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Ligthning protection

Subject: Ligthning protection
From: K8DO@aol.com (K8DO@aol.com)
Date: Wed Jun 21 10:04:49 1995
Hello Ingemar...

Specific information on this very topic is contained within the publications

PO BOX 9000
MINDEN, NV  89423-9000

Given that I have had much Email returned from overseas as undeliverable, I
am placing this on the CONTEST reflector, as well as sending it directly to

Denny   k8do@aol.com

>From Bill Standerfer <bills@hpislwes.lvld.hp.com>  Wed Jun 21 14:27:56 1995
From: Bill Standerfer <bills@hpislwes.lvld.hp.com> (Bill Standerfer)
Subject: Lightning and ICE - followup
Message-ID: <199506211328.AA118061281@hp.com>

Yesterday I wrote:

> Speaking of lightning protection, two of us each ordered some stuff from ICE
>almost 4 weeks ago and still haven't seen either order.  They've got our money

I've had several responses so far and the majority say that this is normal
from ICE.  A couple reported that they were satisfied.  One said it took 6
months to get something from the catalog.  I'd cancel the order, but they seem
to be the best in the business for this kind of equipment.  Too bad they've
got us over a barrel.  They might get the point if folks started taking their
business elsewhere.  I really hate giving my money to people like this.


Bill Standerfer                        *        Hewlett-Packard Company
CFI-A, IA, ME                          *        Measurement Systems Division
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>From Tim S. Ellam  <TELLAM@mccarthy.ca>  Wed Jun 21 14:39:36 1995
From: Tim S. Ellam  <TELLAM@mccarthy.ca> (Tim S. Ellam  <TELLAM@mccarthy.ca>)
Subject: Exploding bases
Message-ID: <sfe7e8d6.000@mccarthy.ca>

I believe both the ARRL Antenna Book and the Handbook caution
against attaching rebar to the Tower base for this very reason.
what is the source of their info??


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