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Internet Field Day?

Subject: Internet Field Day?
From: mike-san@edenbbs.com (mike-san@edenbbs.com)
Date: Mon Jun 19 13:00:06 1995
There was a post a few days ago about an Internet competition with
prizes and everything but it must have been eate
                                       disintegrated before it got to
me, I only got parts of it. If someone still has it ca
                                                   , can you please pass
it along to me?  Thanks

--Mike, KSA


>From Peter G. Smith" <n4zr@netcom.com  Mon Jun 19 20:52:53 1995
From: Peter G. Smith" <n4zr@netcom.com (Peter G. Smith)
Subject: rotors for contest service
Message-ID: <Pine.3.89.9506191201.A28620-0100000@netcom20>

After listening to a lot - I mean a lot - of advice from denizens of this
reflector and other places where contesters gather, I had narrowed my
choice for a medium-sized rotor to the Create RC5 and the Yaesu G-1000. 
Now along comes our local tower and rotor guru (who is extremely
knowledgeable) and he says that neither company provides adequate service
and/or parts support for these units in the United States.  Comments by
E-mail gratefully received - if there's broad interest I'll summarize. 

73, Pete                                       
"Better, faster,cheaper -- choose any two"
"No no no -- it's WEST Virginia"

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