and operation on this frequency is allowed 
by me and my 
buddies."   People who think they own the frequency are sadly mis-informed and, 
I believe, act 
selfishly in their own interests.  The SSTV goons are no different from what 
has happened on 
sacred frequencies occupied by nets, ECARS, WCARS, and sattelite users.

The reality per the FCC law is that no one "owns" any freqency!  

I would like to see some resolution concerning this matter, however, I will not 
be intimidated 
by those goons and I hope most people will choose not to be either.  
Furthermore, the OO who 
sent out all the notices last year concerning "intentional QRM" by contesters 
during the contest 
should be dismissed by the ARRL field organization and his identity put up for 
public ridicule!

If 14230 is open during a contest, you can bet that I will ask several times if 
the frequency is 
in use and if it is not, I plan to use it!  My tuning knob does not have any 
mark on it that 
says 14230 is allocated exclusively to SSTVrs.   On the other hand, I will 
NEVER snuggle up to 
an ongoing QSO of any kind (sstv or otherwise) when seeking a frequency to call 
CQ.  When the 
goons start their foolishness, I will ignore them (which does work) and go 
about the business of 
making QSO's.  

Suggestions --- Fry the OO!...Make 14230 the province of all the Multi Multi 
stations ....DO NOT 
PUT UP WITH TERRORISM in any form...and this certainly includes the goons on 
14230 who 
intenitonally QRM and "guard" the freq. -- as they are certainly common 

The casual SSTV operator is not the problem here.  With the nature of a SSTV 
signal, no 
knowledgable contester is going to get close to a QSO or CQ.  The problems are 
self-righteous terrorists who do the intentional, illegal QRM.  If the 
frequency is open, use 
the damn thing!

No discussion of bombing, physical harm (though I have been threatened by the 
goons several 
times) and no intimidation is needed.  Just play contest with the knowledge 
that no one owns the 
frequency, not even you!


Natan, W6XR/2

>From Randy Thompson <k5zd@iconics.com>  Sun Jun 18 22:04:52 1995
From: Randy Thompson <k5zd@iconics.com> (Randy Thompson)
Subject: VHF Contest score and comments
Message-ID: <Pine.LNX.3.91.950618170423.11663A-100000@genesis.iconics.com>

Congrats on the engagement OM.  Sounds like she will be a good partner.

Wish you all the best.

Randy Thompson, K5ZD

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