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We need more contests!

Subject: We need more contests!
From: N5RZ@aol.com (N5RZ@aol.com)
Date: Wed Jun 21 16:15:33 1995
You can tell "contest season" is over, when the CONTEST reflector degenerates
to seemingly endless and "beat the dead horse 100 times"  discussions on SSTV
& exploding tower bases.  We need big contests every weekend so the boys can
compare scores, notes & strategies, not let their minds wander about.

If we have a major wall to wall contest every weekend with our big signals
and relentless CQ'ing, then we can succeed in running everyone else off the
bands; hence, we will have the bands to ourselves and won't have any other
"non-contest" groups to bash.

73,  Gator  -----------------------------;--;<<   N5RZ    N5RZ@aol.com

>From BILL FISHER" <BFISHER@CONCEN.COM  Wed Jun 21 15:49:12 1995
Subject: String?
Message-ID: <9505218037.AA803771352@concen.concen.com>

     I found some nylon string at Walmart once in the fishing dept. that 
     was coated with a waxy substance and was black in color.  Same size as 
     the regular white string you see all of the time.  It was great for 
     supporting wire antennas in the back yard because you couldn't see it 
     even if you were looking for it, and after 5 years of swaying pine 
     trees it never broke.  The waxy coating kept the water from destroying 
     Unfortunately I can't find it now.  Walmart, KMart, and Bass Pro Shop 
     Superstore didn't have it.  Anyone have any leads?
     Bill, KM9P

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