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base cement

Subject: base cement
From: K8DO@aol.com (K8DO@aol.com)
Date: Tue Jun 20 13:15:57 1995
How many tower bases have 'exploded' to the PERSONAL knowledge of any ham you
know? How many tower bases for TV antennas have exploded in your community?
 How many radio/tv broadcast towers have had this happen in your community?

I rest my case......

Denny               K8DO@AOL.COM

>From Scott J Bauer" <sjb@rfc.comm.harris.com  Tue Jun 20 18:15:40 1995
From: Scott J Bauer" <sjb@rfc.comm.harris.com (Scott J Bauer)
Subject: Tower & Lightning
Message-ID: <199506201715.NAA15358@usc02.rfc.comm.harris.com>

I guess I'm an expert since I've witnessed a direct lightning strike first

A couple of years ago, I was at K2ZJ working some DX on whatever band it was.
The static was getting pretty loud and I asked John, "you think I should
shut everything off ?"  Yes, was the reply, and all equipment went off and
coaxes to ground.  Both of us sitting pretty close to the equipment.

About 90 seconds later the lightning hit the taller (90 foot) tower.  We
witnessed a big flash and deafening boom !  It was increadibly loud.  Puts
any fireworks I've seen to shame for shear dB of loudness.  My left ear was
deafened from the blast, you know, like after going to a loud concert.

My son who was visiting John's son wanted to go home, and for several months
did not want to go back, even on sunny days !

The strike came in through the switch box and rotor cables.  There was a black
mark on both sides of each box; from switch box to rotor control box to rig to 
rotor control box to 2nd rig to amplifier, with maybe a power supply in there

You get the idea.  The lightning hopped from box to box leaving a black char
mark on each side.  1 rotor control box started to smoke, I started to laugh,
and John got mad ! :-)  You had to see it.  It was kinda funny.

Face plate from 1 rotor control box went flying by my head, missed.  Minor
damage to amplifiers.  Switch box relays in bad shape.  Maybe 5 hundred
dollars damage.  Lucky it was that low.  Oh yeah I think a power meter went
up in smoke too.

The insides of the worst boxes looked like everything exploded.  Picture
an electrolytic pealed back like a banana !  Remnants of ICs consisted only
of the pins.  The pot in one of the rotor boxes looked like an exploded view
you would see in the manual, kind of disassembled itself.

Both radios undamaged, a blown diode in 1 amlifier.

A rotor pot, amplifier relays and both radios have stopped working
since.  Maybe after affects of the lightning.

Also minor damage to the ceiling tiles.  You could see black marks on the
tiles everywhere there was a joint in the frame.  Some smoke but no fire.

The ground straps at the tower base were gone, as well as the clamps.  They
have not been seen since.  The base itself was fine, no exploded base or
concrete.  Grounding is through ground rods external to the base, with
wide straps from the tower legs to the ground rods.

So a long story to get to the point:  I think you have more important things
to worry about than the base of your contest :-) tower exploding.  Seems
like other stuff is more likely to be damaged than the tower.

CU in FD from the RDXA using W2TZ.

73 Scott WA2LCC sjb@rfc.comm.harris.com

>From Brian Short <ke7gh@PrimeNet.Com>  Tue Jun 20 19:25:54 1995
From: Brian Short <ke7gh@PrimeNet.Com> (Brian Short)
Subject: SSTV
Message-ID: <199506201825.LAA02909@usr2.primenet.com>

Yes, I agree.  I think the issue is that 14.230 is a "calling" frequency
where it is known folks of similar interest can be found.  It may be 
similar to other calling frequencies 50.110 (DX), 50.125 (6m), 144.2, 
432.1, 1296.1, etc.  I think this is the mind set?  14.230 could be
moved though, if the proper persuation was employed, I think (e.g. a 
contest free zone at the top of the band).  Yes, no, maybe?  Thanks
so much for your comments.  73 de Brian

> Hi Brian...
> It is high time that there was some discussion about this subject. It is
> true that the 20 meter phone band is even more of a zoo these days with
> 15 and 10 being not very useful most of the time. I have had my share of
> encounters with these whiners and my answer to them is, "Why don't you go
> up on 17 meters where there is zero contest QRM and plenty of room to do
> whatever you want?". I usually get some lame excuse such as, "Well, I don't
> have an antenna for that band." Or, "My transmitter doesn't go on 17 meters."
> I am not certain whether SSTV is ok on 17 or not, but I would expect that it 
> should be. But no, these guys seem to think that they are going to have their 
> schedules or their nets right in the middle of an international contest or an 
> SS competition. Some of these people even think that contests should be 
> outlawed, yet they don't realize that contests have been a part of amateur 
> radio nearly from the beginning.
> Alan, K6XO
> alan@es.com
> "Eimac - the name to remember for better gas milage".

>From n2ic@drmail.dr.att.com (LondonSM)  Tue Jun 20 18:14:52 1995
From: n2ic@drmail.dr.att.com (LondonSM) (LondonSM)
Subject: rotor survey--summary
References: <9506161540.0M15201@paonline.com>
Message-ID: <9506201114.ZM4630@dr.att.com>

On Jun 16,  3:40pm, bill.lumnitzer@paonline.com wrote:
>  > A little info to add.  Our club station has a KT34XA and Hygain
>  > Discoverer 7-3 (3 ele) on 15 foot mast above 72 foot tower.  The
>  > T2X  broke teeth off the same gear 3 times in 5 years.  About $25
>  > for the  gear and easy to replace.  We have regular winds in the
>  > fall (20-40 mph  gusts some can reach 60 mph) which last 12-24
>  > hours and happen a dozen  or so times.  It is the bouncing back
>  > and forth that does it in.
>  > 73,
>  >
>  > Dan   KI6X
>  >
> A cheaper solution than spending $1000 for an Orion rotator would be to add
> a W6QHS-style shock absorber between the T2X and the mast.  See Dave's book
> "Physical Design of Yagis" for details.
> 73 Bill N6CQ/3   (n6cq@paonline.com)
>-- End of excerpt from bill.lumnitzer@paonline.com

I'm not sure that a W6QHS-style shock absorber is the answer.  For years I
rotated a KLM 3 el 40 with a T2X.  The T2X was 3 feet below the thrust bearing,
and the KLM was 14 feet above the thrust bearing.  No problems.  Then I added a
5 element, 35 foot boom 15 meter beam just above the thrust bearing.  Under
calm wind condx, no problem.  Under windy condx (which always occur on a
contest weekend), I would consistently break teeth off one of the gears while
trying to turn the stack against the wind.  The "bouncing back-and-forth" while
the beam was stationary was never a problem - the T2X brake held just fine,
minimizing stress on the other components.

Steve London, N2IC/0

>From Tim Coad" <Tim_Coad@smtp.svl.trw.com  Tue Jun 20 19:35:21 1995
From: Tim Coad" <Tim_Coad@smtp.svl.trw.com (Tim Coad)
Subject: HF/6 rigs--Thanks for Info
Message-ID: <n1408474173.29750@smtp.svl.trw.com>

                       Subject:                               Time:11:21 AM

Thanks to all who responded to my HF/6 mtr rig question!

This will be real easy to summarize:

To my surprise almost all suggested to buy a TS-850 (or similiar) and a
Downeast or  SSB Electronic transverter. Several said if you really want a
combined HF/6 mtr rig then get the JST245. Most said I would be disappointed
with a IC736 or TS690 when compared to a "real" contest radio like the 850.
However most thought they were much better Six meter radios than say an

Thanks again.

Tim - NU6S

>From Ron Marosko <rmarosko@bcm.tmc.edu>  Tue Jun 20 19:58:17 1995
From: Ron Marosko <rmarosko@bcm.tmc.edu> (Ron Marosko)
Subject: TDXS HomePage and Bullsheet
Message-ID: <199506201858.NAA28878@bcm.tmc.edu>


Can't recall right off if I posted the new location for the TDXS HomePage,
but please be advised that it has moved. The new location will be specified

The important part of this note, the May and June issues of the TDXS Bullsheet
have *FINALLY* been posted to the homepage. 

The TDXS homepage is located on:


I won't argue, it took forever to get posted. Between the bus accident, a
trip to Georgia for a wedding (not mine), and an office move at work, time
just hasn't been on my side.

Snailmail copies of the Bullsheet will hopefully go out this evening.

Kudos to the guys in the SMIRK contest. I worked all of two people (KB5IUA
and KC5CCT) while I was mobile in Georgia. They were S5-S9, and barely heard
XE2LQB, about S1-S2.

Vy 73,
   Ron KK5DK
   Secretary, WebMaster
   Texas DX Society
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>From James Brooks" <9v1yc@equator.lugs.po.my  Tue Jun 20 18:34:17 1995
From: James Brooks" <9v1yc@equator.lugs.po.my (James Brooks)
Subject: 1st Asia-Pacific Sprint Rules
Message-ID: <2fe6f88d.equator@equator.lugs.po.my>

   This is the pilot run of the Asia-Pacific sprint that was discussed a few 
months back.  Tack, JE1CKA, Brett VS6BG and Saty JE1JKL were instrumental in 
helping set this up.  Many thanks to them all for all the wise suggestions,
and the group effort in this contest setup.

   Basically it is a very simple contest with a 'Sprint' style timing
and QSY rule, but an Asia-Pacific 'twist'.  Objective is the same for all 
stations worldwide - to work as many stations within the Asia-Pacific 
region (as per the definiton below) in the 2-hour time limit.  Winners
are decided in each continental area, and of course one overall.

I really hope to encourage more JA's to give it a try and get hooked on 
contesting (which should help boost the major contests).  Tack, JE1CKA has 
set up a reflector for this contest and has agreed to handle JA log collection 
and publicity.  

   We decided against it being soley internet-based (i.e. SprINT), but 
hopefully this one will attract more and more attention and can eventually 
migrate to that format. Many thanks to N6TR and K2MM for their advice.

Please post these rules to your own PacketClusters, bulletins 
and newsletters.


James 9V1YC


p.s.  I will re-post this again before the contest, and will advise the 
      if there is any change of date or ruling.


1st Asia-Pacific Sprint

Objective:  To work as many stations within the defined Asia-Pacific
            region in the 2-hour time limit.  

Winners:    Each continent plus one overall. 
            (Brett VS6BG has promised some neato "way-cool" Asia-Pacific 
            Sprint certificates from HongKong - makes nice wallaper for the few 

Time:  1230-1430 UTC

1.  Bands  20m & 40m
2.  Mode  CW
3.  Power limit: 150W output
4.  Category: Single op, Single radio.
5.  Exchange:  RST + Serial # beginning with 001
6.  Points: 1 point/QSO with each station in Asia Pacific region.
7   Dupes:  Same station can be worked only once on the same band.
8.  Mults:  1 mult/prefix (once only - not once per band) (WPX rules)
9.  CQ'er QSY's at least 1 KHZ after a QSO.
10. Final Score:  Points x Mults  

Asia-Pacific countries for this contest:  
(coutries from Asia side Pacific Rim to 180 degrees)

3D2(all), 1S/9M0, 9M2, 9M6/8, 9V, BV, BY, C2, DU, FK8, FW, H4, HL, 
HS, JA, JD1/Ogasawara, JD1/Marcus, KC6 (Belau), KH2, KH0, P29, 
T2, T30, T33, UA0, V6/KC6, V7, V85, VK(all except VK9X & VK9Y), 
VS6, XU, XV/3W, XX9, YB, YJ, ZL (Auckland & Campbell), 

Results posted to: CQ-CONTEST@TGV.com, AP-SPRINT@dumpty.go.jp and
                   (hopefully) NCJ.

Rules and results will be distributed by the automated info-server.
Send a request mail to: info-contest@dumpty.nal.go.jp
with the command in the body:  #get ap-sprint.rule

All logs must contain complete QSO information plus a summary sheet.

Japan Logs:
Post:   Tack Kumagai, P O BOX 22, 
        Mitaka, Tokyo 181, JAPAN

Outside Japan:
Post: James Brooks
      15 Balmoral Road #03-08
      Singapore 1025  SINGAPORE

All E-mail:


(as always, summary sheet + ASCII format log)

Log deadline:  E-mail: 72 hours, Post: Postmarked by July 24 

| 9v1yc@equator.lugs.po.my  |

>From Larry Tyree <tree@cmicro.com>  Tue Jun 20 21:20:23 1995
From: Larry Tyree <tree@cmicro.com> (Larry Tyree)
Subject: Contests and SSTV
Message-ID: <199506202020.NAA29091@cascade.cmicro.com>

I think we are being a little too self centered if we think a contest
free zone is enough to make the SSTV people move from 14.230 as their
call-in frequency.  This frequency has been used for this purpose for
25 years.

Based on the limited number of contests that really affect them, I have
to think the total interference they have is more from non contest 
activity than contest activity.  Therefore, our offer to a contest free
zone really won't make much difference to them in the long run.  

Tree N6TR

>From Bill Standerfer <bills@hpislwes.lvld.hp.com>  Tue Jun 20 20:58:49 1995
From: Bill Standerfer <bills@hpislwes.lvld.hp.com> (Bill Standerfer)
Subject: Lightning and ICE
Message-ID: <199506201958.AA168708333@relay.hp.com>

Speaking of lightning protection, two of us each ordered some stuff from ICE
almost 4 weeks ago and still haven't seen either order.  They've got our money
and now the response is "I'm in another building so I'll have to take your
number and call you back", or "the lights are out in that area, so I'll have to
take your number...".

We're getting pretty suspicious and the contest/dx antenna growing season is
going by quickly.  Is this kind of customer "service" typical of ICE?


Bill Standerfer                        *        Hewlett-Packard Company
CFI-A, IA, ME                          *        Measurement Systems Division
bills@lvld.hp.com                      *        Loveland, CO  80539 
Baron N222AB - KF0DJ - Pikes Peak 253  *        970-679-2378

>From jholly@hposl62.cup.hp.com (Jim Hollenback)  Tue Jun 20 21:28:18 1995
From: jholly@hposl62.cup.hp.com (Jim Hollenback) (Jim Hollenback)
Subject: SSTV
References: <199506201825.LAA02909@usr2.primenet.com>
Message-ID: <9506201328.ZM19845@hpwsmjh1.cup.hp.com>

On Jun 20, 11:25am, Brian Short wrote:
> Subject: Re: SSTV
> Yes, I agree.  I think the issue is that 14.230 is a "calling" frequency
> where it is known folks of similar interest can be found.  It may be 
> similar to other calling frequencies 50.110 (DX), 50.125 (6m), 144.2, 
> 432.1, 1296.1, etc.  I think this is the mind set?  14.230 could be
> moved though, if the proper persuation was employed, I think (e.g. a 
> contest free zone at the top of the band).  Yes, no, maybe?  Thanks
> so much for your comments.  73 de Brian

There exist today about 250 kHz of contest free spectrum.....

        10.00  - 10.15,  no SSTV
        18.068 - 18.168, SSTV allowed 18.110 - 18.168
        24.89  - 24.99,  SSTV allowed 24.93  - 24.99

During phone contest, the CW subands are generally free of contest 
activity, during CW contests, the phone subbands have their normal
jamming, and during RTTY contests, the RTTY'ers upset the CW and AMTOR/PACTOR

The wall-to-wall phone contests are about 3 or 4 times a year and very
predictable. (there are a couple more than CQWW and ARRL that are based
outside of the US.) The wall-to-wall cw contests are also about 3 or 4 times 
a year. The wall-to-wall RTTY contest, unfortunately, only occurs once
a year. The other two or three big RTTY contests allow plenty of room.
There are about 3 maybe a couple more state QSO parties of any significance.
The rest of the contests use some spectrum, but not like the really big

Brian, I think we about beat this poor horse to death. It looks like that
about 48 out of 52 weekends the SSTV crowd can trade their pictures of
moma and the kids, latest QSL card and the last vaction in peace. That is 
92% of the time. Most contesters will respect a frequency in use and move. 
For the ones in the skip zone, well, there is not much of an answer. I 
suffer the same problem trying to find a frequency.

I suggest you start talking to the SSTV'ers. Just because they can camp on
a frequency without problem 92% of the time does not mean they have a priority
on the frequency. 

What I have heard so far is that the SSTV'ers believe that 14.230, 14.233 and
every 3 kHz up from there is for them alone. contesters don't like being 
clobbered with the latest vacation picture in the middle of a run. Do you
really think a contest free zone in the middle of 20 meters will solve the
problem? Do you wish to buy my ocean front property in Oklahoma?

Unless there is some movement from the SSTV camp, I don't hear that there
is going to be an awful lot of movement from the contest camp. You are
projecting yourself as the SSTV embassary. So, if you can get your SSTV
buddies to move to the high end of 20, great. But, your probably going
to piss off the county hunting crowd, the 14.313 snivlers, and all the 
other net activity that happens 14.300 to 14.350. Until then, I will
probably trip across you in a contest sometime....and your 59-03, good

Can we put this one to rest? 

73, Jim, WA6SDM

>From Daniel Martinez <Daniel.Martinez@p101.atlantis.encomix.com>  Tue Jun 20 
>18:01:58 1995
From: Daniel Martinez <Daniel.Martinez@p101.atlantis.encomix.com> (Daniel 
Subject: HELP
Message-ID: <1435565427@p101.f801.n345.z2.fidonet.ftn>


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